From the Star

A/N: A short letter from Etoile to Cornet, set at the end of game after the wedding (Ferdinand and Cornet).

To Cornet,

I guess you're enjoying your new status as Marl Kingdom's princess, huh? When you receive this letter means I'm out from Mothergreen. Currently I'm staying in Blue Cat, and I can't say I hate this place. The weather is sunny all the time, and the foods here are the best quality, though I think they don't get enough fashion sense here.

Don't pity me. I said DON'T PITY ME! I was traveling not because I envy you. And don't you think just because I help you a little before, I want to be your friend. I did it because I feel I want to, no way less.

I am sure I can find an even better prince. After all, there's no man out there can resist the wonderful Etoile. Hey, if I heard you waste the prince I let you to have, I will go right back and steal him from you, got it?

I will be back at Mothergreen next month, and that's not because I miss any of you all. Or maybe not. I heard someone said RedHot is worth visiting.

The one better than you in any way,

Etoile Rosenqueen

Cornet laughed." That really sounds like Etoile."

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