Simple Questions

A/N: This is set in the fixed time before they left for Laguna Ruins (Which means Stahn is alive)

"Mom, how was dad in your journey?"

Rutee flipped the frying pan she just washed. "Kyle? Why would you want to know?" Kyle answered." Because none of you talk much about what happened before they call all of you 'hero'. Maybe I can get one or two idea from his past. Did he undergo a training to become a hero?" His eyes pleaded.

If only they had a dishwasher, maybe she doesn't need to work this hard. But then again, being a hero never mean you're saved from financial problems. "There's no training to become a hero. Actually, none of us planned to be one. It's just, happening, somehow." She continued to the pile of forks. "Do you serious, Mom? I always thought being a hero is cool."

Rutee sighed for her son's enthusiasm." Of course I am. But really, when it started, I just trying to explore a temple, and well, let's just say I met Stahn by an accident." Loni tiptoed to the kitchen. "Everything's fine. I've gathered the firewood." He rubbed his chin. "Um, talking about past, aren't we?" Kyle dragged a chair and sit. "Yeah, so, how was he?"

"Still the same as he is now. An optimistic, silly boy, a real fool, and not to mention he is a sleeper. I just lost count how many times he slowed down our journey." She stopped and took another plate." Gee, that's just like Kyle now." Said Loni. Kyle jumped in joy. "That means I can be a hero like dad, too! But you said he is a sleeper, but I never see him wake up later than me." Rutee pointed to Loni. "Ask him."

"She woke him up before you. And truthfully, my ear is hurt." He laughed. "And at the end you two married too, right? They're right when they said opposites do attracts." Rutee turned." Watch your mouth, Loni, or I'll make sure no breakfast for you tomorrow. By the way, what are you going to tell me while ago?" Kyle prayed. Hope Loni can get Mom's approval…

"I want to bring Kyle with me to Laguna Ruins tomorrow…if you agreed, of course." Rutee finished with the last plate." What did you say?" Her eyes narrowed. "Please, mom, it's the first step for me to become a hero!"

"Go up and sleep. I will consider for it tonight."

A/N: Aww, so short, it's out from my writer's block and I lacked idea for another story I am currently writing. Hope you like it!"