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"so…." Mike chewed and swallowed before he continued, "you and Rosalie are going to Las Vegas in a week and a half." He said this slowly, trying to wrap his mind around the concept I supposed. I nodded and took another stab at my asparagus, trying to avoid his confused blue eyes.

"Yep." I told him with a pop of my lips and took a drink of my tea as I tried to disregard the awkward silence.

I had told him bluntly once dinner had begun and had watched him digest it as he ate the dinner I had defrosted and put into the skillet, foregoing the microwave instructions.

Mike was a kind and simple man who had a tendency to be quite boring, he wanted a house in the suburbs with a white picket fence, a dog, and two point five kids. The American dream, and after moving around most of my life with my eccentric mother I didn't mind the idea of stability.

I hadn't fallen for Mike right away, but he was persistent and I had eventually given in and now loved him like a comfortable old t-shirt. I could see myself, maybe not absolutely brimming with happiness, but content in fifty years.

Though I didn't look ahead fifty years too often, I tended to see myself with orange hair and twenty cats for some incomprehensible reason.

"But, why?" Mike finally asked with the most confused look on his face.

I laughed a little at his confusion, "Why the hell not, Mike?"

"But… we just got engaged!" His brows were still folded into confusion as he looked down at his plate, he tended to get that look a lot when I talked to him, it was as if everything I did confused him to no end.

I looked at him blankly, "And?"

I instantly chided myself, I was being insensitive I knew, but the idea of marriage to Mike didn't really matter to me, it was just another necessary step in my life.

And apparently it would be my second marriage.

So much for my childhood dream to marry one man and be married forever and ever.

Oh wait, I never had that dream.

I was so robbed of a normal childhood… that could be a bumper sticker…

I snickered to myself.

"Bella?" Mike eyed me as if I had gone crazy, I sighed, just tell him, I thought to myself as I eyed the too shiny ring on my finger and idly wondered if the diamond came from Africa and wondered at Mike's reaction if I were to ask and decided against it.

I looked up into his blue eyes and knew I couldn't tell him, it was too late and it would only elicit the smallest of reactions from him, which I didn't deserve. I needed him to be mad at me, to force me to grovel and beg for forgiveness, but he wouldn't, he would accept it and tell me it didn't matter to him.

Mike was mild and boring in that way, he avoided confrontation at all costs.

"So we thought we would leave next Thursday, and be back Tuesday," I told him, "is that ok?"

He looked at me with pressed lips and I knew he wanted to tell me no, but I knew he wouldn't, he just nodded and resumed eating.

I jumped up and kissed him on the cheek in thanks and made my way to the kitchen to scrape my leftovers into a Tupperware and put it in the fridge. I leaned up against the counter and sighed, wishing for some reason he had told me no.


"And all he did was nod," I told Rosalie as I plopped down into a heavily padded chair, slipping a bit as it tried to roll out from under me.

Rosalie's jean cladded legs stuck out from beneath a small car as she grunted and reached blindly for a wrench that was beside her hip.

"What did you expect Bella," she asked me in a strained voice as she tightened something, using all the strength she possessed, "him to tell you no? He never tells you no to anything, it's pathetic."

I grimaced, feeling a touch of protectiveness, "stop knocking Mike, he's a good guy."

"True," she grunted again and swore under her breath, "can't deny he's boring as hell though," she said, a bit out of breath.

Rosalie rolled out from underneath the car and looked at me, "I really can't see why you want to marry him, just saying," she picked herself up and went to wash her hands at her oversized industrial sink. She worked the grease off her hands as I rotated myself to the right and left slowly.

Her remark caught me off guard, she had never expressed a particular like or dislike towards Mike, but Rosalie was that way with most people so it hadn't bothered me.

"So do you not think I should marry him?" I asked her, quietly.

She stilled and thought about it for a minute before shrugging and resuming her scrubbing, "Hell if I know, I just want to go to Vegaeess." She turned her head and winked at me.

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