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it was a cold night of 1943 (don't ask why I like that date), the night of Christmas eve actually, a global celebration or most of the world celebrates it, the birth of Jesus Christ (an alien with powers!) this night most of the children around the globe wait anxiously for the next morning when they'll wake up, go to their Christmas tree and get their gifts brought by the big fat red one in person, Santa Claus aka Saint Nicolas, Father Christmas, Kris Kringle or big fat-ass son of a bitch!! I hate you I hate you I hate you!!!!....ahem! Let's continue hehehe

this is know by everyone that the good kids gets toys and the bad kids get charcoal or something awful this was the case for Takuya, every year he receive charcoal from Santa no matter what he do or how good he was all the year (or so he thinks he was good)

flash back!

An old lady was waiting for the bus on a corner and Takuya was passing by and saw the old lady

"this is my chance to be a good kid" the brunette thought

Takuya approached to the old lady and grab her by her arm

"what are you doing my boy!?" the old lady asked

"I'm helping you to cross the street what else?" Takuya said dragging the old woman to the middle of the street

"but I'm waiting for the bus!" she replied

"ha-ha-ha good one, now lets end this" Takuya said

"I tell you to leave me alone punk!" the lady hit Takuya's head with her umbrella

"ouch, ouch, ow knock it off you hag!" Takuya said

"oh no you didn't!" the hag I mean the old lady hit more harder the head

"oh stop it, enough!" Takuya punched the old lady on the face, once on the ground he kicked her on the ribs and dragged her all the way to the other side by her hair or was left of it and dropped her on the corner

"there! You are on the other side happy!?"

"screw you kid!" the hag said, blood gushing from her nose and a lot of bruises on her body

"what!? You ungrateful hag bastard!" Takuya kicked her again on the ribs until a police detain him

end of flashback!

Yeah Takuya was a good kid but for some reason Santa didn't saw it that way, that fat bastard, selfish son of a bitch! So this year he'll not going to sleep until he see Santa who always brings him charcoal and toys to his little brother Shinya, after writing his letter which contains a lot of toys and stupid things, he sat on his dad's couch near the extinguished fire of the chimney, waiting patiently for the fat man...with a shotgun.

Zoe's house!!!!

the blond was writing her letter to Santa, she was a good girl, loved by everyone but despite all the toys she receive from Santa and her family those things mean nothing to her, she want to be...read her letter

dear Santa

I thank you for all the gifts and toys you give me the last year

all of them were great, but this year I'll like something more special

I felt something is missing in my life, I don't know what it is

if you can tell me or give it to me I'll really appreciate it

my big sister said I need a boy friend, but I don't know

there's a boy I like actually, he's kind of an idiot but it's so handsome

maybe my sister is right, also I want you to visit my grandma in the hospital

an idiot assault her on the street the other day, she can't recall his face she's so old now

to remember things, the police captured him but he managed to escape.

Thank you Santa, merry Christmas to you

yep she was a goody two shoes girl, she then went to sleep dreaming with that idiot but handsome boy

Tommy's house

Tommy was a normal kid with a lot of wishes, he normally receive charcoal too but his father, a rich man, always hide it and buy him all the stuff Tommy want without him to notice, Tommy was very exigent in his letters, every year another hundred of toys were added to it

dear, Santa it's me Tommy

this year I want a machine gun in case of those Nazis came to my house

and a car

and a little brother

and a plane

and a GI Joe

and a horse

and a cowboy to teach me how to ride a horse

and the scepter of the Queen Isabel from england

and a new mother this one sucks

and a new big brother this one also sucks

and a new xbox 360 (damn those three red lights)

and a PS3

and a Nintendo Wii

and a PSP

and a Nintendo DS lite

and another PS3 just in case

a videogame

and a....

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