My name is Isabella Marie swan!. I am 19. I used to live with my dad, Charlie. The chief of police in forks Washington.

Now I'm on my way to start my new life. In Alaska.

I loved forks, how could I not. It was in forks that I had found Edward Cullen, my soul mate.

Some soul mate he turned out to be. Edward and his entire family were vampires!

I didn't care about that though. I was more than willing to become one too, if it meant I could spend eternity with Edward.

I had it all planned out.

Graduate. Tell Charlie I'm Going away to some collage far away, but really have Edward turn me so we could begin our life together.

Then last year, the shit hit the fan! My life left me and took his family with him.

Edwards sister Alice threw a birthday party for me.

The whole family hadn't been getting on too well at the time so she decided a party was just what everyone needed.

Its kinda funny actually, how the vampire who sees the future didn't see that one coming.

Maybe if she did everyone would be happy right now.

But she didn't and there not!

The only person who didn't hate me now was Emmett Cullen.

Edward's 'adopted' brother.

Emmett's the only person who has been in contact with me in the past year.

Everyone else hated me for breaking up their family.

The birthday party was a total disaster!

Before it began I could hear Alice and jasper arguing upstairs.

Then Rosalie left saying, she didn't know why she let Emmett talk her in to coming because she didn't even like me.

Then Emmett called her a vicious bitch and said she was cold and heartless.

She laughed and said 'so are you, you dumb fuck. Were dead! If you want warm with a heart go fuck Bella' and stormed out.

No one felt like partying after that. Well maybe Emmett a little but who could blame him?. I mean it cant be easy being with rosabitchfromhelllie!

The shouting from Alice and jasper continued until they both came downstairs with their bags packed.

Alice had Been cheating on jasper for the past 20 years with a nomad vampire who lived in Seattle.

They both went their separate ways.

Carlisle left saying he was needed at the hospital and Esme locked herself in her room.

We could hear her sobbing tearlessly.

Edward drove me home but wouldn't speak to me.

I knew he blamed me for what happened but I didn't know why.

The next day he told me he was leaving me. That everything happened because of me and him. Because he wasn't strong enough to stay away from me.

He told me that he would always love me but he didn't want to stay with me and resent me for breaking up his family.

What a dick!

I didn't ask Alice to cheat on jasper before I was even born.

I didn't ask Rosalie to come to the stupid party.

I didn't even want to move to forks in the first fucking place.

So how was I responsible for breaking up his family?


I will admit that it fucked my head up a little and made me into a zombie person.

But one night, a few months later. Emmett called me to see if I was OK and when I told him I was. I actually meant it for once.

Emmett is like a brother to me and I love him to death.

He and rose split up but to me I think That's a good thing.

We talk all the time on the phone but he's in England so I haven't seen him yet.

I decided not to go to collage. Charlie was disappointed but said it was my choice.

Renee and I got into a huge fight about it but its not up to her to tell me how to live my life.

I didn't tell her not to marry the baseball player who's not much older than me.

Then the perfect thing happened!

Charlie's younger brother Dan was going away for a few years to live in Australia but didn't want to sell his house.

I jumped at the chance to move away from forks.

So here I am driving to Alaska.

I am currently in Yukon. Wherever that it.

I was on my way to happy valley.

The name sounded promising so I was looking forward to seeing if life there lived up to the name.

Dan had told me it gets a little lonely out there and that his house is in the middle of nowhere.

I didn't mind one bit.

He would be staying for the first night with me but he had to leave for Australia tomorrow.

Charlie had a real hard time letting me go live in Alaska on my own but what could he do? Lock me in my room.

I'm sure he was thinking about it.

The rest of the drive was uneventful.

I had to stop at a motel over night but after that I just kept driving.

Finally after many snoozes in my truck and the ton of sandwiches I made to take with me I was in Alaska.

It was only 3oclock in the afternoon but it was already dark enough for me to need my headlights.

''boy, when he said he lived in the middle of nowhere I thought he was kidding!'' I said out loud.

I don't no about Australia. This is more like the outback.

His house was a big red brick building with a massive farmhouse conversion on the back.

That's where I was going to be staying. In the farm house.

He sent over photos of the house and the farm house a couple of weeks ago but I fell in love with the brown farmhouse.

