nightelf37: This here is a mini-series I've decided to work on. I'm not sure if you might like it, but it may fill some plot holes in my story. Hope you like it.

Rael: We'll start with Cid and how he stopped swearing. If he seems OOC, I'm sorry. I haven't played Final Fantasy VII -Dirge of Cerebus-.

Escape From The Heartless: Case of Cid

The Shera was cruising in the skies of The Planet. Inside the ship were WRO operatives. One of them, the pilot, was Cid Highwind.

Recently, he has found another oil deposit for fueling his airship. You see, his former vessel, the Highwind, ran on Mako (A/N:The analogy here to explain this is that Mako is to Lifestream as water is to river). After what he, Cloud, and the others have done three years ago, he had to use an alternative source, which is oil. Thus, the Shera was made.

Just then, there was a blip on the radar.

"Dammit.", Cid swore under his breath. "What is it this time?"

The radar was detecting an unknown creature. Something the Shera's computer has not verified. Then again, the Shera had crashed during the Battle of Midgar. Its bestiary archives must have been damaged.


The alarm sounded and immediately, Cid put the vessel on autopilot and ordered the operatives below deck, "Get your asses of your chairs and your weapons on the ready. We got intruders in the goddamn vessel."

"Affirmative, Captain Cid!", the operatives chorused.

"You're piloting this ship, thus your title is Captain.", muttered one of the crewmen (who happened to be one of the original crew of the Highwind) to Cid's ear.

"I know what Captain means!", said Cid as he pulled out his spear from underneath the wheel and ran into the hallways, ready to assist in the fighting, the 'post-Highwind' crewman following equipped with the standard-issue service pistol.


A minute later, Cid (alone now) was still traveling the halls and still nothing in sight. Just then, he saw something; a large black ant of sorts. This 'ant' turned to Cid and lunged at him, only to be skewered in return.

"Piece of cake.", Cid scoffed. Then he wished he didn't say that because more of these 'ants' appeared all around him. While he was able to fend them off, he saw his comrades fall and BECOME the very foes they were trying to stop.

"Crud!", swore Cid, seeing how futile resistance was. "I gotta get outta here."

Before he could do that, a short humanoid with black skin, wearing an aviator's hat, and 'bat wings' pounced on Cid's back and pulled on his jacket, in an attempt to pull him in. Rather than let that happen, Cid ditched the piece of clothing, sending the black thing backwards from sudden loss of resistance. He went stright to the ship's secret dinghy, which only he knows about. Upon entering it, he promptly ejects it and was sent into the air. From the dinghy's cameras, he saw the Shera crash onto the ground.

"Too bad about the ship.", he thought to himself. "She was the finest I ever had."

Suddenly, a white portal appeared inside the dinghy and from it emerged the upper half of a 'monk' (his other half was on the other end).

"This way!", he was saying. "Hurry!"

"Who in Minerva's name are you?!", Cid asked in return.

"Who I am is not important!", the monk insisted. "What's important is you have to come with me immediately!"

"Why the hell should I?!"

"This world is about to fall into darkness! Come with me if you want to live!"

"Fall into darkness?!", Cid asked, surprised.

"There's no time to explain! You must come with me!"

"What about my friends?!", Cid protested, worried.

"Don't worry. I've got friends doing the same thing as I am for you."

"And that is…?"

"To get you out of here, of course!"

Cid thought about it for a second, then he said, "To hell with it!"

He took the monk's hand and went through the portal. On the other end, he saw that he was transported into a 'monastery', where numerous monks like the one who rescued him dwelled.

"Welcome to the Monastery of Tranquility.", one of the monks greeted.

"Wow.", Cid said in awe. "This is a damn nice place."

Suddenly, he was whacked on the head by a staff, which left him with a bump on his head.

"Hey! Who did that?!"

"Apologies.", said another monk. "But swear words are forbiden in this realm in punishment of severe beating. But since this is your first time here, we will let it pass."

A third monk came over to Cid—and removed his cigarette.

"Smoking is not allowed here either.", he said. "But in case you can't resist the urge of having something on your mouth, here's a toothpick."

The monk pulled out a toothpick and put that in Cid's mouth.

"Now, let's get you fixed up."


A few weeks later, Cid had been 'cured' of his profanity and smoking.

It was a fine day at the monastery. The birds on the trees chirped cherfully. The butterlies fluttered in the surrounding flower fields. Cid was playing chess with one of the monks, who all look annoyingly identical.

"Sigh…", Cid muttered.

"What's wrong, Cid?", asked his monk opponent.

"It just I miss Cloud and the others."

"Don't worry. They're safe in monasteries like this one."

"Speaking of which, where is this monastery?"

Before the monk could answer, there was a rumble. Then, all over the place, black wormholes were opening up. Black beings similar to the ones emerged from the holes and started to attack. In an instant, the monks (at least every monk within sight of Cid) pulled off their robes to reveal, underneath, uniforms of all sorts, ranging from Wutai armor to Deepground uniform and much more. Each of these monks pulled out all sorts of weapons. As Cid pulled ot his spear as well, both sides began to fight.

For a while, the monks (and Cid) had the upper hand, but eventually, the black ones were winning as their forces kept coming.

A monk closest to Cid opened up a portal, similar to the one that brought Cid to this place in the first place.

"Go! Now!", the monk ordered Cid.

"What about you?"

"Don't worry about us; we'll evacuate as well soon."

"All right. I'm counting on it."

Cid then made a jump through the portal, and unlike last time, he ended up in a 'tunnel' of time and space. He spun there for a while before he ended up in a cetain town. Unfortunately, he hit his head upon landing, fortunately not hard enough to kill him, but enough to render him unconsious.

He was now in Traverse Town, and lying alongside him were Squall (from 'World of Hyne'; I made up the name based on the Great Hyne, from Final Fantasy VIII), Aerith (I'll explain in the next chapter how she gets here), and Yuffie. Just then, someone came over to the four. He wore a uniform similar to those of an army soldier, but with brighter colors. Also he had a badge of some kind. It had an open book colored in blue and white, with an orange background (A/N: This is the insignia of the Story Crew, a team I, nightelf37, wi'll use to fill in plot holes and such).

The 'operative''s phone rang, and he answered it.

"You know what to do, agent.", his caller said.

"Understood, sir.", the agent answered. "Modify their memories, so they can assist the new Keyblade Master."

"Good you understand. Over and out."

The agent put away his phone, placed a spherical device near the four heads, and made a run for it. The sphere spewed out a gas of sorts, which entered the head of the four who were on the ground, then it selfdestructed, leaving nothing.