This is a collection of twenty-five short little prompts about the X-Men Evo cast.

-Wolf Warrior

Disclaimer: I do not own X-Men Evolution.

1. Questions

Kitty didn't know which was funnier, how red Roberto got after Rahne kissed him on the cheek, or how pale Logan got after Laura (X-23, who had moved in a couple weeks ago) asked him what her 'time of the month' was.

2. Curls

Rogue had never told anyone, but in reality, her hair was curly

3. Muffins

Kitty did realize her cooking wasn't that great, but when Scott took her homemade muffins to a hazardous waste facility to be "properly disposed of" she thought he was going just a little overboard.

4. Language

Lance knew Pietro and Wanda argued a lot, but the Brotherhood never really listened to the squabbles. So when, during a fight with the X-Men, the two started arguing Lance just tuned the twins out. That is, until Nightcrawler asked them how they knew Dutch.

5. Danger Room

Kurt had gotten so many early Danger Room Sessions that he had his own training session with different levels.

6. Religion

Kurt was never really vocal about his Christianity at the Institute, but when Jamie asked him what would happen to him after death he decided to change that.

7. Perfection

Jean Grey knew she wasn't perfect, but if the others wanted to believe she had no flaws or fears she decided to let them keep believing that.

8. Existence

To Todd, Wanda was perfect. To Todd, Wanda was beautiful. To Todd, Wanda was his life.

9. Criminal

Tabitha always tried to convince herself she wouldn't end up like her father, a criminal. But when she joined the Brotherhood she found it getting harder and harder to convince herself that she was the good guy.

10. Nicknames

Jean was always flattered when Duncan called her sexy, but when Scott called her beautiful she couldn't help but feel like she was floating.

11. Royalty

Amara loved being a princess; she just wished Tabitha would stop teasing her about it.

12. Family-Man

To Sam Guthrie his family always comes first.

13. Obstacles

Remy knew he could woo his chere, but first he had to get through Wolverine.

14. Her

She was his light, his hope, his future. And he wouldn't change that for the world.

15. Prank

Over the years, pink hair dye becomes Bobby's signature.

16. Next Best

Roberto couldn't but feel a pang of inferiority at the title New Mutants.

17. Unknown

Not even Pietro knew about Wanda's collection of Scooby Doo DVDs in her closet.

18. Love

The only thing Wolverine feared.

19. Nightmares

No X-Men could escape that one thing that haunted them night after night.

20. Talking

Evan never admits it to any of the Morlocks, but once a month he would return to the surface and talk to Kurt, the only mutant he trusted to not try to force him to go back to the institute.

21. Red

Scott did find it kind of ironic that his car was the same color as his glasses.

22. Brothers

Alex was ecstatic when he found out Scott was his brother, but to say he wasn't slightly jealous of him would be a lie.

23. Haywire

Not all of Forge's inventions malfunctioned, just the ones he showed the X-Men.

24. Wishing

Beast often wished for the days when he looked normal and was just a normal school teacher, but then he looks around the Institute and all his wishes are swept away.

25. Normal

To say that the X-Men, New Mutants, Brotherhood, or Acolytes didn't sometimes wish to be normal would be a lie.

Thank you for reading. I would appreciate any feedback. If anyone wants to make a one shot or story based on one of the prompts they're welcome to. All I ask is that they tell me. And if I accidently copied someone's previous idea please tell me so I can either take off said prompt or give them credit for it. I am open to doing 25 more if anyone asks.