His best friend made it to live it but then he moved to Australia for work.

Now Dan too is going to work he told me I could take my pick.

The farmhouse won!.

I hadn't seen Dan for almost 8 years so I was a little nervous.

He was only 29 so the last time I saw him so he was not much older than I am now. And I was just a little girl.

I pulled up next to a big shiny black Mitsubishi warrior.

I felt sorry for my old rusty truck having to be next to this show off.

''is that little Isabella?'' a voice called out, sounding just like Charlie.

I turned around.

''hi uncle Dan''

a younger Charlie came and scooped me up in to a hug.

''your grown up! Look at you. Your beautiful'' he said setting me back down.

I blushed and muttered thanks.

''its great to see you and I'm so glad it will be you staying here and not some stranger. I really didn't want to rent the place out''

this was the difference between Charlie and Dan.

Dan wasn't shy and silent like Charlie.

''I'm glad you let me stay. I needed to get away from forks'' I told him as we made our way up the drive to the house.

''boy trouble?''

I blushed again ''no''

he laughed ''liar. Your a gorgeous young woman Isabella of course its boy trouble''

I rolled my eyes ''call me Bella and OK I admit it was a little to do with a boy but this is a new start for me''

''see, don't lie to your uncle Dan! I see things Charlie boy wouldn't. Its probably because he's ancient and I'm still dapper Dan the man''

I laughed ''OK don't ever say that again! And Charlie's not old''

we walked in through the front door and I looked around an awe.

''this place is amazing!''

''thanks, I'm going to miss it'' he said putting my bags down.

Even without furniture the house was beautiful.

Everything was light and airy.

''I hope you don't mind. I've invited a few people round for you to meet. The grocery delivery guy and a few of the neighbours''

I tried to smile and not but failed miserably.

He laughed ''you need to work on your lies Bella''

'I'm not a people person'' I sighed ''but I think I can manage''

''good girl, lets get this stuff to your new place''

we walked through the empty house to another door at the back, next to a huge stairway.

We walked back out side in to the coldness.

He handed me a key with a big pink keyring in the shape of a B.

I smiled ''thanks''

we walked across the back yard to the big brown door and I unlocked it.

As soon as the door was open I was hit with a blast of warmth.

I stepped inside and was home!

It was as though This place was made for me.

''oh my god! I love it'' I gasped spinning in a circle.

Everything was in cream and brown tones. With dark wooden furnishings.

The big curvy couch was cream with brown cushions with matching thick rug and curtains.

''you go take your things upstairs and I'll make us a drink. Everyone will be here in about an hour'' he said walking over to the open plan kitchen.

''I'm in love!'' I told him as I walked over to the stairs with my bags.

He switched on the kettle and laughed.

''coffee, two sugars please'' I called back.

I went upstairs and walked towards the door at the end of the hall that was open.

My mouth dropped when I walked in.

A huge four poster bed with silky cream curtains around it was in the middle of the back wall.

There was also an already lit fire with a big mirror above it.

I took off my thick coat and hat.

''OK now I'm in love!'' I shouted as I threw myself on the bed.

It was the softest bed I had ever laid on.

I got up because if I didn't I would fall asleep.

''now where do my clothes go?'' I muttered as I opened the door next to the one I just came in.

''ah ha!''

it was a walk in wardrobe.

I took out the clothes from the top of one bag and got dressed in a peach fitted t-shirt and cream slouchy trousers.

I quickly brushed my hair and applied a little gloss to my lips.

Dan wolf whistled as I came downstairs.

''damn Bella, who told you, you were allowed to grow up that much! I'm having second thoughts about everyone coming tonight''

I raised one eyebrow ''why?''

''because, most of the population around these parts are males and you being... you know. A pretty girl and all. You might need to keep a baseball bat beside the door''

I groaned. Great. More men!

''I'll keep the door locked and bolted'' I told him truthfully.

He chuckled and handed me a mug of coffee.

''your not like your hag of a mother at all'' he said as he sat an the couch and turned his body to face me.

''no. I'm responsible'' I said bitchily.

He laughed ''I can tell''

''I'm serious though. How did Charlie cope with you and the boys in forks? He always seemed like he'd be the overly protective father. Plus he's the chief of boredom''

I laughed ''forks is not boring!'' OK maybe that was a lie now days but it wasn't boring a year ago.

