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26. Promise

They had found his visor broken, and she couldn't feel his presence in her mind, but Jean knew Scott wasn't dead. He wouldn't leave her.

27. Redundant

When Kitty threatened Nightcrawler with certain death if he came back from the mission in a body bag, Remy had to stop himself from rolling his eyes.

28. Protected

It was only in his arms that she felt truly safe.

29. Tune

"Blob, we get it that 'another one bites the dust', now would you please stop singing that blasted song!"

30. Sorry

The one word Sabertooth would never say.

31. Doubts

At every funeral Rogue always wondered is it worth it?

32. Expired

"Why is the milk green?"

33. Pawn

Pietro hated chess. Not because it was too slow, no, but because he knew what piece his father considered him to be.

34. Expression

Rogue held back a sardonic laugh through her tears; even in death her brother was grinning like a fool.

35. Acceptance

The hardest thing Ororo ever had to do was tell her sister Evan had gone to live in a sewer, believing only those who lived down there could ever truly understand him.

36. Advantage

Out of all of the Mansions' students, Rahne had the best puppy dog look.

37. Irony

Figures, Pietro thought grimly, that his father only found the peace he so desired in death.

38. Gift

When Kurt held out the basket of home baked treats to Evan, the boy coldly pushed it away and said the Morlocks didn't accept charity. Kurt gave the prickly youth a small knowing smile and told him Ororo had made the goodies for her nephew's special day. It was then Evan realized he had forgotten his birthday.

39. Toy

Watching Kurt let the six month old mutant baby Xavier had found abandoned play with his tail, even Laura (the former X-23) couldn't hold back a small smile.

40. Home

When he joined the X-Men, Xavier had asked him if he had a place to call his own. A snow covered house in Russia filled Piotr's mind, one that held a mother, a father, an older brother, and a sweet sister he called his 'snowflake'. And then he remembered the tragedy that had befallen them and quietly told the Professor that, no, he did not have a home.

41. Truth

Pietro remembered scoffing at Wanda when she told him to never trust their father. Magneto was their dad, and they should trust him above everyone else. Even after Wanda's memories were changed, he still trusted Magnus. Then he learned about Lorna Dane.

42. Fiction

With a goddess, a clone, a demon, a werewolf, a beast, and a science experiment that had fought in the Civil War, WW I, and WW II, as part of the team sometimes it seemed like the only thing they were missing from becoming one of those crazy comic books Jamie read was some aliens.

43. Fall

"How is it that you can balance perfectly sliding downhill on ice, but when you try to go down the stairs you break your leg?"

44. Threat

"Ya dare pop that gum one more time Tabitha and Ah will lock ya in the boys' locker room right after football practice!"

45. Reality

With love came hate, with good came evil, and with life came death. They all learned this the hard way.

46. Spam

"Is the meatloaf moving?"

47. Lavender

Odd, Bobby mused, instead of turning pink like he had thought the elf would, the hair dye had turned Nightcrawler's fur to a light shade of purple.

48. Phoenix

"It will not just break you, Jean Grey, it will consume you."

49. Destiny

Xavier had long ago learned that some things a person could never escape from.

50. Hope

When the world around them started to crumble, they found safety in each other. Because they would always be the X-Men, and no one could ever change that.

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