Chapter 15: Goodbye

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"LILY!" Tanya and Nikki ran towards me but the nymphs throw them. The beam hit me, I groaned in pain. I looked at myself, I was glowing, and the color was dark green-yellow. The glowing was gone now, and my hand was on my stomach. My eyes were closed. I guess this is it. I thought; my last thought.

"Excellent, my king." Cassandra said, feeling like she's in charge.

"Do not tell me what is good or not!" The king shot at Cassandra making her screech in pain, and she disappeared leaving Kyra with fear. Nikki ran over to me.

"Please, don't be dead… Please!" Nikki begged, tears rolled down. Tanya knelt down beside her. She put her hand on Nikki's shoulders, which had made Nikki looked up and started to cry into Tanya's shoulder's.

"Begging won't do any good." Kyra said. Tanya stood up, protecting us. Kyra's hair whacked her at the side.

"Oh please protecting them won't do any good." Kyra walked towards Nikki.


"WHERE IS LILY?!" My mom, screamed. Everybody looked at her.

"What." She snapped.

My dad soothed her," its ok honey, I'm sure she will come."


I struggled to keep my eyes open," Hey."

Nikki was relieved," Oh thank goodness you are still not dead."

"Wh-where's Tanya?"

"She is tackling Kyra."

We could hear the combat and struggling from them.

"And Cassandra?" I said, although I really don't care about her.

"The king had killed her with the scepter." Nikki looked far, she saw that it was sunset then she looked at me.

"I know," I said it softly," But can you promise me this."

She nodded.

"Can you go in a place?"

"What do you mean by that?"

"You will see." I closed my eyes. For sure I was dead because I couldn't feel my heart beating anymore. Nikki looked at the king as she slowly got up.

"Tanya! I've got a plan!" She said, waving her arm.

Tanya ran towards her.

"Yah." She said, catching her breath.

"Let's pretend to surrender and once she gives us to the king, it's the chance to get the scepter." They moved out of the way," So, that way we can still save Lily and the Palace before it's too late."

Tanya thought about Lily's mom." Then what about-" She moved away and rolled.


"Nevermind. But it's a good idea." She agreed.

Nikki nodded, as in signaling now.

"Hey, why aren't you attacking or saving your lives?" Kyra asked with a lot confused.

"Oh we surrender." Tanya rolled her eyes, secretive.

They entered a strange room. It had skulls, scattered across the cement wet floor. Rats scurried across the floor. Nikki and Tanya saw black rusty rails.

"We would think that this was the dungeon." Nikki whispered to Tanya.

"Silence you little toad!"

"King." Kyra bowed, respectfully," here are your guests." She pushed them towards the king. The king moved closer to them.

"Good job, my apprentice. But I still need-"

"Now!" Nikki yelled. She had managed to grab the scepter from the king. And Tanya had also managed to grab Kyra.

"Surrender or else!" Tanya said it threatingly.

The king roared.

"Uh oh not good." Nikki said," RUN!!!!!"

They ran as fast as they could to get out. At last they were out. Tanya was about to rose the scepter until Kyra tackled her down and the scepter flew out of her hands. Nikki ran towards the scepter when out of nowhere another hair grabbed her waist and swung her making her hitting her back.

The figure chuckled." I'd just love to see you in pain." She came towards me.

"Serena?" Nikki blinked her eyes to see if it was her.

"Who else!?" Serena screamed and threw her in the air and pushed her down. Serena jumped into the hole they had made; making one another in pain. They crashed at the ground smoke came out. Serena flew up where she can see the king. Her snake got her by the waist. The snake raised her up, and smashed her down. Nicole saw the scepter close by, Serena grabbed her and Nikki hit the wall. Nicole reached the scepter and raised it at the sky. The beam went into the dark sky and was reflected and it hit the king. The king roared in pain and the nymphs looked at their king in horror.

"King!" They both said it at once. He screeched in pain and then he vanished. The goo oozing slowly at the dark green-yellow water. The nymphs looked at Nikki and Tanya. The nymphs were about to attack until Nikki shot the scepter into the sky and it has reflected at the nymphs. The sky was no longer evil sky; it was blue clear sky with sun shining on them. Tanya looked at Nikki, with relief.

'What about Lily?"

Sadness fell across Nikki's face. "I'm not sure, but when I fell unconscious I heard a shimmering light. I think it was a spirit. And still might be in the Palace."

Tanya nodded," Come on."


A sigh came.

"What's the matter? Feel bored? Michael asked, looking for his lollipop.

"It's just not the same without Lily." Colt sighed," She always makes it fun."

Michael and Rocky looked at each other and grinned.

"What?" Colt asked, curiously cocking his head to the side.

"Somebody's is in love." They kept on repeating, and skipping.

"I do not!" Colt tackled both of them down at the tall green grass. They squealed and laughed their heads off.

"Yah that's right. He's in looooveeeeee." A figure laughed.

The boys stood up, brushing the dust away. Colt went all red.

"What!? Watcha you going to do about? Hey where's Lily? Did she ditch you?" Darren and the others laughed.

"Why do you care where she is?" Colt said coldly.

"Colt, get inside, now." Rocky commanded.

Colt didn't listen he tackled Darren down. Rocky got Colt by the waist and struggled to pull him out.

"Let me go!" Colt struggled to get free.

"Oh no you don't, geez you are slippery as an eel. What did you put on yourself?"

"I put slippery anti-lotion."

"No wonder."


"Sheesh how much does she weigh?" Tanya complained.

"Shush, besides we are in the Palace, what a mighty mess." Nikki looked around then she saw a spirit. She nudged Tanya and motioned her to look up.

"Who are you?" The spirit asked.

"We are friends of Lily…"Nikki trailed off.

"What's wrong?"

"She's d-dead. Because the scepter-"

"Say no more." Selene wiped off the tears away from Nikki and she caught one tear and put it in a small bag. It was sparkling," Follow me."

They entered a room; it had crystals going across the rail, and a crystal chair. Beside the chair there was a stand; the crystal scepter, is in its place. Then beside the scepter it had a glass bed.

"Please, put her in here gently." The spirit said while her hands were behind the bed. Tanya and Nikki obeyed. Then suddenly the glass glowed a white- blue it fixed the palace. Everybody was hoping if it would work.

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