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[Prologue] – New Arrival

"A new one? What was her situation?" A deep voice asked. He stood over a girl whose body was covered in small scratches and bruises. On her neck was a tiny little blossom shaped charm that pulsated wildly in hues between purple and black. The man eyed it suspiciously as he checked the girls' pulse.

"When Tokiko and I found her she had already blown through at least half of the homunculus in the area. Whoever she is, she's strong. I suggest that when she wakes up we recruit her." A young boy of about seventeen held the girl in his arms, remembering the scene he'd witnessed just about an hour before.


The old abandoned warehouse where Kazuki had first died and came back with Tokiko was their target. They'd both dreaded returning, but after Victor had promised that he'd take all homunculus to the moon with him, they both stopped worrying. Even still, the Alchemic Regiment still kept an eye on all the old hotspots just for this reason. For months, Kazuki and Tokiko had been able to return to Mahiro, Okakuro, Daihama, Rokumasu and Shusui and Ouka. Together they finished most of their senior year—until this. Kazuki and Tokiko returned to The Regiment to take up their mission. What they found there was not what either had expected.

A girl about sixteen was on the offensive. Her clothes signaled that she was from Ginsei also. Other than that, it was too dark to say much about what she looked like physically. Her Arms Alchemy was a different case.

"GIVE HIM BACK!!!" She screamed at the top of her lungs. She was using an Arms Alchemy that resembled that of one of Ouka's Angel Gozen. Its bow was pitch black but seemed more like pulsating shadows than any solid color. The arrows that she shot fired rapidly, because of a dark purple gauntlet that she wore on her arm that almost reached her elbow. The arrows themselves were also pitch black, but when they struck they exploded with a nearly blinding golden light. The damage, no matter which enemy it hit, made a large enough explosion to hit the several around it. As the duo watched the girl with both fascination and fear for her, they noticed that the longer she held the arrow back, the larger the explosion would be when it exploded.

"Kazuki!" Tokiko shouted beside him in a slightly wavering voice. He nodded in understanding. The girl was clearly becoming exhausted, no matter how effectively she was thinning their numbers.

"Busou Renkin!" Kazuki exclaimed, summoning Sunlight Heart in an instant. He gave Tokiko a cheeky smile before dashing forward towards the fray.

The girl, hearing those familiar words stopped in her tracks. She looked over to where a young man about her age was running towards the herd of homunculus and faltered. She thought that the Alchemic Warriors were out of commission. The last thing she'd expected to get was help. People usually didn't offer their help to her.

A familiar evil cackling rang through the warehouse. The girls' eyes went wide. She looked ahead, at where she'd once left a dent in the homunculi. Straight ahead of her a lizard homunculus had its wide grizzly mouth open. Rows and rows of teeth stained with blood greeted her. She was done for. She wouldn't be able to get him back. She lied in wait for a death—

That didn't come—instead the brown haired teenager from before pushed her away from the clutches of that homunculus. "SUNLIGHT SLASHER!" He called, his voice booming with force and ferocity. A red cloth at the end of his lance glowed as it changed into a fluorescent gold. Another person—a girl—with a skirt of blades attacked the other homunculi. The two seemed to be a pair. And just before she slipped into unconsciousness as deep as the shadows of her bow, she saw the brown haired teen blow the lizard homunculus to pieces.

-Flashback End-

"Bravo, the girl is waking up." He looked down at the girl, whose eyes were slowly beginning to flutter. She seemed so vulnerable without her Arms Alchemy deployed.

"Put her on the examination table Kazuki. Why were you carrying her that whole time, you perverted bastard?" Captain Bravo smirked.

"B-B-BRAVO! I was just being nice!" Kazuki's face got red, and he suddenly wished that Tokiko had volunteered to carry the girl instead.

"Give it up, Kazuki! You don't think I know about the Onee-chan Magazine you keep under your mattress? Just lay her on the table; you're going to scare the living hell out of her!" Captain Bravo got an evil gleam in his eye, knowing that Kazuki was trapped. It'd been a dead secret for a long time now, but it was fun to go back to it.

"BRAVO?! You know about that?" Kazuki asked in frustration. If Tokiko were to find out… He thought, feeling a lead ball drop in his stomach. It would not end well for him if Tokiko found out about his onee-chan fetish.

"Put me down already." A chilly voice asked. It came from the girl in Kazuki's arms. She'd opened her eyes to reveal a set of riveting emerald eyes. Kazuki caught his breath, looking into them and suddenly wondering why he hadn't noticed them before. The girl winced in pain—probably realizing the extent of her own injuries. "I'm sorry. I'm just… I'm not used to having people help me. Still… Can you put me down mister?" The girl looked into Kazuki's eyes in return and found herself blushing also. She looked away quickly as she was put into a sitting position on the hard examination table.

