Amy Rose's Farting Problem

By Yoshizilla-Rhedosaurus

Yoshizilla-Rhedosaurus: Well, you all wanted me to make this, so yu all better appreciate it. Enjoy the fanfic!

Disclaimer: Sonic belongs to SEGA. Gee, go figure.

One day nearby Station Square, Amy Rose had a bit too much chili dogs, so she request that Sonic the Hedgehog come over and help her ut with her problem. Coincidentally, Vector the Crocodile was looking for the enclosed instruction book.

"I know I left it here someone..." Vector stated as he searched the entire garage, coming out with nothing but dust covering him.

Sonic the Hedgehog approached Amy, curious as to what may have summoned him. "So, Ames, it seems to got something wrong." He rubbed his right shoulder. 'Normally, I'd run from you, but I'd like to know what's the problem, so let's hear it."

Amy sighed. "Well, Sonic..." She rubbed the back of her head nervously, "You see, remember those chili dogs I had last night?"

Sonic eyed Amy wearily. "And..." He asked, slightly cautious now that he remembered.

Amy chuckled nervously, both hands behind her back. "Ehehehe... well, it seems to have really gone to my stomach and-"

Pfft! Amy accidentally cut the cheese, causing Sonic to rush out of the area in a flash.

Amy frowned with distraught, her right hand on her stomach. "Oh well. Maybe he'd understand if I had told him earlier..." She stated to herself, accidentally farting loudly.

That fart in particular caused the garafe to collaspe on Vector, crushing him.

"Owch! What the hel- I'm crushes! HELP!!" Vector exclaimed in pain, struggling to get out, but failing.

Within a few seconds later, Sonic came back, with a gas mask in his right pocket.

"Don't worry, Amy, I understand the trouble, and I'll see if I can do anything to make it go away," He assured, smiling.

Amy smiled, tears coming out of her eyes as she hugged Sonic. "Oh, thank you, Sonikku! I knew you'd-" Farting cut off her sentence, causing Sonic to quickly place the gas mask over his face.

"I broguht this for a reason," Sonic reassured as he grabbed Amy's right arm and took off for Station Square.

Later that night, Sonic and Amy were with Shadow the Hedgehog in the top floor of a grand hotel, who was brought in to see if he could be able to fix up Amy. Nearby, Vector was in the floor below the hedgehogs, still looking for the enclosed instruction book.

"Damn it, I'm going to be one pissed crocodile if Mario lied to me," Vector stated to himself as he fluffed the pillows and checked inside, but to no avail, "That enclosed instruction book has GOT to be somewhere!"

"So, Amy..." Shadow started as he closed his eyes and waited five seconds after Amy uncontrollably farted again, "It seems the chili dogs really caught up to you, hasn't it?"

Amy frowned, nodding her head sadly. "Yeah. It's really embarrassing, to say the least." She sniffled as another poot came out of her rear, asking, "Please, I don't care if you Chaos Control on me, just make this farting go away!"

Shadow sighed, face palming. "Well... if you insist." He pulled out two of the seven Chaos Emeralds and pointed at Amy. "You sure about this?" He asked cautiously for the last time.

Sonic stepped up and nodded. "It's for the best, Shadow."

Shadow shrugged. "Very well, then. Chaos..."

Before he could even use it, Amy farted SO loudly, the entire hotel collasped on itself, accidentally killing everyone, including the three hedgehogs and Vector. Later, they find themselves in Heaven, where Amy finally got cured of her farting problem.

"Phew! That last one was big, but at least I'm all better now!" She admitted with a smile, looking down at her butt, "And my panties may be more dirty than a mud pit, but that's okay, it doesn't matter now!"

Sonic and Shadow both looked at each other and moved several inches away from Amy, disgusted beyond belief.

Nearby, Vector was finally able to find the enclosed instruction book.

"Great! Now I can know how to FIND THE COMPUTER ROOM!!" Vector shouted, giving a thumbs up as he read.