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Lacey crossed the room quickly and quietly. It was just like she was gliding; it was one of her secret powers.

Her father walked in and threw an envelope at her. "Pay this, bitch. You don't live here for free anymore." He thrust his fat, pocked-marked face into hers. Her father looked like pure evil; his short greasy hair hung over his brow.

It was nice to see him sober for once when they weren't on a hunt. Her eyes flickered to the electric bill on the table. She knew he'd gambled again and lost the money to pay the bills. She would have to go and slay a few evils tonight, since he'd properly be too drunk to hunt tonight.

Her normal cash problems were only just bearable because of the hustling, pool or late games of cards. She would pawn the odd watch, belt, or even jewellery from some vampire that she'd kill. The other unholy basted were a little less bothered about their appearance.

"I gave you your money last week, you pay it!" Lacey spat.

Her father's head shot up in anger. "Don't talk to me like that, you little slut." He slapped her across the face, knocking her to the floor. Pulling her up by her collar he punched her in the nose. He hit her one more time, knocking her out. He let her fall to the floor and picked up a bottle of whisky. He started to drink.


Lacey pulled herself up from the floor, her broken nose still bleeding. She didn't know how long she had been out, but guessed it was long enough for her father to be drunk by now. He sat slouched against the wall and when she moved he stirred. She tried to run past him but he grabbed her leg and pulled. She fell to the floor. He stood over her and pulling out a knife, he lunged at her. She rolled out of the way and tripped him. She kicked him and knocked him unconscious, then nudged the blade out of his hand with her foot. She muttered a few four letter words at him. As the blood flowed freely now, her strength grew less and less.

She needed to rest, but the urge to leave was greater. She ran to her room and picked up her duffel bag, tossing random clothes into it. The years of beating left her without remorse and she had no problem leaving. She took the keys from the telephone table. She would drive his station wagon to the city and then dump the thing so he couldn't follow. As she ran out of the house it started to rain.


The rain started the water trickled down her face. To everyone who walked past her, who would think she was only 16. To passersby she looked in her late teens or later.

She stopped on the sidewalk and smiled as she dropped the keys into the drain; it was a little victory for now. Lacey looked around, for the first time in her life she felt free. She noticed a nearby shop keeper started to lock up. She walked over to him; maybe she could find a hunting job in one of papers. She didn't know where to go but she knew that she was going to keep hunting no matter what. I loved this part!!!

4 years later

Lacey walked into her motel room and tossed her bag on one of the vacant chairs in the corner.

"Adam?" Lacey called, shrugging her coat off. "Adam?" She smiled when she noticed the candles scattered around the room.

She threw her jacket on the bed. A red droplet fell to the floor in front of her. She looked down at it, confused, when another fell. She looked up to see where the drop came from. Adam was stuck to the ceiling, his stomach slashed open and bleeding.

Lacey screamed as fire erupted around Adam. "No! No, Adam!"

She ran to the door as the rest of the room burst into flames. "I love you," Lacey whispered as she looked back. Once outside, she sat on the curb across the street from the motel, motionless, as the firemen rushed to put out the fire. A lone tear ran down her cheek.

8 years later

Lacey stared at the open road, dancing in her seat to Fall Out Boy. She saw her turn and turned onto a dirt road, her headlights showing the way to the Roadhouse. Lacey pulled into the lot in front of the neglected bar and turned off the engine. She as she stepped out of the car and slammed the door she winced, the movement pulling at her stitches. She grabbed her duffel and walked into the bar.

"What do I have to do to get a beer around here?" she shouted as she walked up to the bar. She heard a giggle from the back room and Jo emerged, wiping a glass with her apron.

"Look what the cat dragged in," Jo said with a smirk, putting the glass on the bar. Lacey just rolled her eyes at the attempt at humour.

"Hey! When did you get here, gorgeous?"

Both women were alerted to the man sitting on the pool table, who had probably passed out there the night before. Ash jumped off the pool table and walked over to them, smacking Lacey hard on the arse.

"Ash, dammit! I swear to god if you touch me again, I'm going put you in a coma!" Lacey hollered. Jo rolled her eyes at Ash's immature behaviour. She passed Lacey a cold beer and Lacey nodded, silently thanking Jo before taking a long drink.

Ellen stood in the doorway looking at Lacey for a moment before rushing over to wrap her arms tightly around Lacey. Ellen was like the mother she never had; Jo was more like an aggravating little sister who always followed her around and borrowed every think, even if Jo was older than Lacey.

After Lacey ended up in the roadhouse after being beaten up pretty badly, and Ellen adopted her after she told her about her father. Ellen knew it was only a matter of time before she began to hunt on her own again. Lacey had a strong will to do good. Ellen knew Lacey was a strong and skilled hunter. She knew she'd would be okay. A hunter's life was lonely and dangerous, but she knew Lacey could take whatever they threw at her.

"Honey, what are you doing here? You looking for a hunt?" Lacey nodded. Ellen smiled and kissed the top of her head before heading behind the bar. "Why don't you have a shower and have something to eat? You look like a model from that show Jo watches for heaven sake. When you're finished I'll give you your folder". Lacey grabbed her duffel from the floor before heading to the stairs to have a shower.

"This is humiliating," Dean muttered to Sam, who was trying not to smirk. They both got out of the rusty van and Dean slammed the door harder than necessary. "I feel like a freaking soccer mom."

Sam glanced over at the nearly empty lot in front of him and shrugged. There were a few cars scattered around here and there. "It's the only car Bobby had running, so deal with it."

Walking up to the only car in the lot, Dean let his eyes wander over a dusty Ford Mustang. He guessed it belonged to another hunter. Dean turned and noticed Sam studying the shabby-looking bar. He walked up behind Sam and lightly smacked him in the head before walking into the bar.

