Hard Times


Shantel Sager


Chapter 1

"Lillian honestly get up you'll be late for school. You may not care about your education but as a teacher at a collage I have to, so get up!" Well good morning to you to miss cranky pants get up on the wrong side of the bed this morning I asked to myself. The truth is my mother has been like this for the past two years, or since my dad walked out on her.

My name is Lillian but I prefer lily. I also have a brother, my mother's pride and joy, no matter what I do I can't match up to him. I live in New York City or the big apple. My Dad lives in a small town named Somerset, located in Pennsylvania. My dad has a wife who is soon due to have a baby. My stepmother's name is Tina Krause and my father's is Michael Krause, I haven't seen him in two years but my overly cheery stepmother writes me every two weeks. The most recent one was sent yesterday. She said she and my dad want me to come spend the summer with them. This conveniently starts tomorrow.