Okay, here's my first Doc and Seven fic, written tonight so it's hot off
the...um...word processor. Be gentle with me :-)

Title: Perspective
Author: Rhiannon
Contact: psyraven...
Rating: PG
Author's Notes: Doc/7 (of course) After 'Virtuoso' life continues on
Voyager, but two people are about to be made to confront their feelings for
each other.
Disclaimer: Paramount owns everything. I own nothing. I just like to play
with them...
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by Rhiannon Owen

The Doctor hummed quietly to himself as he put the finishing touches to his
sketch. It had been so quiet in Sickbay recently that he had taken the
opportunity to improve his drawing skills. It helped to distract him from
the unfortunate incident with the Qomar and kept his mind from his
infatuation with Seven for whole minutes at a time, a vast improvement on
the situation of a few months ago. And, if he did say so himself, he was
getting rather good, he thought, tilting his head to one side to check out
his creation.

It was of Seven, of course. Nearly all his drawings were of the beautiful
ex-Borg. Even when he began with the intention of drawing someone else, his
mind would dwell on some aspect of her that enchanted him, and his fingers
would itch to set down her image on paper. In this particular incarnation,
she wore her hair down, falling in loose waves around her shoulders, as she
had the time they danced. She was looking over one shoulder with a smile as
old as Eve and a come-hither look in her eyes.

Wishful thinking, he thought ruefully. If she ever actually bestowed a look
like that on him, his energy source would probably explode. Still, what harm
could a little fantasy do? It was only between him and his sketchbook, after
all. He stared at the picture for a few more seconds, running one finger
reverently along the curve of her jaw. It was a wonderfully accurate
rendition. He closed the book and let out a heartfelt, if unnecessary, sigh.
Sometimes being so good at everything could be very painful.

As if his thoughts had somehow conjured her forth, Seven chose that moment
to walk into Sickbay. The Doctor started guiltily and thrust the book onto
his desk before turning to her with a determinedly breezy greeting.

"Good afternoon, Seven. What can I do for you on this fine day?" He would
have winced at his own inanity if he hadn't had such good control over his

Seven gave him a faintly curious look before speaking in her customary calm
tones. "I am here for my maintenance check-up. Is this time convenient for

"Certainly," the Doctor replied quickly, grateful to have something to
occupy his errant thoughts. "As you can see, I'm not exactly run off my feet
at the moment."

"That is good. It means that all of the crew are adequately healthy to
perform their duties."

Doc permitted himself a small smile. Trust Seven to put things in terms of
efficiency. "Quite so," he said, picking up the tricorder to begin the

He barely had time to start before being interrupted by a page from

"Torres to the Doctor."

"Go ahead, Lieutenant."

"I'm afraid we have a medical emergency here in the Mess hall."

"Don't tell me. Food poisoning?"

"For a change, no. Probably because it's the chef that's injured. Neelix has
managed to cut himself quite badly but he won't come down to Sickbay
because, and I quote, he's at a delicate point in his soufflé preparation."
Torres' tone indicated quite clearly what she thought of that. "He's getting
pretty agitated, not to mention getting blood all over the kitchen floor.
Could you come check him out?"

"I'll be right there," Doc said. He turned to Seven with an apologetic
smile. "Sorry about this. I shouldn't be too long, though. Do you want to
wait here until I get back?"

Seven considered for a moment before nodding. "That would be acceptable."

The Doctor quickly collected what he needed and headed off for the Mess

Seven of Nine sat quietly on the biobed for several minutes before getting
up to pace around like a caged tiger. She hated inactivity. It was so
inefficient. She was seldom at a loss for what to do with her time but had
recently found that, if she did not have sufficient work to distract her,
her mind had a distressing tendency to wander. The lack of discipline in
such an act infuriated her but she seemed to have no control over this
'daydreaming'. The Doctor would no doubt say it was all a part of becoming
human again.

The Doctor. Seven paused in her pacing. He often featured in her daydreams,
which was hardly surprising since he was the person she was closest to
aboard Voyager, the one she had the most in common with. But her dreams were
not always of just a friend or mentor, especially since he had almost left
Voyager... and her. That incident had made her realise something. Without
the Doctor, she was... lonely. An absurd realisation for one who had been
alone in a way few humans could understand ever since she had been severed
from the Collective. But when she was with the Doctor, she didn't feel that
all-consuming solitude. In a strange way, he had become her Collective.

The feelings she had towards him were not the comforting familiarity of the
hive, however. One moment he could make her feel light-hearted and warm all
over and another he could cause her anger and frustration, even tears. She
did not understand what all these emotions signified, but she was determined
to find out.

She glanced down at the desk by which she had halted. Among the instruments
scattered there, she could see a large paper book. On a ship which used
electronic means of recording information, this in itself was unusual and
Seven gave in to another of her weak human feelings... curiosity. Checking
to make sure she was still alone, she picked up the book and opened it to
the first page, only to come face to face with herself. But this was a Seven
who wore her emotions on her face for all to see. She was lounging on a bed
of some sort, a loving smile on her lips.

Seven flipped quickly through the rest of the book. Apart from the
occasional sketch of Captain Janeway, Neelix or Tom and B'Elanna, every
single drawing was of her. In each one, she was radiant with the glow of
what could only be termed love. Seven was shocked. Was this what the Doctor
saw when he looked at her? Were all her efforts to keep her feelings hidden
behind a mask of cool efficiency wasted?

She looked through the book once more. No, she was sure she had never been
in any of these situations. The Doctor was using his imagination only. But,
if he was imagining such scenes, what did that say about his feelings for
her? Were they just those of a proud teacher or a close friend, or did he
feel something more? This bore closer investigation, Seven decided, setting
the book aside just in time as the Doctor returned to Sickbay.

"Ah, Seven, shall we try again?" he said with a smile that made Seven's
heart beat faster. She needed to get away and evaluate the information she
had obtained in private. She was also not sure she could remain in such
close proximity to the Doctor without giving herself away. He could be very
astute at times.

"I'm afraid I must go, Doctor. I have just remembered a prior claim on my
time. Perhaps we could reschedule this session for later in the week?"

The Doctor nodded, bemused, as Seven left Sickbay at close to warp speed.

To be continued...