Lacey dried her hair in front of the TV while watching America's Next Top Model with Jo. "God, seeing these girls walk around is making me thirsty," Jo said with a mouthful of chocolate.

"Me too," Lacey said as she threw down the remote control. She went back downstairs to the bar and she heard Jo follow her. Jo follows her, but we don't see her for the rest of the chapter. You might want to take this part out, since it's not that important right now.

Lacey took out the folder Ellen had given her earlier to go over the hunt, since she hadn't had a chance to after Ellen gave it to her. She heard people talking so she opened the door a little and saw two men standing at the bar talking to Ellen.

They were both much taller than Ellen. The taller one had longer hair and eyes no woman could say no to. The other was handsome, with short hair that made him look like someone who had been in the military. They hadn't noticed her, so she listened in on their conversation a bit. They went to sit down at a nearby booth.

"You've gotta be kidding me, this guy is no genius," Dean said, standing up to meet Ash. "He's a Lynyrd Skynyrd roadie."

Dean's eyes widened as Lacey entered the room and sat down on a barstool. A smile spread across his face grew as he took in Lacey's appearance and he let out a low whistle. Lacey glanced at the taller man before looking down at the work. She now was completely aware that both men were staring at her. She noticed the taller one was studying her, but she wasn't quite sure why. She kept to herself and tried not to overhear their conversation.

"Alright," Dean said and he handed the folder to Ash. "That's about a year's worth of our dad's work, so what can you make of it?"

"C'mon this isn't real. Nobody can track a demon like this." Ash was sceptical as he reviewed the contents of the folder. Lacey glanced up at the two of them, moved her eye up to see the 2 men now standing in front of Ash at the end of the bar. Her eyes quickly went back to the sheets of paper in her hand.

"Our dad could," Dean said. So they're brothers. Surprising, since they don't look anything like one another, Lacey thought.

"They're omens, signs. If I can track them, I can track this demon," Ash said as he looked at both of them. The brothers looked at each other, not yet impressed by Ash.

"Can you track it or not?" Sam asked.

"It's gonna take time," Ash replied, looking up from the files, "yeah gimme......51 hours." He put the paper back in the folder, tucked it under his arm and headed to the door.

"Hey man, dig the haircut," Dean smirked.

"All business up front, party in the back," Ash replied, moving his hand through his hair smoothing his hair back. Lacey just rolled her eyes and went back to reading a police report.

Dean looked at Sam, then at the girl across the room. Sam turned his head to see what Dean was looking at, only to see the girl sitting alone in the booth. Ellen noticed the boys looking at Lacey.

"So, I guess you boys will be here a while." Sam nodded. "Why don't you help Lacey with her hunt?"

Lacey sat up when she heard her name and turned to face the two men in the booth, a mischievous smile spread across her face.

"You can come along, but I don't take orders from amateurs."

Dean and Sam looked at each other. Then Dean let out a snort. "Sweetheart, we're not amateurs."

Lacey stood up and walked over to the booth and dropped the file onto the table. Leaning down on the table, she looked directly at Dean, glaring at him. "Don't ever call me sweetheart."

Dean opened his mouth to say something but was interrupted by Ellen. "I can see you three are going to get along nicely". She stood up and went behind the bar, walk out of the bar leaving the Lacey and boys alone in the booth.

Sam grabbed the folder that Lacey had thrown on the table.

"Hey Dean, check this out," He flipped through the report and newspaper clippings.

Dean looked at the folder a moment, and then turned his attention to the woman standing in front of him. Her hair was dark brown and curly, hanging just below her shoulders. Her eyes were dark green and looked like they would burn holes in your soul if you stared at them long enough.

She noticed Dean checking her out from the corner of her eye. She had to admit it was a change from the creepy old men staring at her at dirty old bars.

Lacey sat down opposite Dean and Sam. Dean leaned over the table and offered his hand to her. She hesitated before taking his hand and shaking it. Dean noted the hesitation in her eyes before letting go of her hand. As Lacey sat back in her seat Sam offered his hand and she took it. Her eyes met Sam's and there was something about him she couldn't put her finger on.

"Dean and Sam Winchester. Who are you?" Dean asked.

"I'm Lacey Wright," she said as she gathered the paper from the table. "You guys can help if you want but I'll be fine on my own." She pulled her phone out of her pocket and went to find Ellen.

Sam made sure Lacey was out of hearing range before he turned to Dean. "There's something about her, she seemed to cut right into me, like she could read my mind." Sam said in a whisper.

"Yeah, did you get a look at those eyes? I've never seen anyone with eyes as green as hers," Dean said looking around the bar to see if Lacey had come back in.

"I think we should keep an eye on her" Sam said, sitting back in his seat. He heard someone walking behind the bar. Dean nodded before turning to see Ellen and Lacey entering the bar, laughing.

"Lacey!" Dean called. Lacey approached the table.

"Yeah?" Lacey asked, Ellen coming to stand next to her.

"We'll come on the hunt with you."

"Ok. I'll just go unlock my car and then you can go get your stuff and we'll go." As Lacey left the bar Ellen stepped forward, crossing her arms with a serious look on her face.

"I expect you to behave yourselves and if you hurt her in any way you are gonna wish you were never born. Got it?"

Dean and Sam shared a look and then looked straight at Ellen. She had been very laid back when they got there, but had shifted into protective mother mode.

Ellen's eye softened. "Take care of her; she's had a hard life. People seem to hurt her more than supernatural things do. "

Dean frowned. "What's that supposed to mean?" Ellen sighed.

"That's not my story to tell," she said, looking down at her feet.

Sam and Dean shared a look and got up and followed Lacey.

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