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MERRY CHRISTMAS! I hope all the presents YOU asked for are under the tree today. ;)

As I walked up her driveway, my body literally shook with excitement. I was nervous as much as I was anxious though, because I had no idea how his would turn out. I had only ever been with Catherine in y deepest reams and fantasies so plenty of questions were rushing through my head like Christmas shoppers shopping two days before Christmas.

I took a deep breath and shoved my hands in my pockets.

The door was thrown open and Catherine poked her head out. "Sara! What are you doing out there?" Come inside."

Her smile shot heat throughout my body, something that occurred ore than once that day. I smiled back and scurried to the front door. I stepped inside, my hands now awkwardly out of their pockets, and I shut the door, searching for Catherine. I furrowed my brows at the fact she had appeared to have disappeared.

"Catherine? Where'd you go," I couldn't help but let a small laugh escape as I questioned the quiet house.

"Here," she purred as she stepped out from the bathroom in what I could only describe as Sexy Wonderland.

She sashayed in a skimpy, perfectly revealing garment that had me at a loss for words, her eyes sparkling with desire and staring directly at me.

"Are you ready for your git?"

"Only if I can unwrap it myself."

"Mm," she relished in the thought. "I can't wait."

I sighed with arousal. "Are you trying to kill me?"

"Why do you ask," she grinned.

"You're so damn hot that I fear you'll give me a heart attack!"

She giggled. Her giggle was the cutest thing I'd ever heard. I had to be closer. I had to touch her.

I broke into her personal space and trapped her in my arms. She bit her bottom lip and closed what little space there was between us and almost timidly leaned in to chastely kiss me.

"Well...let's hope you give me my present before that actually happens," she joked with a creamy, lustful tone.

"I wouldn't have it any other way," I joked back in a raspy, low tone. "So...when can we do this exchange?"

She grinned. "Right...now."

Between her words, she pushed my back toward the tree and it was my turn to ite my bottom lip. Thew expression on her face made my knees wobble and before I knew it, I was on my back on he carpet surrounding the front of the festively lit Christmas tree. I had no objections.

"You've kissed me nearly everywhere. What more could you do to me?"

She throatily giggled and walked two fingers up my right breast, bit er bottom lip, straddled me, let go of her bottom lip, slowly started rocking against me, and lowered her lips to where her fingers once traveled.

"There's so much I've never even told you about. Why don't just lay back and while I show you the best time of your life."

A shiver shot down my spine before I placed my hands on her hips.

"Wait," I held back. "Are you sure about this?"

"What is that supposed to mean," he scrunched her nose and stopped grinding against She wasn't angry, only curious.

"First of all, where's Lindsey?"

"I told my mom to take her so she could hang out with the rest of the family. I also said that I'd be there early in the morning before gifts were opened. So...let me have my way with you?"

That got me to laugh.

"Second of all...you're not going to pretend this never happened once we 'get it out of our system', are you?"

"I haven't thought that far ahead."

I furrowed my brows and attempted to get up, but she forced me back down.

"I meant that I'm not going to pretend we never had sex, but I haven't thought about what that means. I want to see how you make me feel before I decided anything more."

"Oh." I thought about her answer for a moment. "That makes sense to me."

Normally, I wouldn't let sex determine a relationship, but I had a feeling the sex we were about to have was going to make me feel filled to the core.

She grinned and picked up her pace for rocking against me.

"You ready?"

I smiled and nodded before biting my bottom lip. Quickly though, Catherine had me let go of my lip as she mauled me with hers. The only sous heard were those of our mouths connecting and detaching as well as our panting in between and occasional moans.

This was I. This was my childhood dream. This was going to be the best Christmas ever.

To think, all these years, this was the thing I wanted most out of life. Moving to Vegas felt like a mistake the second Grissom told me to investigate one of their own. Tonight, leaving San Francisco had a purpose.

