Chapter One

"You are the only popstar I know who can't get into her own concert," I told the brunette who had held so tightly on to my hand as we'd pushed through the crowds. Wait, I know that smile – she's got an idea. I followed her gaze to the unoccupied security cart.

"Hey…" I smiled back at the brunette before we ran towards the cart and jumped on, with Miley in the driver's seat, the key turning in her hand. Her foot crashed down on the pedal and we sped forward trying to avoid the mass of people who had turned up for the Hannah concert.

"Stopppp!" yelled the security guard who was chasing after us, his shirt coming un-tucked with the effort he was putting into running after us, "Somebody stop those girls!" he shouted. He wasn't that far behind and we were already late, I turned to face forward, anxiously tapping Miley on her back.

"Go faster!" I shouted.

"I can't! It's a golf cart!" she replied, indicating at the vehicle only just going faster than a running pace. Miley quickly span the cart round a corner and I slipped slightly on the seat, the seat belt managing to keep me on the cart. Miley held out her arm whilst keeping her eyes on the 'road' and I took hold to pull myself back on the seat.

"They aren't supposed to be here! Those girls don't have a backstage pass!" the security guard yelled to no one in particular as we rounded another corner, my leg dangling of the cart with the force of the turn. I pulled myself back into an upright position, and looked behind us again- this guy just doesn't give up!

"Stop in the name of security!" he shouted at us. He did not just say that! Miley swerved to avoid a dude holding some empty water bottles, and as we passed we heard him drop some. We both turned to see the security guard trip and fall to the ground over the water bottles.

Turning to Miley we both did an 'air grab' and cheered, "Yes!" then glanced to see a huge 'wall' being carried in front of us. Panicking, we both grabbed the steering wheel with a "Whoa!" before screaming as we headed straight for the 'wall' with no hope of stopping in time.

I ducked my head in the brace position as we crashed through what was actually a huge Hannah poster, still screaming. I turned to face Miley only to be greeted by Hannah's face. She'd crashed through Hannah's face on the poster and it had stuck. I pulled it off her so she could see where she was driving before we both burst into laughter.

"Stop!" The security guard was still chasing us despite his fall earlier. But we were nearly at Hannah's dressing room and as we rounded the corner we saw Miley's dad stood waiting.

"It's ok its ok its ok. They're with me, they're with me," He told the guard, raising his arms. "Come on, go go go go go go!" he rushed us into the room before shutting the door behind us.

Miley practically launched herself into the chair in front of the mirror and I followed just as quickly. I immediately began on her hair; pulling it out of its band and brushing it through before expertly twisting the long brown locks up and pinning it on top of her head to prepare for the wig-cap thingy. It looks so funny. Once this was on, and I stifled my giggles as Miley pulled out her trusty makeup case, the mirror popping up to reveal our reflection.

She flicked off her shoes and I tossed them into a pile, returning with her gorgeous white boots, which I am so going to borrow! I helped her with getting ready as her dad sat impatiently on the couch behind us. She then stood and shrugged off her jacket before moving to unbuttoning her jeans. Everything seemed to go into slow motion as I realised that it was time for her to change. My mouth was dry as she told her dad to leave so she could get finish getting ready.

She didn't get undressed just yet though. She put the finishing touches on her make up as I flipped through the rails of clothes. She joined me in the search not long after. I chose her a multi-coloured dress which she agreed with. She pulled off her jeans, tossing them to the floor, leaving Miley in her black boy shorts. I diverted my gaze to the dress and took it off of the hanger as she pulled her shirt over her head and threw it down with her jeans. I pulled the dress over her head quickly to avoid checking her out but savoured every moment I had whilst her eyes were obstructed by the dress.

With both the dress and the boots now on, it was time for the wig. She sat back down in front of the mirror as I carefully placed the wig on her head. She looked amazing. She was Hannah, so amazing was to be expected, but I will always prefer my brunette Miley. My? What am I saying? She isn't mine – she's just my best friend who I happen to be in love with unbeknownst to her. That doesn't make her mine. Damn it Lilly, shut up!

Just then Miley's dad walked in, "Showtime baby doll," he said. Miley checked her hair one last time before getting up and donning her blue and gold gown and walking out of the door with her dad and some crew people. I stood just inside the dressing room door, poking my head round the frame.

"Good luck! Don't mess up," I shouted light-heartedly after her, lingering in the same position as a watched her walk down the corridor with a huge grin on my face. The image of her in that gown and boots, showing nothing of her dress underneath gave my imagination a lot to play with.