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The next Monday.

Roy's office.

The office was quiet for a change. It hadn't been quiet for nearly a week.

Riza sighed in relief. She would have the place up to speed again within a few days. She would need to be tougher for a while to not let standards slip, the office was already infamously lazy and their adventures around Central and in Eastern headquarters were well known throughout the Military.

"Fuery, I trust that you'll be acting appropriately for a work environment," Riza said, glaring at him as he walked into the office his hanging his head in shame.

"Of course, Lt. Hawkeye," Fuery replied, still facing the ground.

"That's what I like to hear," she smiled sincerely, "And Lt. Havoc, I trust that you are willing to go back to the usual routine."

"Yes, Hawkeye."

"Look, it's Breda and Falman too. I hope you are both going to return to normal again now," Riza said smiling at them.

"'Course," Breda muttered, like Fuery, he too was looking down at the ground.

"Of course, Lt. Hawkeye. I am looking forward to returning back to our usual routine here at the office," Falman said, saluting Riza.

"Falman, you need to loosen up, but your formal resonse is appreciated," Riza sighed.

Ed walked in relatively unnoticed and collapsed onto the couch and fell asleep. He was a bit bruised and dented after being in the explosion caused by Wrath and he was missing one automail arm.

"Odd," Riza sighed as she glimpsed Ed's entrance.

"Everyone salute your brave and, dare I say it, handsome leader, Colonel Roy Mustang!" Hughes announced dramatically as he swung the door open and pushed Roy in.

"You're right Hughes, you did help me make an entrance, but maybe next time make it seem like we're not a couple," Roy growled.

"I was just saying it in order to get Hawkeye's attention. We all know you li…" Hughes' whispering was cut short by a punch to the gut by Roy.

"Don't you have work to do?" Roy growled again.

"You would think, but I got a few weeks off to help look after my dear friend, and if anyone asks, my brother, Roy," Hughes replied as he winced from Roy's punch.

"Brother?!" Roy exclaimed.

"Dammit, that's mine!" Alphonse screamed from somewhere in the distance.

"Yeah, brother. They wouldn't give me time off unless we're related," Hughes sighed.

"But we don't have the same last name!" Roy replied, "Do you think about anything you do?"

"For a few seconds then I give up and yes we do have the same surname. I managed to change your files so your name is now Roy E. Hughes," Hughes smirked.

"What's the 'E' stand for?" Roy asked cautiously.

"Elysia. I couldn't think of anything else and it's a cute name," Hughes sighed and not daring to look Roy in the eye.

And with that the office uproared in laughter.

"You ok there ELYSIA?" Havoc emphasized.

The others laughed.

"SHUT UP!" Roy roared.

The office went quiet.

"AND YOU LEAVE, NOW!" he roared at Hughes.

"I'll wait outside just in case you need me, brother dearest," Hughes replied, shutting the door behind him.

Roy looked back at the others and drew daggers at them all.

"It's good to have everything back to normal, Sir," Riza said to him.

"Yes, Riza, yes it is," Roy replied, and then a rather sinister grin spread across his face, "And revenge is always fun."

He glared evilly before rolling to his desk.

Then the Fuhrer burst through the door waking Ed.

The whole office rose to their feet upon his entrance.

"Mustang, Elric, I heard of your unfortunate accident on Friday with the explosion and what-not," Bradley said, "So I'm going to give you a long vacation. In Risembol."

"Bu… but Winry! She'll notice my lack of automail arm after Wrath blew it up!" Ed cried, "She'll kill me! I'd rather be exploded again than come face-to-face with her and the wrench."

Ed shuddered at the thought of 'the wrench' and then collapsed.

"While you are away, Lt. Hawkeye will be in charge," Bradley continued regardless and turned to Roy, "And to fill in the two positions of you and Edward, I have some replacements to cover for you both."

Bradley opened the door over to show Wrath standing in the doorway, waving enthusiastically.

"Wrath and En…" Bradley stopped as he turned to see that Envy was not there too.

"Where's my money?" Hughes yelled as he sat over Envy, who looked dizzy and battered, repeatedly punching him.

"What money?"

"You know what money!" Hughes shouted, still punching him.

"Well, goodbye everyone," Roy smiled, "I'm off to Risembol for a few weeks. Come along, Fullmetal I'm sure your little girlfriend will be pleased to see you."

Ed quickly recovered and stood up.

"She's not my girlfriend!" Ed ranted at him.

"Denial is the first sign!" Roy sang.

"Do you love Lt. Hawkeye?" Ed replied, snidely.

"Of course not!" Roy said flustered.

"Denial is the first sign!" Ed sang, mocking Roy's previous comment.

"Anyway, I hate to interrupt your amusing little back-and-forth there, but your transport is waiting outside and don't worry we got someone to pack you both some clothes and stuff. And Edward your brother is even being treated to the trip too," Bradley smiled.

The three of them left the office, leaving Wrath at the door with a stupid grin on his face while drooling insanely.

"Revenge is very sweet!" Roy called along the corridor.

"HI EVERYONE!" Wrath screeched at them.

"RUN!" Riza screamed at them.

The End

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