'Twas the Week Before Christmas-
An Introduction

'Twas the week before Christmas, and in the Mission Room
Ninja scurried and hurried for the pre-holiday boom.

The mission requests were all handled with care,
While they inwardly fumed and pulled at their hair

For none of the Desk Workers could head off to bed
'Til all the petitions and scrolls had been read

Well…except for Kotetsu, that silly old chap,
He'd snuck into the break room and taken a nap

That is, 'til Iruka discovered the matter
And you know that the incident stirred up a clatter

Still the missions poured in, as quick as a flash
(At least that meant Konoha'd have plenty of cash)

A grand jamboree that required ninja presence
A C-level mission to deliver some presents

A D-ranked request for a home decorator
Another who wished for a Santa impersonator

Now the story's set up, Why' declares with a glint
And as for the plot…I'll give you a hint

A firm word of warning- not at all wishy-washy
When choosing a Santa, please don't pick Kakashi!

Now you know why I don't write poetry. :)
The real story begins next chapter... in normal prose format.

Just a bit of holiday silliness. My cheery tendencies and odd sense of humor are interfering with the somber, tragic story I'm developing for the Paperwork universe. So I'm channeling them into this little fic. Hope you enjoy.