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Chapter 1:

It was one of those dreary days in New York. Leo Bloom was sitting on his bed, back against the wall, and stared outside the window. Outside it was cloudy and he himself wasn't exactly filled with sunshine either. Only a week and a half had passed since Max Bialystock had gone away on vacation. Max, his partner, was gone… now Bialystock&Bloom didn't exist anymore…only Bloom. And today, just like every other day for the past week and a half, Leo had hardly touched the food Ulla had prepared for him- only for her sake had he eaten the salad. Although he had to admit that lately his weight loss was starting to worry him too, he noticed it every time he looked at himself in the mirror and saw the bones at his hips sticking out. Why did it bother him so to be without Max? Well, the problem probably lay with the fact that they had had an argument before Max had left. And now Leo only left his apathetic position on the bed, to go and check the news for anything going on in England, which was where Max had gone. It had been such a petty argument…Max had been acting strangely ever since Leo had returned with Ulla from Rio, therefore Leo had come to the conclusion that Max was jealous of his relationship with Ulla because he had wanted her as well. Max had then reacted so angrily at the suggestion that he had decided to produce the next show on his own, but before that he had flown to London for a short vacation.

Leo was feeling bad because he was largely ignoring Ulla, no matter how much she tried to make him feel better. Now he was even sleeping alone in a guest room just because he couldn't stand the thought of physical contact.

"Leo, why don't you just call him? Don't let your pride stop you…" Ulla told him again.

"Ulla, it doesn't matter…" he replied shrugging.

"Okey dokey, I will go now and make shopping." she said and left him alone.

"I'm not too proud." Leo thought sighing "the truth is I'm scared to find out he's coping well without me."

Hesitantly he picked up the telephone. "It's so simple" that's what Max had always said… Numbly he dialed the number of the hotel Max was staying at, this time determined that he wouldn't hang up again.

"Hello, um..I'd like to talk to Mr Max Bialystock." he said.

"Shall I wake him up?"

"Oh um… I'm so sorry, I didn't think about the time differences. But please, do connect me."

"Very well." Leo waited quietly holding his breath. Would Max answer the phone?

"Yeah?" a grumpy voice mumbled at the other end of the line. Leo couldn't speak, suddenly his throat felt all too dry. "Hello?" Max repeated.

"Hi Max..I just wanted to know how you're doing. This is Leo by the way…" To his surprise Max started to laugh.

"Great timing, kid! Forgot about the time difference, eh?"

"Well, yeah… Ulla kept pushing me to call you…"

"So it wasn't actually you who wanted to call me.."

"Please Max, don't hang up… I wouldn't find the courage again to call you." he interjected quickly.

"I wasn't planning to hang up." Max replied gently.

"Oh um…great. How are you doing?" Leo asked afraid of the answer.

"Not too bad, kid. Just sometimes I miss a certain crazy person with a blue blanket."

Leo laughed. "Really,huh? I miss you too Max."

"Well, enough of this mushy stuff. "

"Alright then…how is London?"

"I like it, it's more quiet than New York but sometimes that's just what I need. The shows are kinda good , already saw 4. ..you know ,always looking for new material that we could produce."

"We?" Leo asked excitedly.

"Yes ,Leo. Partners all the way, lets forget about that stupid fight."

"Thank you, Max. I'm sorry I woke you up!"

"No problem, Leo. I'll see you in 3 days, ready for a new show!"

"Anytime, Max."


Leo hung up and felt as if a weight had been lifted from his shoulders. Max's voice always calmed him down, it was nice to know that there was someone who cared about him, who took the time to listen to small problems, even if they were "so simple".