Totally Ice Age Mystery Much?

Scrat ran across the road holding an acorn in his arms. He saw cars coming by and had to make a run for it. Making it all the way. He suddenly tripped and the flew out of his arms. Scrat screamed fearing he would lose it went to grab it again, as he was about to grab it. It rolled and he continues to chase it until he got it. This acron was for him and Scratte to share. climbing up the Oak Tree he almost lost grip of the acorn but caught it again. Scrat then went into the hold, where Scratte was waiting for him. Placing the Acorn on the ground. Scratte came up to Scrat and kissed him. Scrat signed as he kissed her back. Scratte had something that she had to tell him, which she didn't have the courage to tell her mate, but now thinks it was the time. Scratte spoke catching Scrat's attention as he began to listen to her. Scrat waited for her to respond. Scratte gulped and pointed to her belly, saying she's pregnant. Scrat was silent for a moment then began twitching his left eye feeling he is not ready to be a father yet and most of all will be very hard work being a parent. Scratte placed a hand on his shoulder telling him that she knows he doesn't want to be a dad yet, but now that she's going to have a baby or pups. They have no choice. Scrat looked at her and thought that maybe its right. Scrat then told Scratte that he will start working and getting everything ready before the arrival of their baby or pups. She smiled as she hugged him. Scrat hugged her back and told her he'll start first thing tomorrow, but right now it was getting late and they had to get some sleep. Scrat and Scratte both laid down and went to sleep.