Just a small scene that has haunted me for a while.

His cheeks stung as soon as he opened the fire escape door, the frosted wind whipping around him. The December Washington weather was in full force, temperatures dipping into the minus figures with snow beginning to blanket the ground and cause havoc to the roads.

"Bloody 'ell," he muttered under his breath, each syllable like a separate word as he pulled his jacket tight around his neck. He trotted up the few steps, his eyes scanning the small balcony in vain. She wasn't there. His head drooped slightly, his breath coming out in frustrated white bursts. He spun back around, his foot descending one step before stilling, finally set eyes on her.

She was sat hunched over on the next flight of stairs, hands clasped on her knees. Even in the dim light he could see her shivering. He frowned, a sigh escaping as he pulled his jacket off his shoulders and draped it around her. She bunched it tightly across her chest, the sudden warmth making her shudder even more.

The metal steps were freezing beneath him. "Alec called," he stated, having seen the memo note on her desk.

"He's seeing someone," she practically whispered.

Cal nodded slowly, he had been waiting for this moment. The ex-spouse moving on (before you) was a big adjustment for the newly divorced. The penultimate nail in the coffin of your old life. The final nail being-

"She's pregnant."

His eyes closed tightly, his body deflating. The final nail. And possibly even more painful. He wrapped an arm around her shoulder, pulling her into him as a sob wracked through her body. Her fists grabbed handfuls of his shirt as he placed a kiss in her hair.