A news reporter was standing at the scene with the Agents, Spies, Sub-Zero Heroes, and many people congratulating them all. "We're standing here, where the agents, spies, and these prehistoric animals all stopped this behemoth dinosaur from almost destroying all of Beverly Hills. Thankfully, no lives were lost except for only four. A student from Beverly Hills High name Arnold Jackson, two girls name Caitlin and Dominique, and a escaped prisoner name Boogie Gus were the only confirmed people to have been eaten by this giant beast. Also About more than eighty nine billion dollars of damage has been destroyed, by the dinosaur. This is, Channel Nine News reporting" The reporter said.

The news reporter told the cameraman to cut and stopped the camera. The News Reporter and her crew then left the scene. With Martin, Diana, Java, Clover, Sam, Alex, Manfred, Sid, Diego, Ellie, Crash, Eddie, Buck, Momma and Papa along with a still tied down Rudy. They heard and saw a helicopter coming down. Landing safely. The Helicopter door opened as M.O.M. and Jerry came out along with Egbert, Shelly, Yoko, and Peaches who came out running up to their parents who then felt glad to see their kids. Mandy then came out and all she remembered was the Sub-Zero Heroes and Rudy, but her memory of finding out the agents and spies job was erased. "I'm Out of here." Mandy said.

Mandy left, as M.O.M. and Jerry looked at them all happily. "Good job agents and spies. We knew you could do it." M.O.M. said.

"Yes, indeed. Very well done." Jerry said.

"So, what are you going to do with Rudy?" Alex said.

"Yeah, we all like to know." Diana said.

They all looked a very angry Rudy growling as he was still tied before looking at each other again. "We'll be releasing Rudy into the Mesozoic Domain, where the Suchomimus can live peacefully, where he won't ever come in contact with Humans ever again." M.O.M. said.

"Yes, and Sam was the one who thought of it." Jerry said.

"So, that was what you're idea, Sam." Sid said.

"Yep and think of it everyone. Rudy isn't an evil bloodthirsty monster. He's just like every other animal. Rudy is a really hungry animal trying to survive and I just think he needs a good home to live in." Sam said.

"That was nice of you." Buck said.

"If you all like. You can all come back to W.O.O.H.P. Centre Building and watch through this TV to see Rudy being released to his new home." Jerry said.

"Alright lets go then." Clover said.

As they left to go there. Rudy was being lifted up by a huge machine and was then dropped into a large glass box with holes with ropes attached to with many helicopters which then flew off on a long way to relocate Rudy to the Mesozoic Domain. At W.O.O.H.P. Centre Building. Everyone was watching through the TV, while Momma and Papa we're outside looking through a window to watch it. As they watched. Guards of Woohp Centre landed safely on the ground in British Colombia near the entrance of a Tyrannosaurus Rex head shape cave which was the way to the deep hollow earth known as the Mesozoic Domain. As they all kept watching. The guards we're working together with Rudy still in the huge box. After getting down many miles deep under the earth above. There they guards got to the entrance of the Mesozoic Domain, where many prehistoric reptiles could be seen roaming around. The guards got the cage open, and pressed a button to make the ropes, Rudy was tied up with breakable. Being able to break out of the ropes now. Rudy got up on his two legs and walked towards his the entrance to his new home looking at it for a few minutes, before turning his head at the guards who gasped, while the agents, spies, and sub-zero heroes who we're watching on the TV gasped as well hoping Rudy wouldn't attack. Rudy growled at the guards who stood there a bit scared, but then turned his head again and made his way walking into his new home the Mesozoic Domain, where Rudy can now live peacefully. The guards felt relief got everything and made a long journey way back up to the surface. The Agents, Spies, and Sub-Zero Heroes who still was watching smiled, while Buck was smiling more though. "I'll never forget you Rudy. You'll enjoy you're new home." Buck said to himself.

The whole thing was done and Jerry turned off the TV. "So, now Rudy is living where he'll live like every normal dinosaur." Jerry said.

"He sure will. Buck was right, even if Rudy is a diabolical dinosaur. He was just trying to survive. He's an animal just like all of us." Manfred said.

"Yep, although that doesn't mean I'll still get nightmares about him." Diego said.

