Bowser Jr. On The Run

By Yoshizilla-Rhedosaurus

Bowser Junior was running on a dirt-paved path in a dense tropical forest from several angry Chargin' Chucks, who were determined to give the heir to the Koopa Throne a whooping. Bowser Jr. accidentally enraged the Koopa Football Players when he chucked their football into a swamp, causing the turtles to go insane. As Bowser Jr. kept running, he came across a brick wall, turning around to see the Chargin' Chucks approaching him.

"This may be a bit painful," Bowser Jr. stated as he closed his eyes, "But it's worth it. Here I go!"

He jabbered a war cry as the Chargin' Chucks stopped, looking puzzled. The young Koopaling then retreated into his green-colored spiny shell and began to ricochet himself around, knocking the Chargin' Chucks off the ground. As Bowser Jr. continued ricocheting from the palm trees, he continued doing damage to the Chargin' Chucks, with enough power to cause them to retreat. Popping out of his shell, Junior smiled as he watched the three Chargin' Chucks flee.

"Well, that takes care of them!" Bowser Jr. proclaimed as he dusted his hands.

He turned around and started to head back to his father's castle, only to see an incoming Banzai Bill.

"Aw crap."