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The original Japanese names are used in this novel instead of the dubbed US ones.

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Chapter 1- Fear

"We're going out. Can you two stay at home alone?" Yuuko Yagami both her children, Taichi and Hikari.

"Yeah," Hikari said, nodding her head.

Taichi, who was engrossed in his Play Station Portable, did not bother to pay attention to his parents.

"Brother!" Hikari whispered to Taichi, "Mom and Dad are going out!"

"Huh? What? Oh, okay. Okay." Taichi replied, not keeping his eyes off the PSP.

"Where're you going, anyway?" Hikari asked her father.

"A wedding dinner. And from the looks of things it may be past midnight when we get home," Susumu said, "When I come home I don't wanna see the house in ruins."

"What? Like the 'terrorist bombing' which happened back th-" Taichi blurted out.

"Brother!" Hikari whispered once again. Bringing up the incident back in 1995 wasn't a good idea and knowing Taichi he may end up saying the word "Digimon" subconsciously.

Taichi's parents said nothing about this. Instead, Susumu continued, "If there's anything, call me. You have my number."

Once again, Hikari nodded as she watched her parents leave the house.

Taichi suddenly approached her.

"Hey, can you keep a secret? They say they're gonna be back after midnight and it's only seven right now." He said.

"Er…" Hikari said, "Are you… planning something?"

"Nothing, I'm just gonna go see my friends. Oh well, see ya." Taichi said quickly and got out of the house.

"H-Hey!" Hikari stammered, "Dang, he's gone! Oh well, it's just you and I left, Tailmon."

Tailmon suddenly appeared.

"I can finally stand on two feet again," Tailmon said, "Feels good. You wouldn't like it if you were forced to crawl for a whole day after you learnt how to walk."

"Just bear with it, okay? You're lucky you have the appearance of a cat! Agumon's not so lucky. He can't stay in the house." Hikari replied.

Tailmon changed the topic out of the blue.

"Where's your brother going?"

"He says he's going to meet some friends. I smell a rat though…"

"Huh? I don't smell anyth- huh?"

"Tailmon, what's the matter?"

"I feel something. Something evil and very powerful."

"You don't mean… A Digimon?"

"I don't know, but if a Digimon manages to enter the real world this would be really bad. We have to go after it, Hikari."

"Wait, you're saying we're gonna leave the house? B-but… There's no one at home! If the thieves enter…"

"How could you still worry about thieves when the world could be in danger?" Tailmon said angrily.

Hikari said nothing, shocked by Tailmon's sudden response.

"We- I need to Digivolve." Tailmon explained, "I'll fly and find out about this aura. In fact, I think it's getting closer."

"I'm coming with you, too!" Hikari said with a sense of determination.

Tailmon nodded as Hikari picked up her D-3.

"Tailmon digivolves…." Tailmon said.

(Sorry, I dunno what happens during Digivolution. Like I said, I did not watch the show, sorry. Guess I'll skip the Digivolve thingy…)

"To Angewomon."

Both Angewomon and Hikari got out of the house. Angewomon flapped her wings, carried Hikari in her arms and flew towards the aura.

"I hope nobody sees," Hikari said worriedly.

"Don't worry, it's dark. Nobody will see us, " Angewomon comforted her.

Angewomon flew towards a dark and narrow alleyway and landed. She put Hikari down on the floor gently.

"It's close by," Angewomon tried to keep her cool when she said, but her heart was beating extremely fast and was feeling very scared.

Hikari stuck close to Angewomon and asked, "What did you feel?"

Angewomon said nothing, yet this aura, when this close to her, was unmistakable.

Slowly, Angewomon opened her mouth and said a word softly.

The word which gave her a chill down her spine as she said it.