Ah, Christmas, my favorite holiday. As great as receiving gifts an be, giving them is better, especially when you're giving a feisty red head one of the best orgasms she's ever had.

Too bad that was only a dream.

The lab had several Styrofoam cups on the break room table filled to the top with hot chocolate and sprinkled with delectable marshmallows. Heaven knows why we would need hot liquid in hundred and five degree weather, but when people get in the spirit they litter the work place with their ideas of joy. Every year, we always get some kind of socking stuffer placed in our locker or like what we have this year, hot chocolate over talk about dead bodies. Nothing wrong with that, right?

"Man," Nick disapprovingly started at the sight of the seaming cups. "I hate Christmas nuts."

"Why would you say such a thing," I asked with a laugh as I furrowed my brows.

"You ever hear of the 'Moving Mistletoe'?"

I shook my head.

"Someone put up a mistletoe and decided it'd be fun to keep hanging the location. The ever-annoying Hodges stopped Greg and me in the doorway over in trace… He said to look up and there was the mistletoe."

'So…you kissed…Greg?"

Nick grumbled before waving a dismissive hand over his shoulder at me as he moved toward the hot coca. I smiled and thought maybe this Christmas mischief wasn't a bad way to spend the night before Christmas Eve. Within three hours it would be the twenty-fourth anyway, so anything goes in my opinion.


When I walked past DNA, I saw Sofia and Wendy in the doorway, hesitantly leaning toward each other. For a second, I stopped dead in my tracks, which happened to be in the middle of the hallway.

My breath caught.

They actually kissed!

I couldn't believe for a single, solitary second those two had locked lips. Never had I pegged with one to make a move. One, because I thought Wendy and Hodges would figure out a way to date and two, because Sofia…well, okay, there was really only one reason I never saw the kiss coming.

"The 'Moving Mistletoe' has claimed two more victims," Wendy giggled. It seemed almost flirtatious. Sure enough though, when I looked above them, I saw the mistletoe, but whoever the culprit was for placing the mistletoe there was nowhere in sight.

And then I noticed Sofia's hands hadn't left the lab tech's waist.


At random, not twenty minutes after the Wendy and Sofia incident, I walked past yet another doorway with two people standing uncomfortably under nothing other than the infamous "Moving Mistletoe".

"Hey, Nick," I called out. "How many people are you gonna kiss today?"

"Ha, ha, very funny, Sara. It's not my fault," he pointed above himself.

I looked to the right at the person he was about to kiss and smiled.

"Hi, Mandy."

"H-hi, Sara," she shyly greeted with a blooming blush. I wanted to tease her about the awkward moment, but thought better of it considering if I were her I would despise the person that pointed and laughed.

"You're 'secret' is safe with me," I half laughed as I motioned a scout's honor.

Mandy then snapped her head to face Nick and quickly planted one on him with fleeting courage. Nick was stunned into a haze through her bold act and even after her lips left his, did he still blink back thick, newly formed cobwebs.

That's when I heard the unmistakable giggle of my favorite CSI. I turned left and right in search for her and grinned like Tom from Tom and Jerry when I caught a glimpse of light red, almost strawberry blonde, hair flowing and bobbing around the corner. I sprinted after her and it lead me deep inside the locker room. She had disappeared behind one of the several showers and I needed to find out which one.

"Catherine," I called out to the seemingly empty room. "I know you're in here and I know you're the one behind all this kissing. Why don't come on out?"

I didn't exactly understand why it was a game, but I supposed Catherine was hiding from me to keep me guessing about whom the Christmas Lover of the lab was. Since she tried so hard not to get caught red handed she probably didn't want the fun and secrecy to end.

Suddenly, I heard a curtain ruffle toward the end of the line of showers. I took a deep breath and smiled before slowly approaching the last shower. I extended my hand almost in hopes it would touch hers and ripped back the flimsy shower cover.

There, in the corner, sat a grinning, radiant female that knew how to turn heads since her birth. She was curled up, knees to chest, her wrists relaxed and resting on the hills her knees formed.

