AN: So this is a little different story than what I've written before. It's really dark and deal with murders. Even some angst and cutting will be thrown into here. I got inspired when i saw this movie 'Message Deleted' (I think that's the name) and I've always been interested in crime shows, like 'Criminal Minds'.

Originally, I wanted to wait to post this untill 'Scarred' was done but there are many more chapters to that story and once I started writing this, I couldn't stop. I wanted to see were this was going and as I started to write, I thought I hade the whole story planned out but now everything has changed and it's thrilling.

Little facts about the story:

As a 23 year old college student, Bella lives a relatively normal life. Her father works for the FBI, along with one of her closest friends, Edward. Who she also happens to be seeing secretly. A serial killer is on the loose, killing people at random. As there seems to be no lead, Bella might give the FBI a hand.

I know it is a weird summary but if saw the story as I see it, you would have some trouble too. I'm going to try to get the first" chapter started today. I'm very into this story at the moment so hopefully, it wont be long before it actually starts.


She let out another scream from the top of her lunges. But it was hoarse now. I smiled at that. She was getting tired.

"Please," she pleaded again, for the hundredth time. It was pathetic how low she could sink. She should know by now that I wasn't going to let her leave. I heard her sniffing start up again and I rolled my eyes whilst sitting still in my chair.

"I just want to go home." This I had a hard time understanding. Why would she say that? Is it genuine or maybe it's just something you say because you long for the childhood home of security?

She was getting quieter for ever minute that passed. She must be getting tired. She haven't eaten in two days. That must wear out some people.

Pathetic. Why should she even think about going back to that place? I'm practically giving her a favor. She doesn't deserve to live. Her life is useless to society. Why would she want to continue it?

I got up from my chair and started walking around the room. It must have frightened her. I had been sitting down for over an hour.

"What did I do?" She whimpered pathetically. I stopped walking, turned to her and cocked my head.

What had she done? Was she that clueless? That ignorant about her own life? Wow… I really did make the right choice.

I took a deep breath and ran my hands over my face. I was tired. I hadn't slept in 30 hours. My shoulders ached and I cracked my neck. Ah, that felt good.

I brought out my cell phone and looked at the clock. It was time. It would be foolish to drag it out even longer than I already have. I should get going. It's still late, or really early, depending on how you see it.

I slowly turned towards the girl. Watching how she flinched under my gaze. I wonder how she felt now. Terrified beyond belief? If I were normal, I would be. Locked up in a room with someone who had just kidnapped me and refused to show me the real face.

I always covered up myself in dark clothing. It gave a sense of false hope, in the beginning. Most kidnappers don't reveal their face for fear their victim will identify them later. But there wouldn't be a later for my victims. This was actually the first time I've ever kidnapped anyone. It was easier that I would have thought. A little chloroform on a napkin, cover the mouth and wait until the body goes limp.

I walked towards her. Out of amusement, I had locked her up in a somewhat large dog cage. She was in an awkward position. I suppose I would be too, being stuck in there for two days. The thought made me slightly claustrophobic. Never the less, I couldn't be bothered by that now. I had to make a move.

I turned the light on right above and then bumped my foot against the base of the cage, rattling it and she sat up with a frightened stare. I took out a small key, ultimately opening the lock and then the door. She simply stared at it, like a fool. I started getting impatient when she wouldn't leave the cage. I sat down and reached forward. She whimpered as my hands close in on her arm. I wasn't even holding that hard.

I got her out, without any help from her. Why couldn't she see that I was doing her a favor? There are so many things worse than death. In her case, death will be a blessing to what I could be doing right now.

Ragging her to her feet, she started to cry again. I sighed quietly and impatiently. She stumbled over her own feet but I never stopped walking. We came to a metal staircase which would lead two stories down and to a long and seemingly never-ending hallway.

Then something happened that I – shamefully- did not expect to happen. When I was about to take the first step down the stairs, the girl got out of my grasp and pushed me – quite hard – into the opposite wall. I grunted as I made impact with the cold cement and shifted to the ground. My vision blurred for one second and she took off downstairs.

I hissed in anger and could hear her failed attempt at getting down without falling. I smirked. She wouldn't be going far. I made my way down, one step at a time, dangerously slow. This made them panic. Think I was one step behind, make them run faster, make them trip. The slower I walked, the more I got closer.

She did fall, a lot. Stupid girl, I sneered in my minds. She would pay for what she did. I stopped before I went into the hallway. No doubt, she would now have stopped and turned around, baffled as to why I wasn't running behind her. I started to smile and chose a concealed door at my left.

It took be beyond her and I opened a door quietly. My smile pronounced as I saw that she was indeed watching behind herself. I got out and walked slowly towards her, stopping three feet away. It was like in a bad horror movie. She turned around slowly and screamed as she saw me. She turned on her heal and scurried down a different hall and through a door.

I knew where that one lead. I ran after her this time, eager for things to start happening. Another flight of stairs, both up and down, greeted as and she started going up. I grabbed a hold of her hair and lounged her down. She sniffed and tried to kick me. Bad move. I grabbed her hair again, with mush more force. I dragged her to the edge on the stairs and threw her down like a rag doll.

She cried as she tried to stop her fall with her hands. But it was too later. I heard her head make contact with the metal bar. The snap that followed made me shiver and smile. Her body fell limp on the ground, her eyes open and staring at me. I walked down slowly, needing to be extra sure. Her eyes had dilated and her pulse was gone.

It was over.

AN: I would love to get your opinions. Do you want more gore? I have ten years of watching horror movies under my belt and plus, I'm a huge SAW fan. There will be more POVs from the killer. I assume you have all realized that this is a little weird person. Truly fucked up.