This is a very short Furt fluff fic inspired by the snow I've been having. Enjoy! c:


I bent my head to the snow as I headed down the dimly lit street. Once I had gotten used to the huge flakes hurling themselves onto the world, I brought my head up, and smiled. The snow made me very happy. I know it's cheesy as hell, but I've always wanted to be kissed in the snow..

Yeah, I'm a hopeless romantic. Put emphasis on the hopeless. The one I wanted.. the person who's kiss I wanted to share in the snow.. he was a lost cause. I lifted my head up still higher to get more flakes on my face, more slaps of cold realisation that Finn Hudson would never want to make out with me, let alone in the snow. He probably wasn't even out. He was probably at home making out with Quinn. Or Rachel. Either one.

There were times I wished wholeheartedly that I was a girl. Just so I could have a small sliver of a chance. But I'm not a girl. I'm a boy, hopelessly in love with another boy, who would never look my way. I sighed and bent my head again; my face was getting too cold. I huddled against the wind as my lazy walk turned into a fast one. And then a run.

I didn't know what I was running away from, or how long I would do it for. I just ran. Perhaps I was trying to get away from who I was. Perhaps I was just trying to get away from the cold hard fact that the gorgeous Finn was out of reach. Whatever the reason, I just kept running. I didn't care that people were giving me strange looks, or that I even passed by Glee member Mercedes, with whom I had a close friendship. I just had to keep going..

Eventually I crashed into something. I had been looking down at my feet making footprints in the white blanket of snow, and therefore hadn't seen the human shaped lump ahead of me. I looked up, stuttering an apology, until I saw who it was, and it shut me up. I gaped.

"Finn..?" It was him. The one I'd been fantasising about. The one I'd been running away from. Ironically, it turned out he'd been the one I was running to. He stood in front of me, hunched over against the cold, hands in his pockets.

"H-hey Kurt," It was hard to resist letting out a sigh. When he said my name, my world fell apart. "Listen.. I was just coming to find you actually.. I was feeling.. things and I-I.. W-well.."

I had closed my mouth previously in an attempt to be polite, but it just fell open again. Feeling..?

"Yes..?" I looked up at him, hardly daring to believe it.

"I... I'm going to do something now. And, if you're expecting a long lasting relationship, you better stop me.. because I'm not sure if.. if this is..."

"...Real." I answered him in a small voice. He nodded. He leaned in towards me, our faces so close I could feel his labored breathing on my lips. I shivered.

It wasn't because of the cold, though. Very slowly and cautiously, after what seemed like forever, he gave me a little kiss really gently on the lips. Oh, crumbly knees extraordinaire! I didn't trust myself to stay standing upright, so I grabbed his arm. He took the hint and wrapped his arm around my waist. I stayed clinging to that arm, because even though he had me in his grip, I knew I would fall if I let go. Because the world had gone. And it was just us.

He brought his other hand up to my face and held my neck, stroking my hair a little with his fingertips. Even though there was nothing but us, I still managed to feel the soft flakes kiss my skin, as he was kissing my lips. I thought by now he would stop, but he didn't. We just stood there kissing.

Kissing in the snow.