10 Reasons to Why I Think Uchiha Sasuke Needs to be Hit in the Crotch

Written by Haruno Sakura, or the IAG (Incredibly Awesome Girl)


I mean, seriously. What kind of guy can be so arrogant yet so anti-social at the same time?


I think he doesn't enjoy them. He-llo, take one, pretty boy! Otherwise people will think you're gay. Or, if you are, borrow them to fellow loners.


I have no need for that.

Pick-up Lines

Seriously, 'What time do your legs open'? God.


Uzumaki Naruto – Idiot

Hyuuga Neji – Fellow Loner and Fate Believer

Nara Shikamaru – Lazy-ass and Cloud Lover

Inuzuka Kiba – Dog Breath.

Yet somehow all of my friends seem to have a crush for one of them.


'Hn' or 'Aa' is the ultimate Uchihan language. It is oh-so-sexy… not.

Brother & Friends

Uchiha Itachi – Bastard

Akasuna no Sasori – Barbie Doll Lover

Deidara – Girly Boy

Hoshigaki Kisame – Fish Stick (I mean, who the heck is blue?)

Pein – Oh-Fearless-Leader

Zetsu (white and black) – Freak of Nature

Tobi – Sugar High

Hidan and Kakuzu – Zombie Twins

Konan – Only one Sane


No enemies. I mean, who doesn't have an enemy? The kid's a freak, I tell you.


Officer Uchiha Fugaku. I met him. Ice cube.


Did I mention he is ARROGANT? Oh yeah… I did.

His Fanboy-ish attitude!!!

One word: Stalker.

At least he doesn't stalk me to the bathroom.