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Chapter 3: This is a lame title.

The cap came off of the silver cup, revealing it to be filled with large, bright pink pearls not unlike the pearls Palkia donned. All of the legendaries stared in amazement at the sparkling pearls, letting escape a faint wow under their breath, without giving thought to their actual purpose other than their beauty.

Of course, the one person who was not amused easily felt the need to break the astonished silence with an insensitive remark.

"So…you're going to give us crummy pieces of jewelry?" Regice asked.

"Hey! Pearls are not crummy!" Palkia said to the ice golem, "They're fashionable and coveted for their simple beauty and rarity."

"Yeah, but it can't beat diamonds," Dialga commented.

"Oh yeah?" Palkia said, turning her head to her steel-clad brother, "Figures you'd say something like that, but pearls are better than diamonds!"

"Keep dreaming Palkia," Dialga retorted, "but diamonds beat pearls in every way!"

"Nobody cares about a rock, you blue bas-"

Suddenly, the pillars seating the bickering siblings split in half from the top, causing Palkia and Dialga to fall and get wedged in the pit. A dark inky blackness laced the pillar, clearly indicating it as Giratina's work.

"Do we REALLY need to start this again?" Giratina asked, sounding as irritated as possible, "If you two are done bickering, I'd like it so that we can finish this meeting as early as possible."


"Okay! We'll stop!" both said as they struggled their way out of their uncomfortable positions.

Like an elevator, the blackness lifted both deities out of the pit. The pillar fixed itself, thanks to Giratina, and both Dialga and Palkia were allowed back on their seats.

"Thank you, again, Giratina," Arceus said, as his children huffed and panted, "And yes, I will be handing out these pieces of 'jewelry' to everyone. But they are not ordinary jewels."

With his psychic powers, Arceus took one of the pearls from the cup and brought it to himself.

"You see, a few centuries ago, I came upon the realization that human contact was inevitable, seeing how they were quick to adapt to life out of caves and inside tents. Worse, humans grew smarter and discovered electricity, eventually using it to discover and develop technology. And even worse, they would use that technology to tame pokemon to fight other pokemon and attempt to capture us. And if they ever did catch us, who knows what they could do to us?"

"You have no idea," Lugia said.

"For the time being, we have resorted to isolating ourselves from human contact, residing in oceans, caves, and forests. But no matter how hard we tried, a human eye always catches us and soon myths and legends began to circulate their community, bringing us to their knowledge that we exist. The humans are ever so curious and go to as far as the four corners of the Earth to find us. Their curiosity is even reaching towards the highest planes of the sky. Outer space, I mean. But after centuries of work, I have developed a tool for us to remain out of their reach and out of their sight while at the same time in plain sight."

"Wait, how does that work?" Mesprit asked.

"Simple," Arceus continued, "I was inspired by Latias when she used a human body to hide herself in Alto Mare."

"Yes. I remember what happened in that town," Latias said, "It was a day I will never forget."

"At least we're still alive and Alto Mare is still in one piece," Latios replied, comforting his sister.

"Wait," Entei spoke up, "Didn't he die in that movie?"

"This little gem," Arceus continued, focusing his attention on the pearl, "will enable all of us to do just that, but make the changes more real and achieve more than any mere illusion can."

With his mind, Arceus brought the pearl to his mouth. He opened his mouth and let the pearl move in, just enough to allow his teeth to bite down on it. Once he did, Arceus glowed for a bit and then there flashed a bright light over the room. The light disappeared as quickly as it appeared, but the large horse-like pokemon was no longer there. Instead, in his place stood a tall man with snow white hair draping down his back. His ears were slightly pointed upward and his eyes were a strong shade yellow. Around his neck was a really wide golden ring that looked exactly like Arceus' torso ring and it held a curtain-like cape that nearly touched the floor, shading the rest of his body from view. All of the legendaries gaped in amazement at the alpha pokemon's transformation.

"I call it," he said, his voice noticeably different but definitely more human, "the Homo Sapiens Mineral. Or Humanus Gem if you want something that sounds cooler."

"So that's what you were talking about when you said 'improvement'," Azelf said, "But this isn't really an improvement but more of an upgrade. Still cool, though."

"Well, I said 'upgrade'. I don't know where you guys got 'improvement' from," Arceus said, "Anyway, these gems have qualities as a means to resist all forms of damage. They are highly resistant to intense temperatures, indestructible, and they have a negative psi resistance. All it takes is a simple thought to lift them. Go ahead, try it."

