A New Season

"Hello viewers!" Pikachu said. "It's been awhile hasn't it?"

"Well of course it's been awhile," Buizel said. "Look at Monferno and Grotle, they evolved."

"Hell yeah!" Infernape said.

"…It's very hard to move…" Torterra said.

"Well anyway," Piplup said. "We're here because… wait, why are we doing this?"

"Because the author believed that if it was him doing it, some asshole viewer would report this to the website," Staraptor said. "I could name at least one but I won't, cause I don't want him involved in this."

"Anyway," Pikachu said. "The reason we're here is because the author won't be doing this story for some time, since he's working on other stuff. So, now he's thinking about splitting all of this into two seasons, and yes, season one is over for all of those who are asking."

"But fear not," Infernape said. "Season two will be just as good and just as random. In fact, I think we have a bit of a sneak preview, right Pikachu?"

"Indeed," Pikachu replied. "This is when we happen to encounter a Pidgeot and Staraptor unfortunately gets into a debate about which native bird is better."

"Look, more people appeal to me because I look like a fucking hawk," Staraptor said. "And trust me, people like hawks."

"Well, people like me for my elegant beauty," Pidgeot said. "Besides, I am after all the original-"

"No! Don't even start that shit!" Staraptor snapped. "You think, "Oh I'm one of the 150 original Pokemon, meaning I'm awesome and everyone else after me sucks!" Well guess what asshole, I've seen people playing online and I definitely see more of me than you!"

"How the hell do you know how to use a DS?" Piplup asked.

"My dear friend, I'm afraid you are just too stubborn to understand," Pidgeot said. "But no matter, eventually you'll just be discarded anyway."

"What did you say!" Staraptor said heatedly.

"If your trainer is traveling to a new region, then most likely he'll want a new team," Pidgeot said. "If he came from Kanto, where did his flying-type go? If he was in Johto, where is his Noctowl? I unfortunately was promised by my trainer that he would return to me, but alas he hasn't. Typical humans. But now, if you don't mind, I must be off to bigger and better things. And with that, he took to the air and was gone.

"Wait a minute… that couldn't have been…nah, no way," Pikachu said.

"So now that you've seen a bit of the new season, we're gonna make you wait some more!" Pikachu said. "Why? Because we're assholes like that."

"Til then, keep reading the author's other stories," Staraptor said. "If you don't, I will find you, stalk you, murder your family, and rip out your fucking-!"

"Whoa now!" Buizel said. "Just, keep in touch and the author you keep you updated."

"So… is that it then?" Pikachu said. "Alright, you can go now. No, seriously, go. Fuck off. We don't want you here anymore."