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"So this is Dr. Michael and Alice-sama's home? It's so peaceful…" Roll awed.

"Yes, Lady Roll," Wildfang agreed, "What say you, Shogun?"


"Oh yes…I forget Bakugan Traps have their own language…" Wildfang giggled nervously, embarrassed over the forgotten fact.

"It's sad that Kamikaze-kun and the others had to go to Vestal…" Roll sighed.

"It will be fine, Lady Roll," Wildfang tried to cheer her up, "I am by your side."

"Arigatou, Wildfang-chan. Hmm…So this is the place I can learn about why I blanked out in my last Brawl…" Roll whispered, "Hm?"

Roll looked over at a tree. Up in it was Lync. He let out a sad sigh as he looked at something nearby. Roll peeked through the bushes to see a young girl, roughly 17-years-old, with long semi-curled orange hair, soft bright almond-colored eyes, and soft peach skin. She laid in the soft grass with bits of snow in it with an open Bakugan. It was a part of the Darkus and resembled a hydra with three heads.

"That must be Alice…And her Bakugan, Darkus Alpha Hydranoid…" Roll whispered.

"But why is a Vexos, especially Lync Volan, here? Is he going to attack her?" Wildfang pondered.

"Oh no he won't…" Roll began before she saw Alice move a bit.

"It's so peaceful here…" Alice sighed softly.

"Yes. At times it reminds me of my home in New Vestroia," Hydranoid agreed.

"Do you miss it?"

"Now and then," Hydranoid replied, "But I always feel at home with you, Alice."

"I feel the same, Hydranoid."

"Alice…" Lync whispered.

"Gomen nassai…" Roll whispered as she poked Lync's shoulder, making him silence his startled yelp.

"Wh-Wait…You're that girl who turned one of the Mechanical Bakugan into a Mechanical Bakugan Trap…Roll, right?" Lync whispered.

"Hai," Roll nodded, "Are you here to attack Alice-sama?"

"No…I come here on my breaks, just enjoying the nature," Lync replied, "Sometimes, though, I like to watch Alice just relax like this."


"N-No I'm not!" Lync whispered, blushing like mad, "…Alright…I'm a little bit of a stalker…But…Hm? Sh-Shadow Prove?"

"Shadow Prove? The Darkus Vexos?" Wildfang pondered as she looked at another tree to see… "…Is he kidding me? What the heck is up with the stupid werewolf mask in his hands?"

"That's Shadow Prove for ya," Lync chuckled, "He's crazy…"

"Mh-hm…Hm?" Roll tilted her head as Lync paled.

"Oh no…" Lync gasped, "Oh man…Alice and her grandfather are in danger if this guy is here…"



"I'm hungry. I wonder if grandfather is back with lunch yet," Alice stretched while Hydranoid began to float beside her.

"Yeah. I'm hungry too, Alice…" Shadow Prove grinned before donning a wolf mask as Alice picked up a picnic basket, "…For battle that is!"

"I guess we should head back to the house and set the table," Alice spoke, "We are expecting company from that message Dan sent us. Huh?"

"Leaving so soon?" Shadow Prove asked, "What's the rush, little lady?"

"Aw great…Now he's quoting from Little Red Riding Hood…" Roll muttered.

"Oh! Hi there. Are you lost, little doggy?" Alice asked.

"Oh now that is rich…" Lync snickered as Shadow Prove's mask gawked at her in shock.

"But he doesn't have money…"

"It's an expression, Lady Roll," Wildfang explained.

"Ah…Still not use to them."

"'Little doggy?' I'm a werewolf!" Shadow Prove snapped as he took his mask off.

"A werewolf with red nail polish?" Alice tilted her head.

"Are you kidding me?" Shadow Prove nearly facefaulted as the trio began to snicker and giggle in their hiding place, "You should be terrified right now!"

"Oh! I'm really sorry."

"You'll be sorry alright…after I take your Bakugan in battle!" Shadow Prove cackled manically.

"Vexos! You're no werewolf!"

"That's for sure. More like a werebaka," a voice from Lync's clothing chuckled.

"Hm?" the two girls pondered, "What was that?"

"Uh…Nothing?" Lync replied, sweating quite a bit.

"Alright," Roll shrugged as Alice dropped her picnic basket and ran off, "Oh no!"

"Alice!" Lync exclaimed before jumping from the trees to follow her, "Come on, you two!"

"Ano…But aren't you the enemy?" Roll asked.

"Yeah, but…"

"Oh…Oh! You like her, don't you?"


"So that's why you're stalking her," Wildfang spoke.

"I'm not stalking her!" Lync barked, "Now hurry!"

"Hey, where you going? We were just starting to have fun!" Shadow Prove called out to Alice, still wearing his werewolf mask.

"Alice, why are you running? We can beat him in battle."

"Hydranoid, I can't!"

"Yes, you can. You were given a Gauntlet by Mira."

"Hydranoid, please, please, I can't go back there! I just can't!" Alice begged, "I put my days of battling behind me when I put my Masquerade Mask identity to rest."

Alice soon got away from Shadow Prove and rested against a large tree, trying to catch her breath. Lync and Roll stopped jumping from the trees when they managed to get close. Alice relaxed against the tree, not noticing Shadow Prove peeking from behind the tree.

"I think we finally lost him…Wait…Did you hear something? Did I imagine it? Maybe my ears are playing trick on me…"

Alice looked to her left, missing Shadow Prove's masked face hiding behind the tree once more. He poked out from the other end before ducking from her sight once more by going to the other end. Alice sniffed the air and grimaced.

"Something smells like wet dog…"

She turned and got a startled Shadow Prove in a mask. She screamed and made Shadow Prove scream. He removed his mask and glared at Alice, a blush on his face.

"Hey…What's with scaring me like that?" Shadow Prove demanded as he held up his Gauntlet, "Can we quit stallin' and get to the battle, already?"

"But…I…" Alice shuddered when she saw him lick his Gauntlet.

"I can taste my victory already!" Shadow Prove began to chuckle sinisterly as Alice whimpered.


A blue-haired girl around 16 with her long hair in a ponytail held by a gold band struck Shadow Prove in the back. She wore a red Chinese dress with gold ornaments with a silver necklace and two silver wristbands on her left wrist. Her right arm had a red Gauntlet.

"Not the kidneys!" Shadow Prove groaned as the girl took a defensive stance between the Vexos and the orange-haired girl.

"Hey, are you…Chan Lee?" Alice asked.

"Hey, Alice. What's up?" Chan Lee asked with a wink as she held up her Gauntlet, "Klaus asked me to check in on you, so I brought this just in case."

"A Gauntlet?" