The next morning everyone got on Appa and began the journey to the fire nation. Katara slept soundly on Zuko's chest. Aang stared at her longingly. No one knew it but Toph was awake, and so was Sokka and Azula. Mai was still sleeping. Azula got up and walked over to Sokka who was steering Appa.

"Hey" She looked at him, he just stared straight ahead.

"You should be sleeping." He murmured.

"I couldn't stop thinking about TyLee." She told him.

"Stop thinking about it there is nothing you can do now." He sighed. Azula let a few tears slip. Sokka glanced over at her and kept staring ahead.

"You're so good." She said staring ahead. He looked at her.

"I'm good? What do you mean?"

"You're just good. You care so much about you're sister and the people you love you're willing to die for them. I wish I was that good. All my life I've never even thought of giving my life for someone, except maybe my father." She scoffed then. "All I've ever done is watch people die for me, people who cared about me. Like that soldier. I didn't even know his name. I think him and Mai would be cute together don't y-" She was cut off mid sentence by Sokka's lips. Her eyes widened and fluttered closed. His arm snaked around her waist and she laid back against Appa's soft fir. The night air filled there senses as they kissed. It was a kiss filled with passion, one un like anything either of them had ever felt before. They were hungry for the one thing they had always felt depraved of; love. Until they heard Toph cough.

"Would you two cut it out I'm trying to go to sleep." She huffed. Sokka told Azula to close her eyes as he woke Zuko and gave her her fire bending back.

-2 hours later at the fire nation-

"Aang! Help!" Toph yelled. Aang whirled around and saw two guards trying to grab Toph. Anger welled up inside of him and he sent a tornado spiraling at them. They collapsed on the ground dead. Toph looked up at Aang shocked. He had actually killed someone.

"Wh-what was that?" She yelled. Aang looked at her.

"I-I just… I don't know." Aang hung his head in shame. He didn't know what had come over him, Toph being hurt… was a scary thought to him. He didn't even feel bad about killing those two men. He felt Toph peck him on the cheek and look away shyly.

"Thanks twinkle toes." Aang smiled cheekily and they continued fighting until they got into the palace. Zuko came running with a limping Katara.

"DUCK!" They heard a voice shout. They looked to each other and dropped to the floor, just as a beam of lighting came flying into the palace. They looked up as they saw Ozai standing in front of them. They all bolted up with the exception of Katara who needed Zuko's help. Azula and Sokka came running in.

"Zuko, Azula. You have disgraced me. Especially you." Ozai's eyes landed on Azula. It was as if time stopped and they were the only two people in the room. Hatred was emanating from both of their eyes.

"You knew this was going to happen." Azula spat at Ozai. He narrowed his eyes.

"Of course I did. I know everything."

"Not everything."

Azula sent a lightning bolt straight at her father. Ozai smiled eerily and directed the lightning back towards her. Azula was a deer caught in headlights. Zuko and Sokka both yelled "NO!" And jumped towards her. The lightning grazed Sokka and he was momentarily stunned. Zuko took the full brunt of the blow and flew backwards twitching and electrifying on the ground. Katara ran to him.

"Zuko! No!" She was crying and trying to heal him with her water but it wasn't working. He was fading. Her head flew towards Ozai. She created a title wave that surrounded him.

"Any last words?" She spat.

"Just one." He sent electricity into the water. Katara was thrown back. She was connected to the water and her water was being destroyed. The blow knocked her unconscious as she fell on Zuko. The only people left to fight against him was Azula, Sokka, Toph, and Aang.

"Guys don't." Toph Sokka and Toph looked at Aang. "This is my destiny, get Katara and Zuko out of here." They looked at each other and nodded. Aang created a barrier between him and his friends of rock, ice, fire, and tornados. The fire lord couldn't get through. Sokka picked up Zuko and Azula picked up Katara, they ran to Appa and circled the palace, Azula taking out any guards trying to enter. Toph was a mess.

"Let him live." She prayed.

Aang couldn't hold the barrier up any longer and he sent it flying at Ozai. Ice sliced into him and rock hit him - hard. When the elements faded Aang looked at Ozai. He had ice shards lodged in his arms, bruises on his legs from the rock, and a huge burn on his face from the fire.

"Let's end this." Aang spat and flew at the fire lord with tornados. Ozai reached up and grabbed Aang's leg and threw him across the room. Aang hit the opposite wall with a thud, he had broken his leg, and dislocated his ankle. Aang shrieked in pain. Ozai walked over to him and picked him up.

"How about we let you're friends watch you die." Ozai used his fire to fly him and Aang up to the roof.

"There they are!" Toph yelled. "Oh no, he's hurt. Fly down!" Sokka directed Appa down to where Aang and Ozai were.

Toph jumped off of Appa and landed behind the fire lord. She summoned a huge boulder and hung it above their heads.

"Put. Him. Down." Toph seethed. Ozai laughed.

"Or what? You'll crush me, you'll crush him too." Toph eyes flickered and she narrowed them again.

"I know, but you need to die, so put him down, or you both die." Toph looked at Aang who nodded in approval.

"Fine." Ozai threw Aang over the side of the palace. Aang manipulated the air to fly himself up to Appa. Ozai hadn't noticed Appa. Aang looked at Azula.

"Do you think you can get a good shot of lightning from here?" She nodded. She went to Appa's tail and held onto his thick fur.

"Three, two, one." She aimed and sent the lightning bolt towards Ozai, she was slightly off and the lightning went straight at Toph, she saw it, and metal bended part of the palace in front of her so the lightning would bounce off of it.

"NOW!" Azula screamed. Aang sent a tornado flying towards the palace as Sokka sent ice shards. When the smoke cleared, Ozai was no longer alive. They flew down to the palace and got off of Appa. Sokka healed Aang's leg and dislocation and together they worked on helping Zuko and Katara. Katara was the first to open her eyes and the second she could water bend she began trying to heal Zuko. Azula walked over to Mai.

"Where have you been in all of this?" She asked. Mai smirked.

"Why do you think no guards tried to harm Aang IN the palace? I took care of them." Azula chuckled. Finally after an hour of bending, Zuko was alive and opened his eyes.

"Zuko!" Katara kissed him.

"Hey, what happened? Is he dead?" Zuko asked.

"Yes." Mai, Sokka, Aang, Toph and Azula said at once.

"We did it." Katara smiled helping Zuko to his feet.

The seven of them stood there, arms linked staring up at the sky. After a hundred years of war, blood and death. The four elements could finally be at peace. They say that friendships are tested in times of hardship and friendships remain through thick and thin, well whoever "they" is, had the right idea. Because for the rest of their lives, Mai, Sokka, Azula, Katara, Sokka, Zuko, and Aang stayed close. Not before long, the four elements became one, and a world of peace was created.

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