Assuring his words, the legendaries began to stress their minds, causing the pearls to float. Each of the remaining pearls levitated towards each legendary and floated towards them.

"How do we activate it?" Registeel asked, "I don't have a mouth to do what you did."

"Well, it's easy," Arceus said, "All you need to do is place pressure on the pearls. It doesn't matter how you do it, be it by mouth or hand, any measure of pound per square inch is enough to activate it, but only if you want them to, to avoid any accidents."

Looking back at the pearl, Registeel grabbed the pearl and began to apply pressure. The rest of the legendaries followed suit and the meeting room was filled with a bright light. Once the light died down, the seemingly average room now looked void and spacious since the legendaries have shrunk to humans. There were no legendaries left in the room, no lizards, no pixies, no birds, nor deities, just several humans standing there in place of the mythical beasts and legends. Resounding voices of shock and amazement echoed in the room as the legendaries examined their new bodies.

"Wow, I have legs now…" Rayquaza commented as he waved his leg back and forth.

"I have hands AND feet!" Cresselia shouted.

"Oh, don't I look adoring?" Latias asked.

"Wow Groudon!" Cherrim, still in pokemon form, "In that form, it'd be much easier for us to-"

"Shut! Up!" Groudon said, as he clutched the flower pokemon. "Wow. It is much easier to do this now."

"Hmm, I have never stood upright like this…" Dialga commented.

"I don't look too different…" Darkrai said.

"What a dramatic change I've undergone!" Articuno said.

"I trust you are all pleased with the transformations?" Arceus asked. He was met with resounding positive answers, "Good. I forged the Humanus Gem for the sole purpose of blending in with humans, allowing easier interaction, communication, and association with humans."

"Why the hell would we want to do any of that?" Moltres asked.

"Why, I wouldn't know," Arceus answered, "The initial reason you would want to use this would be to avoid human detection, but it provides an opportunity to do many things with humans and try out other humanly things. You can try out different foods humans make, try out different activities they do, or even make friends with other humans. Just think of the possibilities!"

"I think I'm starting to get hungry…" Azelf muttered. Despite being a legendary, Azelf, and other legendaries, had to eat regularly like other pokemon do. These hunger periods varied from legendary to legendary, but for Azelf, she hadn't eaten in several years. She didn't need to, until now.

"Ah yes. That's another feature of the Humanus Gem's transformation," Arceus explained, "When you change into the human body, not only do you adopt a human's features, but their diet, metabolism, bodily functions such as the need to deposit waste, erhem, and sleep cycles."

"That doesn't sound like a good thing," Regice said, "It sounds like a bad deal. Why would we want any of that?"

"It's for the human experience," Arceus replied, "It allows you to blend in with other humans for an extended period of time without an indication as to your real identity."

"This is AWESOME!" Ho-oh yelled, "Maybe I can hang out with those Kimono girls that think they know me. Wait until they get a face full of Sacred Fire!"

Ho-oh opened her mouth and shouted into the air, much to the annoyance of those seated next to her, only to stop when she noticed her powers weren't working.

"Hey. Why am I not breathing fire?"

"That's another feature of the transformation," Arceus said, "In your human form, much of your powers are limited so as to prevent any 'accidents' should they happen."

"Wait, so I can't summon the sun when I'm human?" Groudon asked.

"I can't control space anymore?" Palkia asked as well.

"Now, now, hold on," Arceus said, shushing the crowd before they escalated in complaints and volume, "As I said, it is solely to prevent accidents from happening. Even though you do have a small portion of your powers, the last thing I want is to hear Heatran being arrested for setting a village on fire."

"They're called towns, now," Manaphy said.

"Whatever!" Arceus spoke, "The point is, it is for your own good, as well as the good of others around you."

"Well, I guess it's okay," Regice said, looking at herself and her attractive female body, "At least now I can afford to walk in public."

"Now, to transform back," Arceus said, "Simply apply pressure to the Humanus Gem and you'll revert back to your legendary self."

Following Arceus' instructions, the legendaries began reverting back to their original selves as they applied pressure to their gems. The remaining few admired their bodies for a bit before falling in with the rest of the audience. Arceus was the last one to revert back to his normal horse-like form.

"You may use the Humanus Gem as you please," Arceus said, his voice now normally godlike, "but remember that you are each responsible for your respective orbs."

