the buzzing was clearly to loud to be anything good, I rubbed the sleep from my face and rolled over and hit the off button to the continuous noise and laid there thinking that one day I'll wake content and it will be where I feel so comfortable that I sleep through the buzzing, infact there will be no buzzing just bliss perfect bliss, of course my thoughts of bliss would be interrupted with more buzzing but this time I was aware it was my phone, I reached it out and flipped it open,

b, don't forget you need a job asap and just so you know, tattoo shop on La brea avenue west LA are hiring, get your ass there hussy!
love al.

I couldn't even stop the laughter that came from my throat, there was no doubt that the first morning I wake in LA I get a reminder from Alice to get my work out there, I stretched out and felt my bones click back into place from the night before and my muscles recoil, I rolled off the bed, groaning at the feeling that hit my head when sunlight came through the window, what a little ray of sunshine I am.


I stepped out of the shower to blow dry my hair, Al keeps reminding me ever since I got here exactly 27 hours and 36…wait no, 37 minutes ago that I should cut my hair a little, I refuse to it's nearly at my hips and that alone is a victory maybe even a little happy dance will be in order when I reach there, I could have a party with cake and all.

blah of course I keep getting stuck in my head, once my hair was dry, I put on some light foundation with powder to match, a little bronzer, some liquid eye liner on my eye lids with my unique dot below my left eye, I coated my lips with my killer MAC "lady danger" lipstick, typical I picked that one, I walked over to my suit case and pulled out my white lace Alice in the eve dress, black tights with zips on the heel, silk bow flats and a leather jacket, I look up to the mirror and chuckled, I always seem to look like I'm heading to a tea party which is quite the opposite if you saw me, from head to toe I'm ink and metal, and I don't know how I would deal any other way.

I scrolled for the address Alice gave me in my phone, I grabbed my black studded Alexander Wang bag from the counter and headed out the door, it wasn't a far walk. I knew the way once I asked the various locals, way to make it obvious how much of a newby I am, I had a map and all but it's okay, it's on my phone so I can conceal the inner geek in me.

I entered the tattoo shop and took a look around, it was everything you could possibly want an so much more, the walls were covered of art from different eras, the furniture was clearly from a different time and the light boxes seemed to even shine so much brighter here, I knew as soon as I saw it, I was meant to work here, I was meant to sketch, feel and shade pieces on clients skin here, I knew which station I wanted before I even took another step, third one to the left.

the inner geek and inner child in me were having a raging war over to how to react, clearly If I were at home, there would be some Madonna on right now as I ran on the spot, but the more suitable, public me headed to the counter and smiled to the dark blonde shaggy hair boy in front of me whose blue gray eyes widened as he took my form in, I guess the apparent tea party I dressed for this morning was making him more confused then anything, he quickly changed his expression from shock to wonder as I scanned his features he seemed even more gorgeous then I thought he originally was.

"hey…welcome to high voltage how can I help you? You have an appointment…"
his voice grew high at the end and I stood in silence, well actually in awe at the fact he just asked if I wanted anything done, I honestly didn't know if there was any room left
"…are you a walk in?" another question he asked, I guess the time had past and it had been a few minutes.

"No.." I smiled "I'm wondering about that sign out front the one with the electric bolt and the nifty little old English script font size three, two toned sketching and I was just coming in here to say I'm your man well your women…well not YOUR women but um…" I was nervous as hell and was looking down and pulling at the ends of my leather jacket.

I heard chuckling behind me and spun around to come face to face with well perfection. His skin was like marble, completely flawless, his eyes topaz but clearly held more emotion then I would ever be capable of feeling, his hair was a cross between bronze and auburn and completely dishevelled and without sounding seriously stalkerish I wanted to run my hands through those locks more then my life depended on it, I tore my gaze away from his face to his arms that were exposed in all there ink glory, various patterns tracing every inch of his arms until the tips of his fingers, he had slight muscle definition but not too much that would change the path of his work with bulging of muscles, it wasn't too much like the rest of him cause honestly he made my heart skip a beat and I swear I was blushing which was embarrassing as all hell, he was taller then me, a fair bit taller, I nearly came right there if it wasn't for the throat clear coming from blonde boys direction, I whirled around and plastered on a small smile

"so your wondering about the job? Well I'm jasper and ahh well that's Edward" he said watching me for some sort of reaction that he was hoping to get out of me.

"Y-yeah hey yeah I'm Bella it's nice to meet you both" I smiled and I turned back around to Edward to greet him as well but he was gone so I just faced jasper again waiting for something more.

"did you bring a folio of your pieces? Just so we know if you're the shit or not" his lip curled up into a smirk as his playful eyes traced over my body

"oh fuck yeah here" I said passing him the folder and shaking my head at the fact that today I seemed to be a complete air head to everything around me

"thanks, so I'll get you to write down your contact details just on this piece of paper and we'll be in contact soon, and hopefully get you set up if you're the man as you say for the position" I cocky smirk spread across his face and I had to resist from rolling my eyes at his attempt to make me embarrassed, I grabbed the paper and quickly wrote down my number and name, I handed it back and looked up at him.
"so have you gotten many others interested in the position?" I asked him hesitantly I fucking hate competition but at the same time I love it for all it's worth

"yeah yeah yeah of course, about 5 guys have come in so far today" he said standing up from his seat and walking around to where I am, I felt like this was his way of saying "goodbye thanks for the joke" so I looked him straight in the eye and told him off the bat what I thought

"I know what your thinking, that I'm just daddy's little girl, being rebellious and is putting war paint on herself to get attention from whoever I can, but I'm not I'm serious about this, I know this is a heavily male dominated profession but I'm sure as fuck better then half the artists out there, no one does portraits the way I do, no one get make colour look as realistic as I can, I've already done this for years and I'm not even nineteen I want nothing more out of life but to put everything important onto someone's skin before they die, I want everyone to be there own personal canvas and your little smirks and judgemental bullshit isn't going to send me packing home to change into hairdressing school or some girly ass bullshit, I sure as hell hold a tattoo gun with a better grip then you have when your wrapping your hand around yourself whilst watching girls gone wild on lonely Friday nights, this place is mad and I know I can make it even better so if your just keeping my folio for shits and giggles then I want it back because the works so good in there that I can make the Mona Lisa melt" I spat out as I felt my eyes narrow and myself stare daggers into jasper as his face was pure shock

"you're hired…" I heard a velvet voice say from behind me and I knew it was Adonis himself who had come back into the room just as I spat out my Rosie the riveter speech.