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Chapter 9 Epilogue:

It had been nearly eighteen months since he and Yuki had been married and he was grateful for every second of it. He loved his wife more than he ever thought possible loving another human. He looked at her as she stood at the aisle beside her friends. She looked beautiful with the glow of expectant motherhood on her face. Her stomach had begun to grow considerably as they were expecting their first child.

He could not wait to become a father, he vowed to do everything that his own father had never done for him. He would be there for his child when ever they needed him, and do whatever they needed of him. He loved the way his wife looked while she was carrying their child and he knew this would not be their last but only their first.

He loved his wife more than any words could ever describe. He would move heaven and earth to make sure she was happy. He knew that due to his idiocy she had been uhappy for so long, but now he would do everything to make sure every moment they shared was a happy one. Since they had been married he spent every free moment with her.

Soujiro owed absolutely every bit of his happiness to Mishimira Ichiro and Tsukushi if not for them he would have never been with Yuki. He knows it must have been a very difficult task for Mishimira to let go of Yuki for if it where him in that position he did not think he could do it. It must of have also been hard for Tsukushi to speak up because he knew of her dislike towards him, though he was still grateful none the less. He was the happiest man in the world with the love of his life by his side and a baby on the way, he could not ask for anything more.

Though very present in his mind was the day where he had almost lost everything all over again. After Soujiro's last confrontation with Yuki he did not know what to do. He felt that he had lost her once again, he wanted to run to her and take her away where no one could ever find them. Go to some remote island where Tuskasa and Tsukushi had been and make her understand that he loved her, but be it his pride or his cowardness he could not. Some part of him would not let him go, he knew he could not do that to her. She did not deserve her wedding day to be ruined because of him. So he decided to be the one to leave Japan this time, she had to leave beacuse of him and now it was his turn. It hurt him more than it had the first time choosing to do nothing all over again, but Yuki had every right to be happy without him. He had caused her so much pain and grief, and her cried one to many times over him than he deserved.

So he was more than surprised when he saw her running towards him at the F4s private hangar in the airport. He nearly feel over from the shock as he looked and realized it was her. She had come to him, she had forgiven him for all the mistakes he had made. He felt guilty for not being the one to go after her but none of that mattered at the moment. The only important thing was that Yuki was in his arms, hisYuki and he would never let her go again, he thought as he looked back at his wife.

Yuki could feel Soujiro's gaze on her and she could not help but blush. He always made her heart beat faster and made her blush with just a look in her direction. Her husband had always had that effect on her since the moment she feel in love with him. Especially now that she was pregnant and her emotions changed at the drop of a hat. She loved being pregnant and couldn't wait to become a mother. She had always wanted a family of her very own ever since she was a little girl, when she meet her first baby cousin. She had been so adorable though Yuki was afraid to hold her fearing that she would break the tiny little infant, ever since then she had fallen in love with children.

Yuki watched as she saw friends walk down they aisle after the priest finished declaring them man and wife. She along with Tsukushi and the F4 had come together to celebrate their friend's wedding. If anyone deserved to be together and a chance at happiness it would be Sakurako and Ichiro. Her friend looked beautiful in her white gown, she thought as she proceeded towards her husband with and the other guests.

She walked up to Soujiro as he placed his arm around her waist, and kissed her lightly on the lips. "Did you miss me?" she joked as they went to join the wedding party in the reception hall.

"More than imaginable." he said not wanting to think about the possibility of ever losing her again.

As they walked into the incredibly decorated room Yuki felt a slight tug on her back, but she brushed it off as nothing. She had already gone through a false labor a week earlier and had nearly sent Soujiro off into a panic, so she thought nothing of it now. "I am very happy for the both of you." Yuki said congratulating her Sakurako and Ichiro as she hugged them both tightly.

"Thank you, Yuki-chan" Ichiro said hugging while hugging her. " I am the one who should be thankful, for without you I don't think I would have met Sakurako-chan." Ichiro kissed his new bride on the cheek all the while holding her by his side.

He had been heartbroken when he let Yuki go to follow her heart, and did not think he could recover. When a few months later while in Tokyo on business, he had spotted Sakurako-chan walking down the street with her hand full of bags. He had called out to her but she had not heard him distracted by the allure of the shops before her, so he began walking up to her.

