Rokudo Mukuro

I sat in the hospital, my newborn son in my hands. I stared at him, seeing so much more than what was really there. I saw his future, and his mother, all shining back at me in his eyes. I wanted to look away from him, but if I did, there was only one other thing I would look at, and I just wasn't able to.

Hakumei looked so peaceful, just lying there on the bed, the white sheets barely moving as she took deep, artificial breaths. She looked so serene, happy almost. It was hard to imagine that the reason she was here was because of a car accident.

But that wasn't why I couldn't look at her, lying immobile as she was forced to hang on to life that just wasn't there. What killed me about it was the fact that I knew deep down that she was gone, that she wasn't going to make. It made my heart bleed, knowing that somewhere, deep in a hidden recess in her small body, that there was life, but it was so small and so frail, it was just not even enough to hope that she would magically wake up and be alright. It was too small a glimmer.

"Mukuro...." Hakumei's voice, so faint I barely caught it, mumbled, calling for me.

I must have fallen asleep, because I knew that she couldn't be alive, "You're dead."

She forced a weak laugh which sounded like it hurt alot, "Hm, then why am I in the hospital, talking to you?"

"I fell asleep, and I'm dreaming," I insisted pointedly.

Valentino, who had been silent since arriving at the hospital, started to cry and fuss in the direction of his mother. She tried to get up, but she could not for a number of reasons. Looking at her, dried blood matted to her from ever conceivable angle, I was so lost, I wanted it to be true. I would give anything, short of my son, to make it so, but nothing could revive her.

She sighed, "Baka, I'm really here."

As if to confirm it, a nurse came in to check on the patient. He let out a gasp, surprised to see the patient awake and sitting up. He was so surprised, he left the room and did a double take. When nothing changed, he pinched himself to no avail. He was not dreaming, so I too must not have been hallucinating.

Rokudo Hakumei

I blinked, suddenly surrounded by white light. Strange. I must be experiencing death backwards or something, because the last time I checked, you see white, then your loved ones. I can't really say I'm all that shocked.

"Hakumei, wake up." A bodiless voice urged.

A second voice agreed, "It's not your time."

"Your family needs you now," Another androgynous voice added.

Before it even spoke to me, I heard my child. I wasn't sure about the first two voices, but the third was spot on. My son, my precious Valentino, needed his mother, and I know that Mukuro needs me.

"Mukuro...." My voice was so small, for a moment I was positive I was a different person.

The man holding the new born, he was certainly the right person, and he was in such denial at seeing me again, "You're dead."

I thought for a moment that I was, but that wasn't the case, so I laughed at his stupidity, which hurt alot, "Hm, then why am I in the hospital, talking to you?"

"I fell asleep, and I'm dreaming," He was positive that was it.

I sighed, "Baka, I'm really here."

Rokudo Mukuro

I stared at Hakumei after deciding that it was really her. She watched me, her fingers thrumming irregularly against the hospital bed. She was silent, no words fitting at the moment. Luckily, Valentino broke it for us. He let out an infantile shriek and reached out for his mother again. Getting the hint, I stood up and dashed to Hakumei's side.

"He missed you," I handed her the baby.

She took him and smiled at the both of us, "Nothing could keep me away."

I was yet again amused by her reaction, "No argument about how I missed you too?"

She smirked, "Maybe later. But then again, we both know how that argument will end."

I chuckled, relieved to see that she was the same exact woman I knew, "A little breakfast in bed?"

She covered Valentino's ears, "Innocent ears!"

I rolled my eyes and kissed her forehead, "I'll work on that."

Hakumei scoffed, all joking out the window, "You better....."

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