Last night, I made the biggest mistake I could ever make in a hundred lifetimes. I told myself repeatedly that he was a no-good delinquent, a dangerous and stupid path that would only take me to dead-ends. I knew he was to be avoided at all costs, and I knew it ever since I first laid eyes on him.

The Main Character

I am Mugotarashii Hakumei, a seventeen-year old high school student trying to earn a respectable earning in life. I keep my nose clean and am completely invisible to everyone, and I'm fine with that, because then I can study uninterrupted. My hobbies include art, manga, and anime, and I especially have a weak spot for anything strange and twisted. That's probably because my father runs the local morgue, and my brother works there full time, when he's not out causing trouble that is.

"Hakumei, HAKUMEI!!!! Stop day-dreaming and help me with these bags," My older brother, Hikarakuyou, smacked the back of my head to get my attention.

Father, who was working, looked up at us and scolded Hika, "Hika, what was that for?! You're so mean to your little sister!"

"Sorry father," We bowed together.

He went back to work, leaving us alone with a black bag twice my size. I looked at my brother, wondering who was in the bag this time. He didn't care, not anymore. I did, because it reminds me of our mother, who would look at all the corpses, no matter how mutilated they were.

"Haku, this one's heavy," He warned as we picked up the bag together to carry it from the receiving room to the preparation room.

I nodded and helped him, curious as to whether or not I'll always be here, carrying around corpses and reading my life away. Nii-san worded my train of thought as we left the bag for father to prepare later.

"Haku, don't stay here too long. You'll never get away at this rate, and I want more for my little sister," He pulled me closer to him, "So I want you to go away from here as soon as you can. I already have everything set up for you."

I couldn't believe what I just heard my brother saying. He wanted me to run away from home? He had already prepared everything? What had happened to the nii-san who would beg me to stay home, just to make sure I wouldn't run away? I had so many questions my head started to spin.

"...." I tried to say something, ".......Huh?"

"I already paid for tickets, a hotel, a small amount of pocket change, and I had your things packed while we put the stiff down," He seemed different somehow, like maybe scared or rushed.

"How did you get the money? You didn't steal it, did you?" I worried that he might have gone back to his less legit and not-so honest work.

He smiled and hugged me again, "No, it's not like that."

I could tell it wasn't like it was before, but I knew something was wrong, "Hika, what is it?"

He sighed, "Haku, don't hate me, whatever may may happen."

"Wha-" I felt a heavy weight strike me against the back of my head.

Mugotarashii Hikarakuyou

I watched uselessly as my baby sister was being carried off. I followed behind her as she was loaded into the limousine. A man I wished I had never met stood beside the limo, waiting to talk to me before leaving with the only thing I cared about in the entire world. He smirked brightly as was his manner and strolled casually over to me. It took all my self control to remind myself that this all my fault and that she'd probably be in a worse place if not for him.

"Your little sister will be better off this way," He said arrogantly.

I could feel my knuckles turn white as I forced myself to remain calm, "I know,"

"I'm sure that she'll forgive you for this, someday," He laughed as the wind blew his hair away from his right eye.

I gasped silently in my chest, realizing now exactly who this man was. He laughed again before clasping my shoulder and joining my sister in the limo, "Arrivederci,"

I fell to my knees as the limo sped away. I couldn't believe what I had done. I was such an idiot, playing right into that villain's hands. I hoped Hakumei would be smarter than I and not play to his fiddle like I had. Hakumei, I am sorry for what I did to you, so very, very sorry. I'm your big brother, I'm supposed to protect you, but I fed you to the lions myself on a golden platter with silver trappings. Hakumei, please, know I did it to save you!

"Son, you did what you had to do. She'd never have found a husband if she had kept on as she was," Father put a comforting hand on my shoulder, but to me it was nothing but a speck of insignificance.

Why, why did she always have to be the one to pay for our mistakes? Wasn't it enough that we were poor, that our mother left us, that she would be an old maid to wait on us for all her kindness? Why must it always be Hakumei to pay for not only my vices, but the vices of our family? She deserves more than she has been handed, and what do I do? I make her lot worse, that's what I do. I gave her up to the worst monster imaginable, and she'll never know why....

Mugotarashii Hakumei

I woke up, my head throbbing and my limbs numb, as if I had been drugged for hours. I looked around the room, the fancy bedroom. It was plain as to any detail of ownership, so I assumed that I was in a ritzy hotel room. Why though? The last thing I saw before waking up here was my brother, trying to get me to leave, apologizing for something. What was I doing in a place like this?

As my eyes cleared from the final drags of the drug, I noticed several things at once. I was not in my pajamas, but in a tight, form-fitting white gown, My hair wasn't its natural straw-straight poof, but a crown of graceful curls. My nails had gone from chipped black to pure black. And my finger was drastically weighed down by a ring. Not just any old ring either. It was a plain platinum band with a small white diamond. It was on my left ring finger.

"What the hell!?" I screamed out in a panicked frenzy.

The door, the adjoining bathroom door, opened and a man came out fresh from the shower, "Ah, the little woman is finally awake,"

Logical One/Loyal Grunt

"Ten bucks says the chick is a dud," Ken stuck out his hand for payment as we waited in the limousine for the boss's wife to arrive.

"He would never marry a homely woman," I reminded him that talking about her reflected our master.

"Sorry," He shrugged sarcastically at a girl who spent too much time shopping.

"...." She said nothing like usual when he provoked her and continued counting her remaining funds.

"Here they are," I jerked my head uninterestedly to the approaching figures.

They looked around and Ken frowned, seeing that the girl wasn't completely hideous. I looked at her limp figure in our master's arms, dangling weakly in her forced slumber. She was the most beautiful woman I had ever seen, and that is saying something.

As she was loaded into the vehicle by our master, I took her gingerly inside the limo and laid her down with her head on my lap. Just until the master got in. Ken snorted at how careful I was with her, but I ignored him, used to his annoying ways more than most.

"So this is the bitch he chose to marry. Who knew she'd be from our own country?" Ken was mildly amazed.

I wanted to inform him that she was actually Japanese, and that she only lived in Italy because her mother was Italian. I did not bother however, because he never listened to the information I gather. No one did except for the master, but he usually relied his own information.

"Move," He said as he slid into the limousine.

I nodded and moved, holding her head up as I traded places with the master.

Ok, I know this may not yet seem to tie into Reborn, but I promise that it does. Or maybe it is obvious, ne? Any who, I wanted to remind the readers that the word "nii-san" means brother/older brother. Sama, san, kun, chan, are respectful, and nee-san is the same as nii-san, only it means sister. Arrivederci is Italian for goodbye. If my facts or anything is off, please let me know, ne?

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