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Third Person POV

L and Light raced upstairs to the bathroom, both going to the sink. Luckily, it was a double-sink.

Light sat in the sink and started washing his germ-infested jeans and L...

L was washing his cake.

The cake box was long forgotten in the corner of the bathroom. Poor thing.

There was an awkward silence which wasn't really silent because the Task Force members were screaming downstairs and the two genii could hear ever word they sai-... yelled.

Soon the screaming stopped and became sobbing. Then it got quiet again so Light spoke. "Um... so... about the kiss..."

L stopped him with a glare. "You are never to mention that again."

Light opened his mouth but thought better of it. He lowered his head and continued to let water run on the backside of his jeans.

After several minutes of listening to water run, Light said, "So... why are you washing the cake?"

"Because it fell on the floor and is dirty," L said sharply. Light kept talking anyway.

"Just throw it out and buy a new one."

L paused in lathering the cake in soap before saying harshly, "Never even joke about throwing out cake."

The teen with a water-drenched butt gulped before turning away from L.

L sighed. "Why don't you just use the washing machine?"

Light stared incrediously at the panda-man. "Are... you must be kidding, right?"

The detective shook his head. "Why kid about laundry? Wouldn't such a thing be extremely important to Light-kun?"

"Y-Yeah but... a laundry machine?" Light shuddered.

"Yes, a laundry machine, Light-kun." Really, was it that complicated?

"No. No laundry machines, Ryuzaki."

"Why not?"

Light absently glared at the floor. "They're evil."

L snorted. "And I suppose dryers are sinister as well?"

"No, dryers are fine. Why would you think they're bad?"

L blinked. "Never mind, Light-kun. Why are washing machines evil?"

"... Washing machines are evil?" Light asked.

"... Yes..."

"Why? What'd they do to you?"

"... Never mind."

Light furred his eyebrows. "Tell me."

"No," L said while shaking his head.

"Tell me!" Light whined.


"Just tell me!"

"I said 'No,' Light-kun!"

Light splashed some water at L. "Meanie."

However, L did not hear the comment. He was staring at his shirt in horror. "W-... Water... S-Shirt... WATARI!" he yelled, running out of the bathroom and through the halls. Light was dragged behind him due to the handcuffs.


Watari suddenly appeared in a doorway with two hair-dryers. He turned them on full blast, causing L to fly through the air and Light be dragged the other way.

L was caught midair, right before he hit the wall. Light wasn't as lucky and banged his head. Hard.

"Thank you, Ryuk-san," L said, standing on the floor once more. He looked over to Light's unconscious body.

"Maybe we should pour a bucket of water on his head?" Watari suggested.

"No," L answered right away. He'd be damned if anymore shirts got wet. "He'll wake up eventually."

And so, they waited.

And waited.

And waited.

For about two minutes.

Then L said, "Oh, Watari. We're out of cake. Go buy some more, please."

Watari saluted and said "Yes," before marching out of the room.

Then he marched back in, turned on Aizawa's CD player and put on 'When the Saints Go Marching in.'

Then he marched back out to go get the cake.

All the while, the cake box remained in the bathroom while the two sinks were still running.