"Hello Sakurako-san." he said smiling at her, while she gave him a surprised but happy like.

"Ichiro-san." she said as she jumped up to hug him before she could realize it. "I'm sorry Ichiro-san, please forgive me?" she asked as she let go of him with a look of embarrassment on her face.

"There's no need to apologize Sakurako-san." the smile still not leaving his face. There was something about this girl that he could not put his finger on. Something that made him intrigued and want to know more. She was a mixture of surprises, one moment being enthusiastic and energetic and the next being calm and collective.

"How have you been since the...wedding" she didn't know what to say. For a reason unknown to her this man had always made her nervous. He was extremely handsome and the nicest man she had ever met, but for some reason she didn't know how to act around him. He always made her feel like she was back in high school without a clue in the male department.

"I have been good, very busy with the new bakery we unveiled here last month." he was still smiling at her which was starting to make her even more nervous. "Would you like to have coffee with me so we could catch up?" he asked hoping that she would say yes.

"I would love to." she said as they walked off to the nearest cafe.

"Non-sense Ichiro-kun" Yuki said she playfully swatted him on the arm. She grim maced as she felt pain take over her body. The pain was so intense that she would have fallen over if not for her husband reaching out behind her.

"Yuki-chan!" Tsukushi screamed as she and the reaming F3 rushed to her side.

"Yuki-chan whats wrong" Soujiro was terrified as he saw the pain in his wife's face. Seeing her like this killed him

"It's time Soujiro! " she said as another contraction began to hit.

"Yuki-chan are you sure?" this time the question came from Akira. "You still have a month to go."

"Yuki?" Soujiro said in a hushed tone, as he began to help his distressed wife stand up.

"I guess someone wanted to join in the celebration." She laughed as the contraction began to subside.

"Idiots stop chatting around, we have to get to a hospital!" Tuskasa said in his usual arrogant tone.

"Tsukasa's right, it's time" Yuki said gripping her husbands hand while they began walking to the car.

The quick car ride to the private hospital had seemed like an extremely long one. His wife had been in so much pain and there was nothing he could do to help her. As they walked in to the hospital thier was a nurse who had been waiting for them.

Yuki was quickly put into a wheelchair and was wheeled off into the delivery room. He hated not being able to go in after her. That had been almost hours ago and he was still waiting for answers.

"What the hell is taking them so long he asked?" he asked as he slid a hand through his already tousled hair.

"Calm down Soujiro, I'm sure everything is fine." Akira tried to reassure his friend.

"They would come and tell you if there were anything wrong." Tsukasa said.

"Just realx." Rui said worried over his friend's state.

"Exactly! We haven't heard anything yet, and shouldn't be jumping to conclusions. Tsukushi stated angrily.

Just then one of the nurses had walked out of the delivery room. "Nishikado-san, there were a series of complications, and your wife lost some blood but we've manged to stabilizeher." She said noticing Soujiro's relief. "She and the babies are both fine and healthy." the nurse said proudly.

"Babies?!" they all shocked said in unison.

"Yes twins." the nurse answered. "The doctor wasn't sure until your wife was in delivery."

He could not believe it, not only had they been blessed with one but two babies. He wanted nothing more than to see and hold his wife, and meet his two new children.

"You can see her now if you like Nishikado-san, but please I ask one at a time." the nurse said while leading Soujiro to his he entered the room a huge smile spread across his face at the sight of his wife holding thier newborn babies.

"Look there's papa." she said as she pointed to him "Would you like to meet your children?" she asked as he walked up to her.

"I would love to." he said placing a kiss on his wife's forehead. He looked down to meet a pair of huge brown eyes starring up at him. His daughter had her mothers beauty and instantly stole his heart. He turned to face his son he was wiggling in his mother's arms. They both looked like smaller replicas of their mother and for that he was grateful.

"What shall we name them" She asked all the while looking down at her children with love.

"What do you think of the name Hana Yori?" he asked his wife.

"Beautiful" She stated looking down at her daughter. "And what about Arashi?" she asked looking over at her son.

"They're perfect." he said as he placed a kiss on his wife's lips. "Absolutely perfect."

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