''I had a steady boyfriend so the other guys at school backed off'' I shrugged.

He nodded ''is this the boy who you came here to get away from?''

I narrowed my eyes ''I did not come here to get away from Edward! We broke up last year and he moved away. I just needed some new scenery''

''OK! OK I believe you'' he laughed ''I'm still going to get whitey to keep an eye on you!''

''whitey?'' I asked

''That's my neighbour. He lives about a mile to the right'' he said pointing in the direction. ''he's cool, not seen him for a few weeks but I've left him a message to come tonight. I'll leave him a letter as well before I leave''

I really hoped whitey wasn't some meddling old man.

''how did you meet this whitey?'' I asked

''he bought the house a few months ago and I went over to say hi. We play cards together. He's a good guy. He made the bed upstairs that you love so much''

I was shocked. That bed was beautiful. I couldn't believe it was hand made.

''must be talented'' I said drinking my coffee.

''yeah he is. Old for his years too. Very wise''

my image of a old chunky white haired man changed to a young albino.

I tried to hide my grin.

''what?'' he asked

I shook my head ''nothing''

I heard a car pulling up on the gravel.

''people's here'' Dan said jumping up.

I took a deep breath and blew it out.

''relax kid'' Dan winked ''don't be a Charlie''

I laughed feeling a little better.

Dan opened the door and welcomed the first guests.

A small woman with short dark brown hair came in first, followed by a tall good looking boy about my own age with black hair and green eyes.

His eyes widened on seeing me and Dan gave me a 'I told you so' smirk.

''Helen, Darren welcome. This is my niece. Bella''

Dan let the two over to me.

''hello dear, nice to meet you'' Helen said shaking my hand.

''nice to meet you too'' I replied.

''Helen here owns the grocery store and Darren delivers'' Dan explained.

I turned to Darren and smiled ''hi''

he gulped and held out his hand ''hello'' he said.

I shook his warm hand and we all went to sit down.

Soon everyone had arrived.

The post office guy who looked like father Christmas.

The couple who ran the laundrette in town.

The sheriff and his deputy.

And a few locals from town. All of but one were male!


I was the centre of attention.

Everyone was telling me what a nice man Dan was and how everyone was looking forward to getting to know me.

At about 9oclock my mobile began belting out prayer by disturbed.

By the looks on a few peoples faces after hearing the song I could tell they thought I was disturbed.

''excuse me'' I told everyone getting my phone out of my pocket and walked over to the kitchen area.

I looked at the called id and was instantly in a better mood.

''Emmett!'' I answered.

''the one and only'' he chuckled

''how are you?'' I asked

''same old, doing good. What about you? Are you in Alaska yet?''

''yeah, I got here earlier. The house is beautiful. I cant wait for you to see it''

''yeah. About that. How would you like the pleasure of me spending Christmas with you?''

''ohmygod!'' I squealed ''really? Your going to spend Christmas with me''

''yep. I cant leave my little sister to spend crimbo on her lonesome in Alaska''

I laughed ''this is great Emmett. I cant believe I'll be seeing you in two months. I've missed you so much''

''aww shucks, you'll make me cry'' he pretended to sob ''I've missed you too. Its not the same without you around to laugh at and embarrass''

''thanks'' I laughed

''listen I gotta go hunt but I'll call you in a few to see how your settling in OK'' ''OK, bye Emmett''

''later tink'' he replied before handing up.

Emmett had started calling me anything with bell in it.

Tinkabell. Bluebell. Jingle bell. Doorbell. He even called me bellybutton once much to my amusement.

I turned back to the waiting crowd and almost jumped back when I found everyone looking at me.

''so is Emmett the ex?'' Dan laughed

I blushed furiously and shook my head ''no, Emmett is like a brother to me'' I told him.

No need to say it is my ex's brother.

Everyone seemed satisfied and turned their attention back to each other.

I let out a breath.

''you'll get used to them'' said a voice from behind me.

I turned and saw Darren leaning against the washing machine.

''its OK, I'm used to small town life'' I smiled

he took a step closer ''oh yeah, where you from?''

''I grew up in phoenix but moved to forks to live with my dad a few years ago''

''forks, the rainiest place in America'' he laughed ''how was life there?''