It seemed that in a flash, we were both completely striped and loving every minute of it. She became giggly as I continued to hold off our late night activity by poking at the ornaments she had hanging on the lower branches. I found them interesting and enjoyed the fact there was a tree for my apartment because of all the work to get the tree where I want it, let alone even through my door, only to have to take it down and throw it out a week later. Plus, trees were a lot of maintenance and I just didn't want to waste time on something that would only last so long.

"Sweetie, I thought you said you were ready," she laughed, still on top of me.

"I am, but this tree is gorgeous!"

"Jeez, Sara. You make it sound as if you've never seen one before."

"We didn't have many in my house growing up and I don't even bother with them now so...it's been a while, but I have seen them before."

"Oh, honey," she said in her sympathetic tone before she latched her lips onto mine for several seconds. "You can stare t it later..when I'm done with you."

"No...when I'm one with you. If we're taking turns, it's not fair you're giving and not receiving. That's not in the spirit of Christmas," I smiled.

She throatily laughed before she maneuvered her tongue deep into my mouth. For the third time tonight Catherine picked up her pace again and had me begging for her inside em within seconds.

"I need our hands all over me," I rasped out in a half moan. In my head, I requested her to fondle me in a sexy way. In reality, it was a plea.

I soon felt her hands, nevertheless, roaming with a purpose up the sides of my stomach, over my breasts, back down my breasts, down the front of my body, across my waistline, over the top of my thighs, up the inside of my thighs, and finally, her thumbs rubbing up the insides of my folds and moving in an alternating, circular pattern when they reached the bundle of nerves.

Everything I said for the following ten minutes were all incoherent compliments I'm sure Catherine already understood from my moans, bucking hips, repeatedly bitten lips, and the fact that I kept clutching whatever portion of exposed skin I could get my spastic hands on. My fingernails surely sank into her hips, her thighs, and her ribs.

Already I saw stars and all we were doing was feeling each other up. From that much, I could tell the rest of the evening was only going o get even more intense. I seriously hoped I would survive.

Her thumbs slipped away from the nerves and she gave three licks. Long, short, long respectively. I could no longer contain myself and expelled more juice, making it even easier for her to pump in and out of me.

Her breath came in even pants and hit my chest. Her lips hovered a hardened nipple and I continued to open and slam shut my eyes in a serious attempt to hold out for the extremely incredible things I knew were to come.

She took her time flicking her tongue over the rosy buds and sucking the sensitive areas while I, of course, continued to grunt and groan. The pleasure she gave me was so immense I had a feeling she really was going to be the death of me. Heart attacks weren't unheard of when having sex so I definitely was on the lookout for any of the signs. Too bad that wasn't my first priority.

"In case you were wondering," Catherine started between kissing down my stomach. "Your gift comes with two parts. First, I get to unwrap you and have my fun, which puts a smile on your face like an other gift would. Second, you get to unwrap me and give me what I need."

She grinned and again I felt the warmth between my legs.

"Mm, I love it when I make that happen," she again bit her bottom lip.

I felt as though I had nothing left for the real deal, but I figured Catherine knew her way with people so it wouldn't be an issue.

It didn't take me long to figure that out.

She had a hand pressed down on my soft spot and I emitted a turned on growl. I sucked in a lot of air and voiced my desire.

"Do it now."

Catherine smiled and said, "I'm glad I wore you down."

She slipped two fingers inside me to start with and instantly my hips bucked and my thighs lived through a short seizure. She giggled and plopped her fingers out then in again. Our breathing and the sloppy sound of her fingers entering and reentering are the only things heard. I'm in heaven.

After timeless pleasure prodding, I hit my peak and loudly groaned out her name. I came all over her hand and shivered to come back down from the high she gave me within the proceeding five to ten minutes. I was completely blissed out on her love and soon I hoped I would make her feel the same.

Showing resilience, I flipped her over onto her back and began to tease her. I placed my dripping core on her stomach as she fed me her coated fingers and I licked them clean of what was left. She had tasted most of it herself, so I took whatever I got and grinned as I thought to gently rake my fingernails over the soft, delicate skin of her sides.