"Yeah, sure. Whatever," Azelf said, disregarding Arceus' warning as she tried to see how high she could throw her pearl into the air.

"I'm serious. The Humanus Gem works for any pokemon, not just you. It doesn't have an identification system yet. That's something I'm working on," Arceus said as Azelf caught her gem before it fell off of her pillar, "And it has a reverse effect on humans too. I really don't want to hear any humans go missing because they happened to find the pearl you lost. So please, for the sake of me, keep those things safe."

"Trust me," Darkrai said as he held his pearl with his hand for everyone to see, "I won't be using mine so much since I'm smart enough to isolate myself on an island."

"But where's the fun in that?" Mesprit asked, "It's much more fun going around Sinnoh screwing stuff up and setting stuff on fire."

"That's something Mew would say," Uxie said.

"That's something Mew already did," Azelf pointed out.

"Regardless, it is always handy to have some camouflage in hand should the situation arise," Arceus said as positive murmurs waved through the meeting room, "So, does anyone have anything to say before I end the meeting?"

"Nope," "Not really," "This is gonna be a lot of fun," "I anticipate repeated usage of this new element in future chapters…" "Maybe I can buy glasses…" "I liked having legs…" "I suppose it's okay," "Can I borrow it, Groudon?" "No." "Thanks for the gems Arceus!" "What a splendid invention father," "Kiss up," "Don't start, you two," and other sayings resounded throughout the room.

"Very well then," Arceus said, the curtains behind him opening themselves, "I have other things I'll need to tend to, so if no one else would like to share their thoughts, meeting adjourned."

The pillars that seated the legendaries began to descend. With the meeting over, the pillars gently descended at a comfortable speed, not too fast to hurt them and not too slow to irritate them. It was fortunate that Jirachi's seat didn't malfunction on its way down, probably his luckiest break ever, but his fortune was short lived as he was hit by another Sacred Fire that was originally meant for Celebi, who saw the blast coming seconds away. As Manaphy helped extinguish the burnt star, the legendaries were conversing with each other, discussing things they would do with their new, as Mew would put it, 'toy', although that was more of Rayquaza's expertise.

"I'm going to Veilstone city to check out their department store," Mesprit said, "I've been to the city once, but I always wanted to buy something from there."

"What kind of stuff are you going to buy?" Azelf asked.

"First, I'll need to see what they have. But I might try their rare candy bars I've heard about."

"Wow, I hear that stuff is expensive. Where are you going to get the money?"

"…money?" Mesprit asked, tilting her head to the side.

In another part of the room, Entei and Raikou were at a loss for words as to what to say to Suicune. Their faces clearly expressing surprise as Suicune felt the awkward stares dig into his skin.

"…I wouldn't have guessed," Entei said.

"…it totally changes the way I see you," Raikou stated.

"…what about it?" Suicune asked, "So what if I'm actually a guy…?"

"It's just that… you always had this flowery attitude when it came to things you liked. Not to mention your unhealthy obsession of cleaning everything," Raikou said.

"Most people would have imagined you as a female, you know?" Entei claimed, "But I bet this is a definite twist to the reader."

Raikou and Suicune stared at Entei again, who, as usual, wasn't making any sense. The thunder cat looked at the aurora pokemon again, still amazed at the discovery of his actual gender.

"Heck, I think I'm the only sane one in this group," Raikou said as he walked away.

Suddenly, his foreleg collapsed under him, causing him to trip and fall to the floor. Entei and Suicune gasped, wondering what could have possibly made him trip on the pristine floor.

"Ow…what the…?" Raikou asked as he noticed a little rock a distance from him, "The heck is something like this doing here?"

"Oh! That's my ammunition," Mew said as she went over to take the rock from him, "I threw this at Celebi during the meeting."

"You didn't hit me. You hit Jirachi," Celebi said from the other side of the room.

"Um, Raikou?" Entei started, "You didn't trip on that rock. You tripped yourself."

"That rock wasn't anywhere near you when you tripped," Suicune said.

Raikou processed the information for a second, and then, out of frustration, he took the rock from Mew's hand and tossed it in a random direction ahead of him. Raikou happened to have thrown the rock so fast, it bounced off of the object it hit, namely Registeel who responded with an inquisitive 'Hey,' and ended up nailing himself in the forehead. Raikou clutched his face in pain as Entei and Suicune restrained their laughter, Mew already cracking up, as the rock fell in front of him unscratched.

"I'm an idiot," he said to himself as he got up and walked ahead, only to end up stepping on the rock and injuring his paw, causing him to reel over and fall again.

"So, do you guys want to hang out somewhere?" Heatran asked the three Regi's, "This new toy Arceus gave us definitely presents the opportunity."

"That is true," Registeel said, "but exactly where would we do our 'hanging out'?" he said, quoting with his fingers.

"I think Lilycove has a cool diner we can go to," Regice spoke, "but they're cheaper on Tuesdays than other days of the week."

"Fine, we'll go there on Tuesday. We'll meet at the beach, if that's okay with you guys," Heatran asked.

"Yeah, I'm sure we can find our way there," Regice replied, "but may I say, Heatran, your human form looked remarkably dazzling. I actually believed you were a girl."

"Wow, Regice giving a good comment. Excuse me while I check Hell's temperature and make sure it hasn't fallen below Celsius," Registeel said to himself as Regice ignored him.

"Thank you for the compliment, Regice," Heatran thanked, "I'm touchy about people calling me a guy when I'm really a girl. So what if the first Heatran was a guy? I'm a girl!"

"Yeah, you sure can be scary when you're insulted like that," Registeel said.

"Don't think I forgot what happened before the meeting, Registeel," Heatran said, Registeel trembling at the remark, "And as for you…"

Heatran stared at Regirock for a short second, spurring no response or reaction when she drew closer to his face.

"What with him?" she asked, "I haven't seen him move or even heard him talk."

"Regirock isn't really one for words, Heatran," Registeel explained as he crossed his arms, "Heck, he's true to his namesake when you compare him to a statue."

"It's almost as if he's watching time ebb away," Regice said.

Heatran resumed staring down Regirock's braille face as she tried to stimulate a response or a reaction of something from the stone golem. She tried breathing on his face only to learn that he lacked lungs. She tried sticking her tongue out at the statue to no avail. She ultimately resorted to making noise as she held her tongue out while waving her head back and forth, much to the confusion of Regice and Registeel. This finally stimulated a reaction from the mountain of rock, but not one she was expecting.

"That isn't very lady-like," Regirock said.

Shock and embarrassment waved through Heatran as she retracted her tongue and shrunk down into the floor, crawling away with modest speed while blushing various shades of crimson. As soon as she left, Regice turned to Regirock and spoke.

"Typical," she started, "the one time you do talk, you drive people away."

"And that's why we like you," Registeel reassured.

"What will you guys use your Humanus Gems for?" Articuno asked.

"Hmm, well, it will make travelling towns easier," Moltres replied, "Heck, if humans have catalogued all of the volcanoes in the world, I might look for the best one."

"What would per say, define a volcano 'good'?" Zapdos asked.

"Well, it depends on the vegetation of the island," Moltres said, "And it must have already erupted."

"Maybe Entei can direct you to some that have already erupted," Articuno suggested, "I hear one erupts when he roars."

"Yeah, but he also says that he was born in the eruption of a volcano," Zapdos said.

"So, wait…" Moltres said, starting to get confused, "If a volcano erupts every time he roars, does that mean another Entei is born?"

"Would that make it the only known natural occurrence of cloning?" Articuno asked.

"It wouldn't be cloning if it was natural birth," Zapdos said, "…but crap, this is confusing."

All three birds stood there, trying to wrap their heads around the concept of Entei's coming of existence. Incidentally, Entei himself happened to walk by, overhearing the conversation.

"You know," he started, "all of that stuff is based off of human interpretation."

"But wait," Articuno started, "Groudon can make volcanoes erupt too."

"Holy crap," Moltres said, "does this mean Groudon birthed Entei?!"

"Were you guys even listening?" Entei said, a cross popping vein appearing above his forehead.

"What's this about sacred droppings?" Groudon, carrying Cherrim on his head, asked, having only heard a part of the conversation.

"Groudon!" Moltres said, "Why didn't you tell us Entei was your son?!"

"I- What?!" he replied.

"Say what?!" Entei shouted as well, sharing the same reaction.

"Groudon! How could you?!" Groudon's little partner, Cherrim, shouted.

"Groudon! How could you neglect your only son?" Articuno said disdainfully.

"Really low of you, man," Zapdos said.

"Whoa, hold on!" Entei said out loud, "He is NOT my father!"

"And I don't have a son!" Groudon said as well, "He just happened to be born in a volcano! Next thing you know, you're going to say Kyogre birthed Manaphy!"

All four of them stood there in silence, absorbing and comprehending Groudon's words. Kyogre, who was wondering what he did to cause the loud racket, came over to see what was going on.

"Groudon, what's with all of the shouting?" she asked.

"Kyogre!" Moltres yelled, "Why didn't you tell us Manaphy was your son?!"


"What?" Groudon asked as well.

"Kyogre, how could you neglect your one and only son?" Articuno asked.

"Was it because you lacked the support of a husband?" Zapdos asked.

While all this was happening, Entei gave off a tired sigh, bringing his paw to his face to mimic the infamous facepalm.

"I look adorable! Don't I, Latios?" Latias asked as she was currently in her human form.

"Well, you are pretty," Latios replied, who was still in his regular form, "But didn't you have enough fun imitating Bianca back in Alto Mare?"

"Oh, but this is different!" she said, "This dress is just perfect for me. As if it personifies me!"

Latias' human form compromised of a red and white scheme. Even her hair was reddish brown while her eyes were a clear yellow. Her hair was combed so that a triangular wave of hair covered her forehead. Two locks of hair pointed backwards with tiny notches at the end, resembling her original head fins. She wore a white short vest, the sleeves cut before the elbows, with one button and a large triangular piece cut out from the bottom over a red short-sleeved dress. She wore a blue ribbon around her neck collar and a large red bow tied around her waist, the wings of the bow being thin and notched in many places to resemble her wings and foot-wings. The dress's skirt stopped at the knees and she also wore red and white shoes.

"Well, I admit, it really does work for you," Latios said.

"I know. Oh! Now you transform so that I can judge how we'd look together," she suggested.

"Oh Latios!" Cresselia called.

Latios was about to transform into his human form, Humanus Gem in hand, until the lunar pokemon called out his name and flew over to the two.

"Oh, love the look, by the way," she said to the human Latias

"Thank you," she replied.

"Um, Latios…I want to tell you something…" Cresselia started, beginning to blush a bit.


"…but first, thank you for earlier. You know? When Rayquaza shot his projectile into my eye."

"That isn't innuendo unless someone points it out," Entei said as he passed by, suddenly donning a shocked face, "OH SHI-"

"It was nothing," he said, suddenly remembering something, "Oh, which reminds me."

Latios began to fly in the direction of Rayquaza, who was showing his Mewtwo figurine to an interested Manaphy and Shaymin.

"Wait, Latios!" Cresselia cried out, figuring she'd follow him.

"Hold on you guys!" Latias said as she attempted to run but fell, still not use to the body.

She got up slowly, brushing dust off of her dress, and began to walk slowly. Baby steps, she figured, as she slowly gained speed. After a few steps, she had figured out running and began to give chase to the two psychic types.

"No, you can't move the arms," Rayquaza explained, "You see, the plastic is molded so I can't move it without breaking it."

"Well, that sucks," Manaphy said.

"It's a retail choice. If it had movable arms, there wouldn't be enough space for the spring mechanism."

"So you'd have to buy two for the full experience?" Shaymin asked.

"It's a dirty, clever, money-making scheme that the producers thought of just so you could spend more money on their toys," Rayquaza said, "but it works."

"Yo, Rayquaza!" Latios said as Cresselia and Latias followed him.

"Oh, Latios. What do you want?" he asked.

"I just thought when would be a good time to visit you so that I could take a look at your collection," he questioned.

"Well, tomorrow morning sounds good," he said, "Of course, if other people or going to come, they'd have to be in their human forms so that the tower doesn't collapse."

"But wait," Latias started, having already caught up to them, "Wouldn't our human bodies be incapable of surviving at that elevation?"

"Hmm, that's true. In that case, we can all meet up at Route 115. That place doesn't have a lot of people so it should be okay."

"Sounds great. Tomorrow morning, right?" he asked, receiving a nod from the emerald dragon, "Alright, I'll tell the others who'll join me."

He then turned to Cresselia, who began blushing when he looked at him, and asked.

"So Cresselia, what else did you want to tell me?"

"I…um…I, uh…" she rambled, at a loss for the true words she wanted to say.

"Yeah?" he asked again.

"…I'll come with you. To see the toys, I mean," she spluttered.

"Cool. See you tomorrow morning," he said as Latias reverted back to her pokemon form and flew away with him.

Cresselia sighed, watching the blue dragon exit the room with his sister. She left her spot moments later, intending to return to her island once she left the Heavenly Mansion. Rayquaza, oblivious to the drama unfolding before him, resumed showing off his toy to the two small legendaries before him. Darkrai, who had leaned against the darker side of the large pillar, watched Cresselia exit the room with a suspicious look, having already noticed her affection towards Latios. Entei also happened to be walking by him when she left.

"Huh, I thought the author said no pairings," he said, receiving an awkward stare from the dark pokemon.

"Just what is that supposed to mean?" Darkrai asked.

"Oh, nothing 'Not-gonna-kill-you-today' Darkrai," he said as he walked away, Darkrai's face twisted angrily at his comment.

"So, Arceus?" Mew asked as she flew towards the alpha pokemon in the hall, "What do you think is gonna happen now that you gave everyone your little present?"

The two were conversing in a small hall, significantly smaller than any other hall in the mansion anyway, and Arceus was waiting for everyone to leave the mansion so that he could seal it and move on to his next agenda.

"Oh, I meant that gift for the best," he said, "but if you want a real answer, I expect zany things to happen as well as chaos and misadventures."

"Like?" she asked.

"Most of them from you," he said, looking at Mew when he said this.

"What basis do you have that I might do something unpredictable?"

Arceus stopped and stared at Mew for a second, collecting memories of many incidents where the fingers pointed to her.

"No comment," he said as he continued walking.

"But what about the others?" she asked, having put aside his answer.

"Well, I know that Ho-oh will cause some trouble once she leaves the mansion," he said, "Then again, Mesprit and Azelf will be unpredictable. At least Uxie is with them."

"Don't forget Dialga and Palkia," Mew reminded, "Who knows how their fights will turn out in their human forms."

"But that doesn't compare to Groudon and Kyogre," he said, "I just hope Rayquaza settles it if he's there."

"Maybe they can do their fighting in other ways other than fighting?" Mew suggested.

"Like?" Arceus inquired.

"Well, they can compete in games instead of fighting. For instance, there's always checkers. I hear that's a good game. Or maybe even thumb wrestling."

"Hm, if I know those two, it'll only lead to more fighting afterwards," Arceus said, "Remember they tried Tic Tac Toe? That's why the Sevii region is just called the Sevii islands, now."

"But hey, Rayquaza can always be the referee," Mew said impishly.

"I suppose."

"Hey, mind if I ask, but," Mew started, "Aren't you expecting a bit too much from the legendaries and their gems?"

"How do you mean?"

"Aren't you afraid of chaotic things happening? Stuff that could end up much worse than what happened at Alamos town and a la Rousse city combined?"

"Oh, I'm not afraid," he said, "I expect those things to happen."

"Wait, I don't understand?" Mew asked.

"Between you and me," he started, "This planet, of the entire universe, is on top of my list of favorite planets. The legendaries that evolved here are just so full of character and life, I take extra care of this planet above others. That's why I stopped that meteor and nearly died."

"That's kind of cold of you," Mew said, "especially considering the other planets that have pokemon."

"Yeah, well, my universe," Arceus said.

"I guess that's why you gave everyone the Humanus Gem. But don't you think it's a bit too much?"

"Don't worry, I thought ahead. The Humanus Gem is designed so that no catastrophes erupt while I'm away."

"Yeah, but still…"Mew said, still concerned.

"Look, I love everyone on this planet," he started, "I just love their rich personalities. Most of the time, they provide me with the comedy I need to go on through the day. Especially when you compare the legendaries to the myths humans depicted them in. They may be considered titans or even gods by the humans, although that title is really more fitting for me, but by the end of the day, they are just as varied in personality as they are varied in color. I love how this planet turned out, especially considering how long it has lived without destroying itself, and I love the pokemon that came to be on this planet. So that's why I gave everyone a present, to show them the gratitude I have for watching this planet grow. They may be powerful titans that molded this world, but past that legendary status, they're not so legendary."

Mew was half paying attention to Arceus, as she was tinkering with a toy gun that had a suction cup loaded in its barrel. Accidentally pulling the trigger, the suction cup sailed into the air and lodged itself onto Arceus' face. Mew clutched her mouth, almost as if she wanted to say sorry but was too afraid to. Arceus looked at the plastic that was glued to his face and merely chuckled before pulling it off with his mind and giving it back to Mew. As Mew reloaded the toy, Arceus walked away into the hall.

"Don't think about trying that again," he yelled from afar as Mew responded by hiding the gun behind her, previously aiming at him.

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