Title: Closure
Author: Trillian N7
Summary: Sometimes you just need an ending.
Fandom: Dragon Age: Origins
Pairings: Human Noble PC/Alistair
Spoilers: Beware
Rating: Teen
Disclaimer: Dragon Age: Origins is not mine, despite how much I wish I could claim Alistair. Sadly, Bioware and EA have that privilege.
Author's Note: Lack of in-game options regarding your choices after defeating the archdemon irritated me, especially as my PC certainly wouldn't let things end where they did.

High in the mountains, one of the well worn trade routes twisted from village to village. The road is usually filled with caravans and merchants, today there was a lone women walking the pass. Despite the warmer weather, she had her dark red cloak drawn around her and she was obviously heavy with child.

She was deep in thought, only vaguely aware of her surrounds and her head full of plans for the future. She barely noticed the road as it passed under her feet or the early spring breeze that warmed the air. She certainly didn't notice the crossbow bolt whistling out of the trees, striking her down.

Standing on top of the embankment, hidden in the trees stood the shooter. This women was silent, knowing the capabilities of the target and the importance of remaining hidden. She held her crossbow loosely by her side and her other hand was pressed against her stomach which matched, nearly exactly in size, to her victim's pregnant stomach.

Silent tears ran down her face, acknowledging the dreadful act she had committed. The red-clocked lady would live, albeit painfully, as her magical talents were enough to slow the damage and she would be found soon. No, the shot had a different target. The bolt had flown straight and true, not aimed for a vital organ but at the woman's pregnant stomach. There was no way the child survived the assault.

It was all for family. Whether originally a Cousland from the north or the bastard son of the old king, the grey wardens had stripped that past away and what was left was the future. But family still mattered and protecting it was worth risking her life for. He, of course, should never find out the truth about the events, only the details that would ease him of the pain he carried from that faithful choice he made to save many lives. But as the idealist, he would never understand what had to be done to further protect loved ones.

As the victim drew in her few healing skills, trying to preserve her health and stem the pain radiating from her abdomen, the attacked stood and waiting. She had to see it through to the end.

The men were heading back to the village; they had spent a long day at the quarry and welcomed the thought of returning home. As they turned the bend, one noticed a figure lying on the road. Fearfully, they approached the site as there had been many stories of roving darkspawn bands in Ferelden.

But all they found was a woman, badly wounded and barely conscious.

They quickly carried her back to the village, praying to the Maker that this life could be saved. Fortunately a Circle mage was travelling through the village. There was little distrust amoung the village, they knew nothing about abominations or demons but instead recongised a gifted healer, making small differences to the those she met.

If anyone could save a life, it was her.

As the villagers returned back towards the village, the woman on the hill finally allowed herself to move and she sunk to the ground, shocked at the events she had instigated. And yet, despite the brutal murder that had just taken place, the world moved on. Sunlight filtered down through the tree canopy and there were the sounds of a caravan travelling through the pass below.

Life went on and so would she. It was all for the best. She had to protect her family.