Title: Last Hope
Author: Trillian N7
Summary: Riodan has failed; it now falls upon the last two Grey Wardens to save Ferelden.
Fandom: Dragon Age: Origins
Pairing: Fem!Brosca/Alistair
Spoilers: Beware.
Rating: Teen
Disclaimer: Dragon Age: Origins is not mine, despite how much I wish I could claim Alistair. Sadly, Bioware and EA have that privilege.

The Grey Wardens watched in horror as they saw the archdemon's flight falter and the small figure fall from its back. There was only one man who it could be, no-one else would even think of tackling the leader of the horde.

They stared in horror as the implications of the vent sunk in. One of them was going to die.

'Captain, escort the king back to the city gate.' Mac gestured at the unit of soldiers that had been trailing them through the city. They were Eamon's men; she knew they could be trusted to follow these orders.

Alistair turned to her, a look of horror on his face.

'You can't... I mean, I won't let you. I am king,' he stated defiantly.

'And I am the army's commander,' Mac replied. She turned to the knights. 'Captain, make sure the king is placed under the protection of Bann Teagan. He cannot be allowed to re-enter the city until the battle is won.'

'Yes, commander.' He saluted at her, and began to form up his men.

Alistair recongised the stubborn look on her face, he knew nothing he could say would change Mac's mind.

'Please,' begged Alistair, tears starting to fall down his cheeks. 'Don't do this to me. You will be killed!'

'Perhaps, but someone needs to be the hero.' Mac reached up and wiped away the tears. 'And you should be king. You will be brilliant, but first you have to survive the war. I can help with that.'

'But I can't do it without you, I need you there,' protested Alistair. He couldn't stand the thought of losing the woman he loved. He was willing to flaunt the traditions of Ferelden just to keep her by his side, and he would willing sacrifice himself so she could live on. But then Mac was always the stubborn one, she would never let him do that.

'You will be fine, trust me.' Mac voice broke a little. 'I have killed for love before, now it is my chance to die for it. Protecting you.'

Alistair leant in a quickly kissed her, stepping away to join his escort.

'I love you, always.' The simplicity of his words broke Mac's heart.

'I love you too,' she replied as Alistair turned to walk away. 'Alistair?'

He quickly turned at the sound of her voice, hoping she had changed her mind, even though that was too much to expect. She simply stood there, flanked by Zevran and Oghren, with the flames of the burning city lighting her face.

'Send me back to the Stone. I want to go home.'

Alistair nodded at the request and quickly turned before she could see the pain on his face. She was the always the brave one, now he had to be as well.

Mac watched as he walked away. She had done the right thing, Ferelden needed its king. She wiped the tears from her grimy face and turned to face her remaining companions.

'That, my friend, was a brave act indeed,' Zevran commented, his eyes glistening slightly betraying the fact that he was touched by emotional scene.

'You are a sodding hero.' Oghren clapped her on the shoulder. 'Let's go find us an archdemon to kill!'