"Hi," she flirtatiously greeted in the sultry tone that made me hot under the skin.

"Hi," I furrowed my brows with a light laugh. "What are you doing down there?"

"Waiting," she grinned.

"For me?"

"Uh huh," she held her grin. Oh, how cute she is when she grins like that, biting her bottom lip, a wild glint in her eyes.

"And…why is that," I flashed her an inquisitive look as I deliberately inched closer, still standing.

Catherine got to her feet with a smirk and stepped up to me like a predator, causing me to step back. When she stopped, I cocked my head to the side and raised an eyebrow. She victoriously looked up above my head. That made me curious.

I titled back my head and grinned at the red and green sight above me. Five mistletoe's were tapped to the top of the curtain rod.

"Catherine, Catherine, Catherine," I helf my grin while my eyes remained trained on the devices for a couple more seconds. When myy attention returned to her, she charged at me with lst in her eyes and a menacing mouth.

She jumped into my arms and gripped my hips wth her muscular thighs, tone to perfection. One of her hands clamped arouns one of her wrists behind my neck, forcing me to support her with my hands on her hips. Even though we were both completely clothed, I could feel her heat against my lower stomach.

She crashed her lips onto mine and passionately joined them for several seconds before finally pulling away, but she kept her legs around me.

"You get four more kisses," she smiled and briefly chewed her bottom lip. "Where do you want them?"

I raised an eyebrow.

"I can have them anywhere? No questions asked."

"Uh huh," she smiled curtly nodded.

I bit my bottom lip and sized her up. I moved my hands form her hips around to her backside, and pulled her further into me as an indicator I wanted her on her own feet. She understood my action and slid her calves down to the backs of my knees in a flowing descent to planting her feet on the floor.

"Um," I tried hard to think of places to order her lips. "Here."

I pointed to the crook of my neck and stuck it out in a way to expose more skin. She smiled and lustfully re-invaded my personal space, at first only brushing her lips over the selected area then darting her tongue out while she sucked the heated flesh. She stepped away and licked her lips with passion in her dilated eyes.

"Where else," she breathlessly asked.

I thought about it. How cool was it to have Catherine "Sex Kitten" Willows ask me where I wanted her? I had to spend more time with her.

"Hmm…how about…right here," I pointed to my navel through my thin shirt.

Catherine stared at my stomach for a few beats before she locked eyes with me and smirked. "Of course."

Again, she closed the space between us, her lips inches from mine, until she shot down into a crouching position. She used her fingertips to deliberately push up the fabric of my shirt, which sent shivers down my spine and gave me goose bumps, then brought her lips to my belly button.

My entire body convulsed, a jolt of anxiousness, and I gulped with anticipation.

"You aren't nervous, are you," she smugly asked.

"N-no." Damn. I couldn't lie to her; never have I been able to lie to her.

She chuckled under her breath, which hit my fair skin and within the next two seconds, I felt her lips touch the outer surface of my navel. Her tongue delved into it and I whimpered with fluttering eyes.

"Mm," she moaned through the kiss. When she broke away, she stayed in a crouching position, but looked up into my eyes. "Where do you want me now?"

"Do they have to be actual kisses or could they be technical kisses?"

"I can work with technical," she sexily grinned.

I noticeably shivered and she lightly laughed.

"Lick up to my breasts and give each one a kiss," I tried not to waver in my request. I barely managed a passing grade on that self-assignment.

She throatily laughed and nodded before agreeing in her powerful, sultry tone.


She lifted my shirt up far enough to expose my bra-encased mounds and began her ascension. Her saliva stuck to my skin and cooled when her tongue wasn't pressed to that specific area. Her hands played with the sides of my breasts underneath the cover of lace in circular patterns with a feather like touch. Her mouth reached its final destination and she gave me so much more than a peck.

Her fingers pulled down my bra without even working on the straps first, but there was no need with Catherine. Her fingers had enough force for the straps to pop off my shoulders and slip down my biceps. She flipped the top half of my bra down so she could see my easily hardening nipples for what they were worth to her. What she did next, I wasn't expecting, but then again, her half freeing my breast from their chamber wasn't what I had pictured either.

