Title: Trust
Author: Trillian N7
Summary: A templar and a mage; each can hurt the other badly. Unless they trust each other.
Fandom: Dragon Age: Origins
Pairing: Fem!Amell/Alistair
Spoilers: Beware.
Rating: General
Disclaimer: Dragon Age: Origins is not mine, despite how much I wish I could claim Alistair. Sadly, Bioware and EA have that privilege.
Author's Note: Secret Swoopers gift for whitecarnations at .com/swooping_is_bad

'What is it like being a templar?' Faedra asked Alistair as they sat alone by the fire. She was leaning against him, wrapped in his arms.

'You know, that's like me asking what being a mage is like. I just can't... Well, words don't quite cover what its like.'

'But you see me being a mage all the time,' Faedra protested. 'You, however, never use your templar training.'

Alistair grinned at her pouting lips and leant down to kiss her.

'That because, my dear, I don't want to trouble you or Wynne. And if I did Morrigan would probably turn me into a radish.' He stood, pulling Faedra to her feet. 'Ok, hit me with something.'


'You know, wiggle your fingers and zap me with lightning. Or a hex. Just don't hurt me, I bruise easily.'

'You are strange, templar.' Faedra grinned impishly up at him. 'Alright, you want magic you've got it.'

She took Alistair's hand and concentrated as she aimed a simple magic shock through their touch. He jumped, breaking contact and then looked sheepishly at Faedra.

'That hurt! And I have an image as a manly warrior to maintain.'

He stepped towards Faedra, serious now. He wrapped one arm behind her back and the other cupped her face.

'Do you trust me?' Alistair whispered.

'Of course, why wouldn't I?' Faedra looked up into his eyes, knowing she trusted him with her life.

'I would never hurt you, you are safe with me.'

He started to concentrate, never breaking his gaze with the mage. She felt a chill enfold her, draining her fiery emotion and filling her with a sense of dread.

'Try something,' Alistair said, still holding her protectively close.

Faedra tried to summon her power, but every time she delved into her mind it just slipped away and the more she tried the foggier her mind became. She closed her eyes, trying to tap into something, anything. She began to panic, she barely remembered a time without her power so to be suddenly stripped of it frightened her.

But Alistair was still there, his warm touch on her face piecing through the foggy veil that seemed to mask her mind. And then the chill was gone, slowly fading away, the only thing remaining was the warmth of his hand.

Faedra nearly collapsed from the exhaustion the strange power seemed to have laid on her and fell forward into Alistair. He held her close against his chest.

'Do you still trust me?' He asked. 'Knowing I can do this to you.'

Faedra looked up at him and saw the concern on his face. She smiled, despite what had just happened.