Jealous Rage Chapter 1

Stella walking into Mac's office and spots a tall woman there. As she stepped in she saw that it was Peyton.

"Hey Stella what's up?" Mac said

Peyton now turning around

"Hello Stella!" she said with her British accent

"Morning!" was all Stella managed to say.

"Did you need me for something?" Mac asked

"It's not important Mac, I- I see you're busy. I- I'll talk to you later." Stella managed to say with a huge lump in her throat trying to hold back from crying.

"Stella!" Mac calls to her

But before he can say anything else she walked out the office with he hands balled into a fist.

"Let her go Mac, she said she'll talk to you later." Peyton said

{I know something is bothering her, i need to speak to her.} Mac thought to himself.

"Mac, come on you're with me now." Peyton said in a sort of seductive voice

"Peyton we're here at work, I'm not gonna fool around, besides I have work, to do.

Just as Peyton was about to reply to Mac, Danny comes in

"Hey Mac, have you seen- oh um hi Peyton, um Sid says he needs you for the body we found this morning." He said while looking at her.

"Thank you, Danny, I'll be right there." Peyton replied.

"See you tonight Mac." she said to him as she walked up to him and just as she was about to kiss him on his lips, he turned his face.

Peyton now walking out upset, she headed to go see Sid in the autopsy room.

"You okay boss?" Danny asked

"I don't know Danny, she's beginning to smother me, I can't take it anymore. Anyway have you seen Stella?" He asked in an anxious voice.

{to make this better i'll make this into conversation mode instead of he said she said}

Danny: "Umm yea, she's in the locker room beating up on her locker and well I think she cursing ur name in Italian and saying some weird greek stuff. Hey did you guys argue this morning?"

Mac: "No, she came into my office, saw me with Peyton and she just said she'd see me later and walked out.

Danny: "She's jealous Mac, she loves you and its breaking her heart to see you with another woman.

Mac: "Don't be silly Danny."

Danny: "I'm not, go talk to her and look into her eyes, you'll know what I mean. Everytime she looks at you there's a sparkle in her eye. That sparkle is love Mac."

Don walking in now.

Don: "Hey guys what's up?"

Danny: "Just telling Mac how much Stella loves him but he won't believe me."

Don: "Oh, come on Mac, you're kidding me right. Stella is in love with you, she was hurt when you didn't tell her about Peyton and everytime she sees both of you together she gets pissed off. (pausing for a minute) Hey I heard loud noises from the locker room what is that."

Danny: "Ahhh it's just Stella beating up on her locker and cursing in Italian or greek or something."

Don: "Wooow, she must be really mad if she cursing in greek too. Listen Mac, I'm telling you she's in love with you and it's hurting her to see you with Peyton.

Mac: "How would I have even known that she's in love with me.

Don: "Mac, you really don't see it do you. The way she looks at you, the hugs, the kisses on the cheek. Its not only because you're friends, its because she loves you and is showing her love for you. And well if i wasn't wrong I'd say that you love her too, you're just too chicken to admit it because you cant' see past Peyton.

Danny: "Oh, but Peyton is smothering him now."

Mac: "Shut up Danny. I - I -

Don: "Mac, do you even love Peyton, are your feelings real for her or is it because you don't want to be alone anymore and since Peyton stepped up to you, you went for her. Listen Mac, Stella is like a sister to me. I know she loves you, and you're hurting her by being with Peyton, she won't tell you to your face because she is your friend and cares about you. So she'll rather die inside then lose your friendship.

Mac: "I - um-"

Don: "I think you should think things through. Especially if you're really beginning to have problems with Peyton. But go and see Stella first."

Mac: "She probably won't want to talk to me, but ok, I'll go. But be alert if it gets quiet, she might be in there killing me especially if she's mad at me.

Don: "Don't worry, we'll say a nice speech about you at the funeral." says laughing which caused him to get a glare from mac.

With that Mac walked out the office and headed to the locker rooms in search of stella.

Meanwhile back in the locker room Stella is there thinking to herself.

Why can't he see it, why can't he see that' I'm deeply in love with him. I thought I've made it clear. Everyone in here knows but him.

"Bastardo! and she kept banging on the locker.