Chapter 1

As the bell rung Amu made her way to the royal garden. 'I wonder what today's meeting will be about' Amu wondered to herself then reverted her thoughts to something else 'I wonder how Nadeshiko is doing, I haven't seen or talked to her for awhile' she frowned and thought sadly.

At the royal garden….

Before Amu walked into the royal garden she put on a fake smile and walked in to see everyone and everything in their place. "minasan , kon'nichiwa" Amu said while smiling flakey but tried to make it look real everyone but Nagihiko bought the fake smile. "kon'nichiwa" everyone smiled and got back to work. As Amu took her place next to Nagihiko Tadase began the guardian's meeting "well there is nothing new to say for today so we will just be doing paper work" Tadase announced and got back to filling out the paper he was working on. Amu sighed and this time everyone seemed to notice " is there something wrong Amu?" Rima asked in a questioning tone. Amu looked up at Rima with a frown and sadness in her eyes "oh it's nothing" Amu replied while a tear dropped down her face. As soon as Amu felt it fall down her face she quickly tried to wipe it away without anyone noticing but everyone saw anyway. "Nadeshiko….." Amu murmured to herself under her breath. Nagihiko looked at Amu clearly hearing his female name being called out he thought quickly and finally decided to say "umm Amu Chan I heard Nadeshiko is going to be coming back for a short while". At the sound of Naghihiko saying Nadeshiko is coming back Amu jump out of her seat and squealed " Ehhh Nadeshiko is coming back!" Amu yelled happily "How come you didn't tell me" Amu pointed at Nagihiko. Nagihiko thought fast " ummm err she just told me today and it seems I have forgotten" Nagihiko said nervously as everyone sweat dropped at how fast Amu's mood changed. "She also told me to ask you if you would like to spend the night at our place" Nagihiko smiled at Amu's happiness "Id love to Amu squealed and hugged Nagihiko. A faint blush appeared on Nagihiko's face as Amu hugged him and finally let him go "arigatō gozai mashi ta" Amu said happily. As the sun began to set Tadase finally dismissed everyone.

In Amu's room

"Ran mikki Su im back!" Amu called out to them and saw them come out of the bag that Amu was carrying. The three charas sweat dropped and said "Amu Chan we went with you remember?" Amu looked at them and said "what should I bring with me to Nadeshiko's house tomorrow?" Amu looked around and saw the game she brought with her to Nadeshiko's house last time she slept over "maybe I should bring these" Amu said to herself while putting it and her other necessities in her bag for the sleep over. When she finally finished packing, showering, and brushing her teeth she climbed into bed and said goodnight to her guardian charas.

Naghihiko's room

"What should I do" Nagihiko was panicking in his room while his two guardian chara's Temari and Rhythm sweat dropped and suggested "why don't you just do what you did last time?" Temari asked and smiled "because last time I wasn't going to tell her that l am really a guy" Nagihiko pointed out while still panicking "don't worry I will help you" Temari said and yawned "im going to go to sleep now" Temari said sleepily and Rhythm followed while yawning "me too". Nagihiko watch his two charas go into their egg shells and looked outside at the pretty night sky that was filled with stars and a bright full moon "I hope you're not too upset when I tell you" Nagihiko murmured to himself and then climbed into his bed to get some rest.