She coiled her mouth around one nipple and sucked on it for a good thirty seconds, her mouth briefly letting it go in between only to assault it yet again. Then, she gave it three quick licks with a split second of hesitation in between.

By this point, my breathing was already shallow and I could swear the way my nipples were erected they were weapons in themselves. But she was only halfway through her pleasure giving. She alternated breasts and repeated her actions. The attention she gave me made me feel so special, I nearly climaxed right then and there.

"Three down, two to go," she grinned as she caught her breath when she tore her lips from my body.

"My thighs," I breathlessly commanded. "Kiss and nibble my thighs."

"You dirty girl," she smirked with the Devil's desire, pure in evil ways.

"Only when I think of you."

She throatily giggled then undid my belt, whipped it out from the belt loops that once contained it, and ripped my pants open and down to my ankles. I didn't mind the force, but it took me by surprise considering Catherine had only done things slowly so far. No matter, she was getting down to business and I didn't mind as long as she had my moaning.

"Sorry," she innocently started. "I would've taken my time, but…you're making me desperate."

I moaned and closed my eyes as I felt her lower herself once again, this time closer to where I started needed her most ever since she told me I was going to be showered with all these kisses. Her tongue shied its way out to meet my skin and I felt a rapid, little dab. She continued to do that in manner that made me feel as though she was dumping pepper on my inner thigh. I couldn't help one of my hands finding her hair and pushing her into my thigh to the point I thought maybe she wouldn't be able to breath.

When she allowed her teeth to capture some skin, though, I knew she was okay down there. The light bites she gave me in the range of my knee to the furthest point of my upper thigh, I felt like someone who was taking a morphine drip in the hospital. She then permitted her tongue to dance between her pearly whites and moisten my skin to the nth degree, which proved the undoubtedly amazing way she had with her tongue, whether it was defending herself or slinging harsh comments during a heated argument. She never ceased to amaze me with her skills.

She focused on my other thigh and yet again repeated her actions. Several long, overdue moans later, when I was starting to pant at the intensity of it all, she silently posed her question from on her knees.

I wouldn't dare vocally answer Catherine with what I was about to demand she kiss so I tangled my hand in her hair and, with my eyes, expressed I wasn't going to force anything on her while I lowered my panties. She seemed to understand this because she meekly nodded and smiled before I directed her to my most private area.

She didn't hesitate this time and immediately I felt her tongue run along the inside of my folds and ending at my clit. There, she sucked the bundle of nerves. My legs uncontrollably shook and I felt weak in the knees, but I fought falling by tightening my grip on her hair. That's when I felt the vibrations of her moan where I'm most sensitive.

"Oh God," I breathlessly rasped.

"Mm hm," she purred as she gave a quick lick to my clit before giving it a chaste kiss.

When she slowly came face to face with me, on her feet, she licked her lips as I had stained them with my juices.

"You're incredibly wet, Sidle," she teased in her sexy tone of authority. "And that makes five."

I panted a little while more before I caught my breath. As I gulped, she winked and turned on her heels toward the door of the locker room you couldn't see from where we were.

"Hey, um, just so we're clear," I nervously started. "You're the one in charge of the 'Moving Mistletoe'?"

She raised her index finger to her mouth with a giggle and said, "Shh."

I grinned after a quick moment and asked, "What's in it for me if I keep it a secret?"

She smiled. "I knew there was a reason I wanted to kiss you on your terms so much."

I waited for my answer, but what I got was passionate kiss on the lips, tongue included, and a whispered promise I could take her to bed on Christmas Eve, though we would be somewhat under the tree so I could properly receive my gift.

Now that, was the one thing I had put on the top of my list since I first met her and the only thing I would ever want to get out of bed for once I had gotten it.

Hope it wasn't as bad as I fear. If you want to find out what happens under the tree, let me know in a review! :)