So I said maybe,

You're gonna be the one that saves me,

'Cause after all,

You're my wonderwall...

"Wonderwall" by Cartel


As it turned out, Tony had been wrong about the party. Cody's parents went out-of-town on a last minute business trip, and so what should have been a light "season opener" was later regarded as one of the best parties of the year.

It figures as much.

The bass was booming and I could hear the music from a few blocks away, which was an instant sign that it was probably not as Tony had predicted. I thought about turning, but he was expecting, and if McGee had shown up, he would be alone. Sighing, I continued to walk toward the party.

Upon entering, I was immediately offered a drink, which I declined. I hadn't planned on staying long, especially since I was then sure that parents were not in attendance. I saw Abby in a corner with a few other people I knew, none of whom were dressed as she was. In what I could only assume was her party attire, she was wearing a black-and-neon green argyle sweater vest over a black button up shirt, which she paired with a short black pleated skirt and knee high neon green socks. The oddest thing to me was that she was still flirting with pretty much every guy around her.

With a sigh, I continued on, hoping to find Tim or Tony. Tony was nowhere in sight, though I did spot Kate chatting with a few other of the more popular girls. Either she did not see me, or she didn't acknowledge. I finally found Tim in a corner by himself, looking furiously at a portable game system.

"Hello, Tim," I greeted, grabbing a chair from nearby and pulling it over.

"Hold on." He pressed more buttons, and I glanced over. I had no idea what he was playing, but whatever it was, it involved a lot of shooting. I looked pointedly away.

He got to the end of his level and set it down on his knee. "Sorry about that. Hello, Ziva."

"I thought Abby promised not to leave you?" I asked.

"She always does."

I looked curiously at him. "She is not here."

"She never is."

I frowned. "That does not seem like a very nice thing to promise. Why do you come?"

He sighed and his face reddened in embarrassment. "She asked me to come. So I came."

I opened my mouth to respond, and then it hit me. I quickly closed my mouth and looked away.

He sighed. "It's okay, Ziva. Pretty much everyone knows except Abby. Or maybe she does know..."

I glanced over at him, and he was avoiding my eye. "She wouldn't use you like that, Tim. She doesn't much like me, but she is your friend. She does not know."

"I don't think she doesn't like you, Ziva," he answered. "I think she's a little jealous that she's not the only object of Tony's affection anymore."

I was unsure how to take that, so I didn't respond to that. "Speaking of Tony, have you seen him?"

"Isn't that him right there?"

And sure enough, there he was. He was dancing on top of a table in time with the increasingly loud music. He looked foolish to me, but everyone else seemed to be cheering him on, some laughing, most shouting.

"He cannot be that drunk already," I observed.

"He probably hasn't had anything to drink yet," said Tim. "He says he doesn't drink until at least eleven at parties, and only if he's staying over at the person's house afterward."

"I am glad he has principles regarding that," I answered sarcastically.

Suddenly Tony noticed me too, and hopped off the table, much to the dismay of the large crowd surrounding him. He parted the people and walked up to me, sitting of the arm of my chair.

"Hey, Ziva!" he greeted, a little breathlessly. "Why didn't you come say hi before?"

"I have only been here a few minutes," I answered. "I had not yet seen you, but I see how you were occupying yourself before."

He laughed a little, throwing a crooked grin in my face for good measure. My stomach dropped a bit. "You wanna dance?"

"I am not a very good dancer," I confessed. "American dancing is something I have not attempted yet."

"Oh, c'mon, Zi," he said. "I can teach you."

"In front of everyone?" I asked doubtfully. "These people already dislike me enough, imagine if I started dancing. I would never live it down. I would be the terrorist...who cannot dance."

"You're overexaggerating," he said. He grabbed my hand and pulled up, and my stomach fell away even more. "Please?"

I glanced over at Tim, and he gave me a smug smile. I shook my head at him and turned back to Tony. "I guess. not leave me."

"I won't, Ziv. I promise." He led me through the crowd by the hand, and I only got a few odd looks. One of the best things about Tony was that no one questioned him, so when I was with him, no one questioned me.

We found a nearly empty corner, and he looked expectantly at me.

"Um..." I said awkwardly. "I really have no idea how to do this."

He smiled a little at my hesitation. "Alright. Pretty much all you do is stand up against me and rock your hips back and forth."

"That seems...odd," I said.

"It's not so bad once you start doing it." He grabbed my shoulders and directed me to the right position, and then we started dancing. He was right—once I got the hang of it, it was actually...really...okay, it was still weird. But it was Tony, and I couldn't just stop, could I?

"You're not so bad at this," he said into my ear after a minute, which had the combined effect of scaring me and making me move closer to him. I didn't respond—my heart was beating too fast for me to breathe.

The song ended, and it switched to a slower song, one I recognized as something by Cartel. I began to turn around when Abby appeared, smiling brightly.

"Wanna dance, Tony?"

He looked at her and looked back at me. I expected him to say 'Sorry, Abs, I was gonna dance with Ziva.' Or, 'Sorry, Abs, I'm not much of a slow dancer.' Or even, 'Sorry, Abs, I'd rather go dance with Tim.'

Instead he looked at me. "You mind?"

What could I have said? Abby looked at me expectantly, and I shook my head.

"No," I said quietly. "Go ahead."

"Thanks, Ziva!" she answered, and, before I could blink, she'd grabbed his hand, and they were gone.

I looked at the spot where he had been, and I remembered how hard my heart had been beating moments before.

"So much for that," I said to myself. I turned around, intending to leave, and ran abruptly into Michael Rivkin, who spilled a bit of his drink on me.
"I am so sorry," I apologized in horror. I tried to gather myself, and he laughed a little.

"Relax, Ziva."

I wasn't expecting him to know my name. "Um. I can get you another drink, if you want."

"I can get it," he answered. "You want one?"

I began to answer, and then I cut myself off. I looked a little wistfully at Tony and Abby, who had appeared again near the edge of the dance floor. They were standing closer than necessary, and he was whispering into her ear, and she was smiling back.

I looked back at Michael. "Sure. I guess."

We headed over toward the bar.


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