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Chapter 3:

Leo Bloom was woken up by the first soft rays of sun shining on his face. He turned his back to the sun and refused to open his eyes.

"Leo, are you awake?"

"Mmh." he mumbled and blinked.

"I really don't wanna bother you but…um… could you possibly loosen your grip on my belly?"

Now Leo was forced to open his eyes. "Oh, sorry Max…" he mumbled embarrassed and turned around to face Max who had spent the entire night in a sitting position, his producers-hat pulled down to cover his eyes. "I finally managed to get some proper sleep again."

"Glad to hear it, kid. Lets hope it's gonna stay that way." Max said laughing.


"Of course,Leo. Always!"

"Alright, I'll go downstairs to make a fresh pot and you can use the bathroom first."


Leo got up first and climbed over Max to get to the kitchen. Max put his hat onto the bed and walked to the bathroom… he had slept miserably and yet he was happy because he had never been this close to Leo. He took off his jacket and his shirt and began to wash himself, afterwards he left all the clothes he didn't need in Leo's room and went downstairs into the living room.

"I've put some croissants in the oven." Leo said who was busy setting the table.

"You're great, Leo." Max said, pouring some coffee into two mugs.

A few minutes later Leo returned to the living room with the croissants. Max sipped on his coffee before saying : "And you're sure you want a divorce?"

"Yeah, I mean…I don't trust her anymore.. I'm actually beginning to think it'd be for the best if I stayed single…"

"Damn you Ulla, why did you have to hurt him so?" Max thought. "Well, Leo…can I give you a little advice? Don't think it's all negative…I mean some relationships can be very nice."

Leo took a hearty bite from his croissant so that all the chocolate cream inside was smeared around his mouth. "I know that." Leo replied, his mouth still filled with croissant.

Max couldn't help but smile and wiped a bit of chocolate from Leo's mouth. "What d'you wanna do today?" he asked.

"AH, I dunno…"

"How about… going for a walk in Central Park, or going to the movies… shopping ,or looking for a new show would also be options."

"Mmh… don't bother, Max. I'm not really in the mood for anything…"

"Ah, c'mon kid. Don't let this get to you. She's only a bloody woman…" Max sighed "but hey, I can't force you to do something you don't wanna do. I think I'll just quickly pop to my apartment to get some more clothes then."

"Max, please don't be angry."

"Nah, I'm not kid. Just worried, that's all. Don't do anything stupid, ok?" he said and got up.

"See you later."

Max left Leo's house and hailed a cab that would take him to his apartment. Somehow he had to find a way to cheer up Leo and suddenly he had an idea. He jumped out of the cab, raced up to his apartment, greeted Hillary with the explanation that his friend wasn't doing well and that he would have to spend another night at his place. Before she had time to complain, Max had already stuffed all his clothes into a bag and left the apartment.

The next stop was the supermarket. "What could I cook…" he thought. For starters he decided to make some salad, with home-made dressing and croutons. The main course would be duck with red cabbage and potatoes and for dessert he would make chocolate muffins. Max looked for the best looking lettuce, then he bought some salt, vinegar , cream, herbs and bread. He also bought a nice duck, red cabbage , potatoes, chocolate, milk ,eggs and sugar. Now the only thing missing were the drinks…a cream liquor for dessert and a good red wine. All of it cost a small fortune, but it was all worth it. The last thing he needed to buy was a cook book, without which he wouldn't have a chance. All things sorted he drove back to Leo's.

"Hey, Max! Wow… so many bags." Leo said and helped carry them inside "why do you need so many things?"

"For you, Leo. Ah, the weather outside is horrendous." Max said and closed the door behind him.

"Yeah, pretty windy." Leo agreed "so what's in those bags then?"

"That's a surprise! I've got a favour to ask… could you stay away from the kitchen for the next 2 hours? And then I want to see you in your most comfortable outfit in the living room…oh that reminds me: you can't go into the living room either for the next 2 hours!"

"O-okay Max…see you later then." Max watched with a smile on his face how Leo, obviously very confused, walked back upstairs.

"Well, starting with the duck." he mumbled returning into the kitchen, cleaned the duck, took out the intestines and seasoned it, afterwards putting it into the oven. Because he had some time left now, he switched on the radio and, dancing through the kitchen, began to unpack all the other ingredients. 45 minutes later he started to make the salad, washing the lettuce ,chopping it and putting it into a bowl. He prepared the dressing in a separate bowl so that the salad wouldn't be soggy. And last but not least he made the muffins, once again mixing all the ingredients together… everything apart from flour… how could he forgotten the flour?

"Leo must have flour in the house." he prayed and checked the cupboards and really, on the last shelf he found what he was looking for. Max stood on his tiptoes, trying to reach the bag with flour, knocking over a bag with icing sugar which went on his shirt.

"Great." he sighed, took the flour and added it to the mixture. When it was time to take the duck out of the oven, he put in the muffins and started boiling the potatoes. Then he put the red cabbage into a sauce pan and made the gravy, leaving everything to boil. In the meantime he went into the living room, setting the table, he even put a white rose on it, but something was still missing. Max walked up the stairs and knocked on Leo's door. "Do you have candles at all?"

"Yeah, sure. Hang on!" Leo replied and went to get them, he handed them to Max getting a glimpse of what he looked like "what's happened to you?" He once again looked at Max closely, from his black shirt that was covered in icing sugar, to his hair that was also slightly grey coloured.

"Don't ask, Leo. Just get changed… I'll meet you downstairs in 15 minutes."

Max went back downstairs, lit the candles and poured Leo and himself some wine. Then he took 2 smaller plates and put salad onto them. After taking the muffins out of the oven and putting the duck back in to keep it warm, he unbuttoned his shirt. He got changed in the kitchen and also smoothed his hair, when he heard Leo's soft call "Can I come down now?"

"Hang on a second." he called back, fixing his tie. He added the dressing to the salad and carried the plates back into the living room, where he turned off the lights. "Alright, you can come down now!"