I thought about it for a second ''green!''

he laughed again. He had a nice laugh. The kind of laugh that made you want to laugh.

''good choice'' he smiled

''well it was either green or wet. And you already covered the second one''

he poured us both a drink of some pink juice and handed me one.

''what is it?'' I asked

''its a secret! My mom makes it and if I told you what was in it she would kill me''

I nodded and took a sip. It was delicious.

''its lemonade with strawberry's and a hint of ginger'' he whispered in my ear making me shudder.

''she's going to kill you now'' I told him with a grin.

He stuck out his bottom lip ''please don't tell''

he really was good looking.

I was waiting for my heart to start pounding like it usually does when I'm this close to someone I find attractive.

But it never happened.

Maybe I'm finally in control of it.

''I wont tell. You'll be handling my meal ingredients. I don't want poisoning''

he laughed again and placed his arm around my shoulders.

''I would never poison you B. your the prettiest girl in Alaska. Who would I look at if I poisoned you''

my face heated up

''and your blush is adorable'' he said brushing a long finger down my cheek.

''hey Darren. How about introducing us to your friend''

I turned to see two guys walking towards us.

Someone had obviously just let them in because they weren't here a minute ago.

Darren stiffened up and stepped back.

''this is Bella'' he told them then turned to me ''this is Bo and dale''

I knew by his voice that he didn't like Bo or dale.

''hi'' I said turning to the two boys.

One was big but not Emmett big with flat putting cut brown hair and a red face while the other was smaller with chin length blonde hair and blue eyes.

The biggest one took my hand and kissed it ''bo Johnson, pleasure to meet you Bella''

I had to resist the urge to roll my eyes.

''likewise'' I replied

''hi'' said the smaller one


''you don't need to stand here talking to delivery boy Darren. Come chat to us for a while'' Bo said with a wink.

Darren looked embarrassed.

''no its OK, I'm enjoying talking to Darren'' I told them.

They didn't no what to say to that so I continued.

''so where do you two work?''

the pair of them looked uncomfortable.

''there both in high school'' Darren said.

'oh, right'' I smiled and turned to Darren ''how about you? Your not in high school right?''

he grinned ''no I'm 19''

''small world. Me too'' I laughed

the other two walked off.

''you shouldn't let them jerks put you down'' I told Darren leading him over to the table and chairs.

''I know, I'm just not that confident'' he admitted

''you were being pretty confident with me!''

''yeah I was, wasn't I. I dunno what came over me. I feel kinda braver around you and a little protective for some reason''

I mentally groaned.

''I get that a lot'' I told him.

Dan was ushering people out of the house now so Darren and I stood up.

''I guess That's my que to leave'' Darren grinned

''yeah, it was nice meeting you though''

''yeah you too. I'll be seeing you tomorrow. Your uncle ordered some stuff for you so I'll be dropping it off for you some time tomorrow''

after everyone had left Dan ans I both collapsed back on the comfortable sofa's.

''you'll get used to them'' he sighed.

''That's what Darren said'' I told him

''ahh, Darren! I saw the two of you talking. What do you think?''

I rolled my eyes ''we just met''

''fine. I'll ask you in a month''

I laughed ''you do that''

''I'm off to bed kid. You should do the same. Its been a busy day''

he kissed my forehead and got up.

''yeah I will. Goodnight uncle Dan. Thanks again for letting me stay here''

''no problem Bella. Just don't throw too many wild orgies. I don't want chief Charlie hunting me down'' he laughed

''oh ewe. That's gross'' I got up and headed to the stairs.

I could still hear him chuckling as he crossed the yard.

Once in my new bedroom I got undressed and put on my night clothes.

I had treated myself to a whole new wardrobe of clothes before moving here and threw absolutely everything that I had before.

I went to the bathroom then finally got in to the big beautiful bed.

''I'm never getting out!'' I said as I snuggled down into the thick quilt.

The fire was still burning but it was small and would be out in about an hour or two.

I was asleep in minutes but my dreams were plagued by a pair of golden eyes watching me as I walked across a field.

Every now and then I caught a glimpse of pale white skin.

It was the first time in months that I had dreamt of a vampire.

Tell me what you think. Do you like it, hate it?

Let me know :)

Rose xx