Fire Alone

Summary: Zuko loves Katara and everyone sees that she loves him back, she refuses to accept the fact that she loves Zuko back. She misses her Mother and Zuko hates his life, will they come together? Who will be the one to comfort first? Suspense, Action, Romance (this may or may not be a Zutara story).

Chapter One: Truth Or Dare?

"Oh they all trust you? I was the first one to trust you and you betrayed me!" Katara's words stung Zuko everyday that he remembered them. He wanted her to love him like he loved her. He was going to try as hard as he could to get her to at least like him.

"Good morning Katara!" Zuko said brightly.

She glared at him and walked away, leaving a sheet of ice so he would slip.

"Okay gang! Gather round!" Sokka said.

"We are going to play a little game like truth or dare."

Everyone except Katara looked at him questioningly. Katara explained what truth or dare was.

"Someone asks you truth or dare. If you chose truth you have to answer one question completely honestly, if you chose dare, someone will tell you to do something and you have to do it no matter how cheesy, or embarassing."

Everyone shook their heads, agreeing to this weird but fun game.

"Aang since you are the avatar why don't you go first?" Sokka said.

"Alright, Katara truth or dare?"

"Truth." She answered.

Aang took a minute to think.

"If you had to fight one of us who would you fight and why."

"Zuko, because he is mean and heartless and he betrayed me in ba sing sey."

Zuko winced and everyone looked uncomfortable.

"Toph truth or dare?" Katara asked.

"Dare." Toph was a brave one. Katara was the master of dares.

"I dare you to where my prettiest dress and let me give you a make over." Katara knew that Toph would hate it, but she had to let her do it.

"Your on water bender." Everyone laughed and Toph said, "Truth or dare sokka?"


"I dare you to kiss me." Toph smirked.

"No way! That's just weird." Sokka whined.

"Sorry Sokka it's a dare." Sokka walked over and kissed Toph on the cheek. "You never said where I had to kiss you." He mumbled.

"Zuko truth or dare?"

"Uhhh truth?" Zuko said unruly.

"Do you have a crush on Katara."

"Yes. I do. Suki truth or dare?"

Katara's eyes popped out of her head. No way, she thought, Zuko can't like me!

"Um Katara you ok?" Sokka asked.

"I uh, I uh, I uh, I uh, uhhhhh I'm going to practice water bending!" With that Katara ran off.

"Crap." Zuko put his head in his hands. Sokka put a hand on Zuko's back.

"It's ok, she'll come around." He said.

"No she won't! I know she won't, she hates me! It's not fair!" Zuko yelled.

"Dude, CALM DOWN! I know my sister, she doesn't get hurt that easily! She has to really care about someone to feel betrayed."

"Thanks Sokka, that made me feel so much better!" Zuko said sarcastically.

"You know what I mean. Go talk to her, she might lighten up." Zuko walked down by the ocean to find Katara on an ice berg practicing her bending. He thought she was beautiful. The sun reflected off of the iceberg and the water surrounding her.

Zuko took a deep breath. "Hey Katara? Bend me a path?" He yelled.

She reluctantly made an ice path to her ice berg. When he reached her he said. "Hi."

"Why did you say that, you don't actually like me do you?" She asked him.

"I actually do, I know it's weird, but everytime I saw you i just got this undescribable feeling inside, and the only way I could think to shield it was to lash out on you."

"What about Ba Sing Sey? Why were you so nice to me?"

"I thought you felt the same back there."

"Why would I feel that way, you took my mother away from me!"

"I didn't do that Katara, someone else from the fire nation did it."

"You are still fire nation, you're the prince! For all intensive purposes you took my Mom!"

"Katara I didn't! Had I known you then I would have done everything in my power to stop your Mother's life from being taken by the fire nation!"

"I don't believe you! All you cared about was capturing Aang!"

"Katara! That was a good seven-nine years after your Mother died! You must know how I feel! I lost my whole family except my uncle! My Mother was taken away from me! My father gave me a scar that covered half my face, and Azula my sister yeah she wants to kill me! Katara you should know how I feel!" Zuko screamed.

Katara started tearing up. "Zuko..."

"Save it! Katara you don't think! That's your biggest problem you don;t think before you act/say things!"

"Zuko that's not true!"

"Yes it is! Don't think! Katara I'm begging you, just for me for one minute don't think and tell me what you feel..."