"Okay, Allie. We've got to talk." Derek stated in a firm yet loving tone. He picked his daughter up and placed her one kitchen table of the trailer.

"About what?" she asked curiously, looking up into her father's eyes. He sounded a little more angry than he usually did which wasn't too comforting for her. "By the way... Santa sucks. I didn't get what I asked for!" she whined.

"What did you ask for?"

"I can't tell you... Santa might hear and I don't want him to think I'm ungrateful." she pulled her father closer and leaned into his ear, cupping her hands around her lips so it was only between them. "I asked for Mommy." she whispered.

"You still wanna go see Mommy?" he asked. She simply nodded. She had always wanted to go visit her mother. She had been begging Derek for that ever since they left New York, almost a year ago now. "So here's what we're going to do, we are gonna surprise her for the day after tomorrow. We might even be able to make it before twelve to watch the ball drop on TV."

"We're going to New York?" Allie brow rose in a classic expression that would make her undistinguishable from her mother.

"We are moving back to New York... to the old house to be with Mommy again."

"But if we go there, where is she gonna go to get away from me?" she asked innocently, still under the impression that Addison would leave just because she'd get fed up of her daughter.

"She won't have to leave. She wants to be with you as much as she can, but her job is there and she can quit to come here. But Daddy has a job here and there. If I quit here, I can still go there and pick up where I left off. Get it?" he explained.

Allie nodded. "So we're gonna move there forever?"

"Mhmm. But don't worry, we'll have all your stuff from here shipped out there." he reassured, knowing that that would be her biggest concern.

Two days later, just after midnight Derek was banging on the door of the brownstone. None of the lights were on and he suspected that his wife was probably at work or some party. He continued banging on the door then turned to his daughter. "Let's go check the hospital. She should be there." he suggest. Allie nodded and took her father's hand while her father used his key to get into the house. He opened the door and began looking for the key, simultaneously noticing that nothing about the house had changed. He quickly found it, grabbed his daughter and took her into the garage, strapping her into a booster seat and pulling out of the driveway toward the hospital.

Once they got there, he parked in his spot, right beside his wife. It was clearly marked "Dr. Derek Shepherd." He got out of the car and took Allie, they both walked into the building and Derek went by a nurse's station he could swear never exsisted. He looked at all the strange new staff and wondered how much could have changed while he was gone. "Hi, um, could you tell me where Dr. Shepherd is?" he asked

"Who?" the young receptionist asked.

"Um.. Dr. Shepherd. Addison." He clarified. "She a surgeon here..."

"Right, I like...don't know. I'm a volunteer for like, tonight only so like... yeah." she answered. She as a typical teenage girl that Derek wanted to shoot.

"Okay, well, here's like what you're going to do. You are like going to like find her and then you're like gonna tell her that her husband is like here. You know what, never mind. I see her." he picked up Allie and walked toward Addison who was in the waiting room talking to a man and a young teenage boy. Derek could only assume it was about the mother. He stood off, watching as Addison explained to the family the condition.

"Can we see her?" the boy asked.

"Yeah, of course you can. Tell them over at the nurse station and someone will escort you to recovery." she smiled, noticing Derek in the corner. Her patients family began walking away and approached her instead. "Hey." he said softly, kissing her lips and wrapping his arms around her scrub clad body.

"Hi." she whispered mid kiss. They had been become intimate via long phone calls every night and agreed to try to work things out but Addison had no idea that Derek was in New York, not did she know he was planning on staying.

"Hey, sweetheart." Addison knelt down, attempting to take her daughter into her arms only to be rejected.

"Drop the attitude, Allie." Derek warned. After hearing her father's warning she immediately melted into her mother's embrace.

"I missed you." Addison told her daughter while she hoisted her up onto her hip and placed a kiss on her cheek.

"I misseded you, too." Allie whispered into Addison's ear after she dropped her head on her shoulder. It wasn't often that Allie would make errors in her speech. But every time she did, her parents loved it. It was a reminded that she's 30 trapped in a toddler's body. She's a child and she's still got a lot to learn. "I wanna go to sleep." she went on to whine.

"I'm sure you do. It's way past your bedtime, even in west coast time." Addison answered, looking at her watch. "Let me go change and we can go home and put her to bed."

He waited in the lobby until she came out of the locker room. Then he took his daughter's hand while she mother took the other and they walked out of the building together toward the two parked cars.

"You drove?" Addison asked.

"Yeah..." he replied, seeing one of his old interns walk out of the building. He took the keys from Addison and turned to the entrance. "Johnson get your ass over here." he ordered. The resident came running.

"Dr. Shepherd, you're back. Great to see you."

"Right. Have you ever driven a Maserati?" he asked, handing him the key. "Go out, have fun. Damage it and I'll kill you. I expect that back by dawn leave keys in mailbox, remember where I live?"

"I do. Thanks." he answered.

"There we go." Derek smiled, opening the door of his Bentley for his wife. Allie got in herself, tying herself in while Addison watched carefully to make sure she was safe. Derek got into the drivers seat and drove him in New York New Years traffic. It was way past twelve and they had missed the count down and everything but this was still the best new years they'd had in a while.

By the time they got home Allie had fallen asleep. Derek unlocked the front door while Addison took their daughter out of the car. She came into the house with the child cradled in her arms.

"Okay, do we still have clothes left here cause I need a shower?" he asked curiously. "Our stuff won't be in for a few more days and we didn't bring anything other than what we've got on."

She nodded, "All you stuff is in your closet... in our room. Everything should be clean cause you know that I'm OCD and when things start to get dusty... I wash them. And she's still got a lot of stuff here, I'm not sure how much of it will fit but it takes up a closet almost as big as mine. I'll change her, she can't possibly sleep comfortably in like this." she continued up the stairs and Derek followed behind her, turning into the master bedroom while she went on toward their daughter's room. He showered and changed, stepping out of the bathroom in time to see Addison coming into the room.