"Sorry," Kazuki said to her, "I'm Muto Kazuki. I saved you from the lizard homunculus."

"I know; I remember. I'm Kaneko Chisaki. Those homunculi have my little brother. It's why I was fighting them."

"Your little brother?" Kazuki asked. He knew what it was like to have a loved one in danger. Just about a year ago Mahiro had been in the same situation—almost eaten by a homunculi hiding as a faculty member of Ginsei.

"Yeah; his name is Makoto. We both attend Ginsei—like you. I'm a fourth year and he's a second year. We had to transfer schools when my mother got a new job here in town. For a little while now, he'd been acting strange and stayed out late. I followed him today and… and he was captured. I've dealt with those nasty homunculus things before—back before we'd moved. But they suddenly disappeared, so I didn't tell anyone. No one knew—or was supposed to at least. I think one day he figured it out, though. I think that's why he started to explore those dangerous abandoned places—to see if he could find them. I don't know what he was thinking. I don't know what I was thinking back then."

Bravo sighed, grabbing the first aid kit and sitting opposite of Chisaki. Kazuki stared at Chisaki in slight wonderment. He couldn't help but wonder if the girl was a better warrior. She seemed so petite. He noted her dark black hair and the odd purple highlights in it. She was wearing a standard yellow dress that indicated she was an attendee of Ginsei Private High School. She filled out the dress well, and even though it was now tattered and splattered with the ichor of homunculi, the young girl still looked beautiful. If anything, she seemed to be a girl just as normal as Mahiro or Tokiko.

Kazuki moved his gaze from Chisaki to the ceiling. Where was Tokiko anyway?

"Eh, Captain Bravo—"

"Tokiko is filing a report with Sakaguchi."

"How did you—?"

"I can read you like a book Kazuki. Actually, it's one of my 13 skills!"

"Really?" Kazuki asked with great interest. Last time he'd tried one of Bravo's Thirteen Skills Tokiko had slapped him.

"Of course… not. What kind of crack have you been smoking Kazuki? I'd never promote a skill as useless as that one of my special thirteen." Kazuki opened his mouth to give a half hearted retort.

However, an unexpected laugh from Chisaki plunged the two into a stunned silence. The laugh was gentle, and actually was more along the lines of a giggle. It made both men look at the young woman perplexed. The girl had slipped off her dress so that she was only into a loose tank top and shorts. Like this, both Bravo and Kazuki could see just how much damage had been done. Thankfully it hadn't been much. Chisaki had a slender frame but was not without curves. In the loose tank top they could clearly see the extent of Chisaki's full grown chest—one to rival Tokiko's greatly. Kazuki felt himself blush again, and Bravo lowered his head.

They both had the same thought: I'm such a dirty perv.

Suddenly the door to the infirmary opened. A girl maybe a little older than Kazuki stood in its doorway. She walked into the room, with cat like quiet. Chisaki finally noticed the silence and wiped her eyes of little tears. She looked at the girl who stood in front of her. She had a menacing scar on the bridge of her nose, but aside from that she seemed rather friendly. It suddenly occurred to Chisaki that this was the girl who'd used the skirt of blades.

"Hi, I'm Kaneko Chisaki. Thanks for saving me."

"Tsumura Tokiko, nice to meet you, Chisaki-san. You should let captain Bravo finish up with you here. We have some things we want to talk to you about. Make sure that you put some clean clothes on." Tokiko wasn't a natural at being a gentle person, but she'd tried. It was obvious that this girl had skill and the last thing she needed was to be enemies with a recruit she could very well be working with in the future. With that, Tokiko walked out of the room, signaling that Kazuki come with her. Chisaki pouted; she wanted to hear Kazuki-sama and the Captain fight a little more.

"Tokiko was right. Let me finish tending to your injuries before the Regiment has any piece of you." Bravo said, sifting through the assortment of medical supplies in the first aid kit. He pulled out ten or so alcohol wipes and gauze.

"Hmm. That Tokiko girl didn't seem too happy to see me… Does she not like me Captain?" Chisaki asked. She'd hate to be stuck in a place where she wasn't wanted.

"No, Tokiko just doesn't have very great social skills. Don't worry; she'll warm up to you." Bravo reassured her, a reminiscent smile on his face of his first experience with Tokiko. The girl had an exterior as hard as steel and had often spent her time alone.

"Okay, if you say so Bravo." Chisaki said, climbing back onto the examination table.

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