"Neither will I, Diego. Say, Martin. Wanna try something." Sid said.

Java who couldn't hold his jealously anymore snapped. "Sloth no take my best friend. Sloth is stealing Martin away." Java said.

"What! What are you talking about, big guy." Sid said.

"Java think you really are stealing my best friend Martin!" Java said.

"Java, calm down. Yes, me and Sid are best friends, but so are you." Martin said.

"Really?" Java said.

"Yes, both you and Sid are." Martin said.

"Java much better now. Java sorry, for yelling at you." Java said.

"None taken." Sid said.

Buck got Jerry's attention who then looked down at him. "What is it Buck?" Jerry said.

"Well I don't know what to do with it." Buck said.

"With what?" Jerry said.

"My knife. I actually now decided I don't need it anymore and I want you to have it." Buck said.

Buck lend it to Jerry who then took it. "Why, thank you, looks rather interesting. This tooth is from Rudy. Just amazing." Jerry said.

"Think of it as a gift from a friend, old champ. You're pretty amazing as well, for the fact you own a fighting business or whatever." Buck said.

Jerry smiled at Buck and began to talk to each other telling what things they do. Sam who looked at the Sub-Zero heroes began to feel all sad. "Well...I guess you all will be going soon as well. Relocated." Sam said.

"Actually, Sam. We will not be going anywhere. Me and my friends all decided, we're not leaving. We're staying here in Beverly Hills. After showing how much humans have changed now giving animals more respect and helping the earth. You're species aren't that bad anymore. Plus when you revealed you're true feelings about us, when Rudy attacked at the Villa. You all meant something more than friends to us. You all we're like now family as well." Manfred said.

"Are we really staying Manny?" Diego said.

"Sure are" Manfred said.

"And since you all are. Just so you know. Everyone in Beverly Hills now know more about you all and you're all granted as heroes and for the fact they also all know that some of you can talk." Jerry said.

"Wait how did they find out? I mean I know they congrats us as heroes, but how we can talk?" Manfred said.

"We told all of Beverly Hills." M.O.M. said.

"And you're all now are considered citizens here, thereby you'll be all living here just like everyday life and like humans and you all can lvie wherever you want in Beverly Hills, and when I mean anywhere. I really mean anywhere." Jerry said.

"Really, thanks then." Crash said.

"Yeah." Eddie said.

"You're welcome." Jerry said.

"So what do you all want to do now that it's over." Clover said.

"I say we party as a celebration for saving Beverly Hills." Diego said.

"Great idea, I could go for one now." Ellie said.

"Mommy." Peaches said.

"Ellie, you hear the Peaches just said her first world." Manfred said.

"She did. Our little Peaches is growing up, I just know it." Ellie said.

Alex leaned down petting Peaches. "Peaches sure is Ellie." Alex said.

Momma and Papa outside still looking through the window smiled at the sight of this, happy to see the Mammoth's daughter saying her first word. Sam saw walking up to them and opened the window. "There you both go Mr. and Mrs. Rex. Now you can really chat if you want." Sam said.

Momma and Papa smiled at Sam and both licked her at the same time. Sam laughed at this. "Hey, hey, hey. No licking, but glad to have friends like you and the others." Sam said.

Momma and Papa smiled at Sam again.

"Join the party, when we start." Sam said.

Momma and Papa shook their heads. Sam nodded happily and walked up back to everyone else, where Sid was waiting if anyone still wants to party.

"So, still wanna party everyone." Sid said.

Everyone turned to look and Sid and nodded nodded. "Alright then everyone. Hit it, Egbert, Shelly, and Yoko. Let's all do the dino dance!" Sid said.

Walk the Dinosaur began to play and everyone began to party. Momma and Papa who we're outside near them, joined celebrating as well and tomorrow the Sub-Zero Heroes will have a start of a new life, with new friends as well. Back at the Oak Tree inside. Scrat and Scratte we're both watching their five children fighting over the acorn playfully. Scratte leaned her head onto Scrat's shoulder who then looked at her. She looked back at Scrat. They then kissed, before watching their kids still playing, where they will also have a great new life as well just like the Sub-Zero Heroes. This was just the start, a start of their new lives now in the modern day friends with humans and the whole new world.