Daisy's Boredom

By Yoshizilla-Rhedosaurus

Princess Daisy was in her living room, sighing out of boredom as she looked out her window.

"It's so boring nowadays..." She groaned, putting her right palm on her face as she sighed, "Can't anything happen on this boring spring morning?"

As she wondered, her door began being pounded on. Getting up, Daisy opened the door, only to be flooded with snow.

"What the? Snow? In SPRING!?" Daisy exclaimed, popping her head out of the white, freezing goodness.

Coming through the snow in skiis was Toadette, who just came back from her trip to Donkey Kong Summit.

"Hey Daisy! You should have been there!" Toadette said with glee, taking off her goggles, "The ramps were great, the scenic was beautiful, and I even won first place!"

Daisy grumbled a bit as she got the snow off of her. "That's real neato, Toadette, but I'm rather fine here," She tried to say sarcastically, but failed.

Toadette shrugged, placing away her snow gear. "Oh well, Daisy. Maybe you should have come. It would have been very exciting."

Daisy groaned, rolling her eyes as she folded her arms. "Yeah, very exciting, indeed. Nothing better than..." Before she finished, she dashed out of her house.

Toadette closed the closet and got back into her regular clothes, wondering where Daisy left to. "Daisy? Where did you go, girl?" She asked, confused as she rubbed the back of her head.

To answer her question, she looked out of the window, to see Daisy riding away towards the western horizon on her orange Mach Bike.