Vector The Crocodile gasped as he looked around, seeing the absolutely devastated Station Square. His jaw dropped in awe as he rubbed his chin, questioning the structure of the destroyed city as he fell down a sewer pipe, meeting up with real alligators, who all smiled at him. Vector chuckled nervously as he looked around, shrugging as he asked, "Hey, have you guys seena red enclosed instruction book anywhere around here?"

Amy Rose finally stopped at the very edge of Station Square, at the westernmost point of the city, sniffling as she held down her dress, her loud farts lifting it up every fifteen seconds. Amy closed her eyes as she wailed loudly, the pizza not doing anything at all to help as Sonic The Hedgehog and Silver The Hedgehog finally reached her, surprised to see Amy sitting down after all the chaos she inflicted upon Station Square.

"Holy crap, Amy..." Sonic stated as he patted Amy on the right shoulder, shaking his head in astonishment after witnessing all the damage she has created. "Your ass truly is a weapon of mass destruction..."

Amt stood up and slapped Sonic, demoaning him as she ripped another loud fart for thirty seconds straight, which was enough to frighten Silver, who trembled in fear of getting gassed by Amy. "Don't give sympathy for me, Sonic! I've tried my best to stop, but it just won't go away!" She then became enraged as red, orange, and yellowish flames surrounded her, another loud fart igniting them as she pointed at Silver, hissing even. "YOU! You said you would help me, not make me even gassier!" She then grabbed Silver by the neck, shaking and strangling him as she yelled curse words at him, breaking into tears as she let go, burying her face in her hands as she pooted more times, her panties becoming browner and browner.

Silver felt bad as he lowered his head, rubbing the back of his head as he coughed, "Well, I didn't want to say I told you so, but..."

Surprisingly, much appreciated silence for several seconds as the three humanoid hedgehogs stared at each other, the flames surrounding Amy disappearing instantly. Suddenly, Amy dealt one more loud fart, and it was enough to send the entire world to ruins...

"So... who wants to find the computer room first?" Vector said sexually, chuckling as he was surrounded by female crocodiles, having finally found the long sought red colored enclosed instruction book within the sewers.