"Did you say your stuff is gonna be here in a few days?" she asked in a little confusion.

"Mhmm." he answered, pulling a white t-shirt over his head.

"As in all your stuff?"

"Everything that I initially took. Didn't buy much from there." he answered.

"So you're moving back?" she asked slowly. Not wanting to seem too excited, yet not wanted to seem hesitant.

"Yup...surprise." Derek replied, watching the smile grow on his wife's face. She jumped into his arms in excitement, causing him to fall back on the bed with a smile on his own face. "I take it you're happy about this?"

"I'm thrilled!" she squealed. "I get my family! That's the only thing I could ever ask for."

"Should have taken it as a sign when you never got back those divorce papers you sent. You said that the balls was in my court."

"I did."

"How do you feel this match turned out?" he asked, continuing to use tennis terms.

"Very well."

"As in like... 40- Love."

"Love means zero in tennis." Addison replied, not sure if he knew that fact. But she had been forced to take tennis long enough during her childhood to know that.

"Whatever, it sounds good. We can totally play tennis and be like 'love-love' a neck to neck game if you know what I mean." he winked as he got beneath the covers of the bed. "I forgot how comfortable this mattress was." he settled closer to his wife and put an arm around her waist. Feeling her legs tangled with his.

"Don't get too comfortable. You left the bathroom light on. And the light in your closet."

"Joy Kill." he mumbled, getting up to turn off the lights.

"And leave the bedroom door open, and make sure Allie's door is open too. Make sure there is a little bit of light in the hall just incase she gets up. She hasn't been here in a while and I don't want her to feel lost in the middle of the night."

"Aw, isn't that cute? Mommy's concerned." Derek cooed as he turn on a dim light in the hall and left their bedroom door half way open.

"Okay, her door is open, dim lights on in the hall. Our door is half open, bathroom and closet lights off, anything else?" he asked, because once he got into bed he was not going to get back out. "

"That's it." she answered.

He crawled back into bed and got back into the same position. "Ya know, this whole maternal..ness is really hot. Very big turn on." he mumbled and followed it with a yawn. He tried to stay up by kissing the back of her neck but both quickly falling asleep, despite the fact that it was just past 2 am on New Years Eve.

Two hours later Allie screamed and a few seconds later a splash was heard. She began screaming for her father who was too deep asleep to hear her. Instead Addison's eyes jolted opened and she got up and ran to her daughter's room, noticing the empty bed.

"Allie?" Addison called out, not wanting to get too worried too soon. Because she knew if she got too worried, she'd become hysterical and would not be able to help her

"Mommy! I'm stuck." she heard her daughter scream in terror from the bathroom. She took a few steps and turned on a flashlight hidden beneath the sink, balancing it on the counter to illuminate the room.

The light had gone out and Allie had fallen in the toilet because she panicked.

"The light went out, Al, nothing to worry about. This is New York, that happens." she explained calmly. "Here, hold onto my neck I'll hold the seat down and you can pull yourself up. Think we can manage?" she asked, wiping away her daughters tears. Allie nodded, extending her arms around her mother's neck, she began kicking to free her hips.

"It's not working." she whined.

"Okay, I'll do it. Just hang on tight." she warned, grabbing her daughter beneath her pits, she slowly and gently lifted her up into her arms, not caring that the urine mixed toilet water was dripping on the floor and rubbing off on her. "Let's rinse you off and get you in bed, we'll worry about an actual bath tomorrow."

Allie nodded against her mother's shoulder, yawning as she was placed in a tub and rinsed off with warm water from the waist down. Addison picked her up and wrapped her in a pink towel, which happened to be her favorite despite Addison's knowledge.

"Are all the yucky germs gone?" she asked as her mother dressed her in a warm footsie pajamas. "Cause I don't like germs, they're icky... and Daddy says they'll make me sick. And I don't like being sick."

"Speaking of that, Al. Remember when I came to Seattle?" she asked, her daughter shamefully nodded, already knowing where her mother was going with the question. "Why did you eat the little blue rocks? You had to know you're not suppose to."

"I ate them cause I knew I would get sick." she replied shamefully while looking down at the ground. "And you make sick babies better all the time and you were there... so you would make me better."

Addison took her daughter into her arms, shocked that that's what was going through her mind at the second she decided to eat poison. "But your not a baby, right? You're a big girl."

Allie shook her head and looked up at her mother. "I'm your baby." she whispered.

"That's right, you are. I would do anything to make sure you're okay. But you've got to promise me never to eat poison again... no matter what your reason." she answered.

"I promise."

"Okay, good. Now do you wanna get back into bed?"

"No! I don't like being alone in the dark. And that flashlight is scary." she complaining, clinging to Addison even more.

"Okay, what if you spend the night with me and Dad?" she asked, seeing a grin on her daughter's face she took her across the hall into the master bedroom. "And next time it's dark and you need to go to potty let one of us know you so we can help you."

Allie nodded, cuddling beneath the blanket as her mother got in. Allie moved closer to her, pressing against her for warmth. She closed her eye and whispered "Happy New Year." in the air, directing it at both parents.

Addison kept her locked in her arms, while Derek turned over and draped his arm over them. Each parent placing a kiss on either cheek and whispering back, "Happy New Year, sweetheart." at once.

Allie giggled happily before she was finally able to settle down between them and actually fall asleep. Derek tried to keep his eye open long enough to watch his family as long as he could but he couldn't help from dozing off, "Santa did give you your wish, Al. We got Mommy back." he mumbled, unaware that both Allie and Addison were already asleep.

The End
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