She throatily chuckled in the lowest tone I'd ever hear her manage to use as she bit her lip and arched her back to fully feel my tantalizing touch. I purposely slid around on her stomach to cover her in me before I swiped down to be at her breasts and followed her lead by doing everything she had done to me earlier. The only difference was when I got to her stomach. I took my time.

I deliberately licked up, down, and across her ribs, down to her essence of Sara covered navel and licked and nibbled hearts slightly below her waistline.

"More," she moaned over a stretch of three Mississippi's.

I smiled and went lower, using my tongue the entire way down through her folds. Once I got to her opening, I thought it would be fun to loop around it. I permitted my tongue to dip in only slightly every full fourth circle and it took a while to get to that fourth one. She was in pain the way I tortured her with my proximity, but I had no intention of stopping there.

I rubbed her breasts and twiddled with her rock solid nipples as I put my tongue to her bundle of nerves. I wiggle it up and down using only the tip of my tongue and it drives her wild.

She clenched her fists around the surrounding carpet and moaned in a broken manner. Each time she moaned because of the wiggling, she stopped midway through her moan to either take a small breath or to only manage the moan as a whisper. Her voice was failing her at that point and I loved it even more than when she had me going.

"How does this make you feel," I asked before I pulled my mouth away from her center, though not before I gave her clit a chaste kiss.

"Mm, so good," she hardly spoke above a whisper.

"Thanks," I lowly stated with a wild grin.

I moved my fingers toward her opening and gingerly twirled her tiny, orange, almost red, curls on my way down. Her toes curled and her knees bent as she lifted her legs with impatience. I knew I was going to love what came next.

I decided to go with three fingers to start with and allowed them to roughly penetrate her at a bit of an angle. She somewhat yelled, but I knew it was only because I surprised her with such a bold move. I knew I never looked like the edgy type. Always quiet, loves books, soft, pianist hands. You'd never expect that type to be so aggressive.

I would never hurt her granted, but I did find punching through her fortress at different angles almost every other time my fingers headed back inside would be like an adventure. I would've stopped in a heart beat if she had asked, too. That question never came, but Catherine certainly did.

She stumbled over into the side of a heated high were there was nothing but sky and the sweet smell of passion floating around you on a homemade cloud in some random sector of the sky. I loved that place more than anything, but in truth, that night had been my first time seeing it as well as feeling it.

I had a bit of an imagination that could really take me places, so I always managed to see stars when someone managed to take me through my climax. The only problem was, everything I saw was completely artificial. But not this time. This time, everything had changed and everything was natural. The touch, the taste, the sound, even the fact that Catherine was the one on top of me, now the one under me, and the fact that I should be waking up to her beautiful face every damn morning.

All of that was real.

At the sound of my name being choked out of my love, I came back down and realized how we had managed to cum together. Then I laughed at my own joke even though I knew I was the only one who had heard it.

When Catherine came back around and had herself fairly grounded, she noticed the smile on my face and the laugh I carried because of the inside joke with myself.

"What is it?"

"I thought of something that made me laugh."

"Do I get to hear it?"

"It's lame, but yeah, I'll tell you." I took a deep breath that forced my laughter to subside and explained. "I was just thinking about how great this was and then I realized how we came together. If you take that figuratively, you can also look down and see that it's literal too."

She cracked a smile to match mine.

"You were right. That is lame...but that's why I love you."

Everything became blurry and I could've sworn the room started spinning as I felt myself start to hyperventilate.

"You-you love me?"

Her smile quickly faded and she tried to push me off of her. I assumed it was to get as far away from me as possible because I couldn't possibly feel the same about her. So instead of her getting away from me, I pushed her back down as she had once before that same night. I smiled and wore my heart on my sleeve as she had also done.

"Don't worry...I've loved you even before tonight."

Her smile reappeared before she grabbed my arms and yanked me flat on top of her until our lips connected.

When we separated, both of us were breathless with dangerously sharp eyes dilated from all of our fun and spunky hair. Hair with attitude.

We smiled at one another before I took my forefinger and traced a large heart over her collarbone, chest, and lower ribs. I then chastely kissed the center of it and spoke once again.

"Merry Christmas, my love."

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