We're to carry on 'as normal' as war rages,

We're to tow the line, pull the strings, of this petty machine,

This money,


It's all alright,


To argue over football scores,

Or the grades we got in school,

Last week,

Mom and dad still scream,

Big sister,


They die out there,

We make more misery,

Out there,

That's okay, it's living,

Who ever said, living was like this?

Who ever said?

It was pain like this?

Petty may, petty be, petty breeds,

There goes another,

Like you or me,

There goes the countryside,

Who really cares?

If there's no golf course?

Shopping mall?

Drive past another cemetery,

Do they bury their dead in other countries?

You say, "I wouldn't know,"

You'd buy, whatever they're selling,

You'd accept, their lowliness,

You'd never,

Wonder why,

Why can't it be different?

Why can't I care?

Without hurting?

Hurting me?

There goes, another year,

Another war,

Breaks out,

Goes on,

Another life,

Breaks free,

Goes away,

Who even cares?

When there's always more?

You know,

I'd say,

In nature,

It's such a waste,

All the effort, the time,


It's not the same,

It's you and me,

And we,

We buy it all,

We always do,

We do again,

It's how we are,


Essays and poetry by planet p

Disclaimer I don't own the Pretender or any of its characters.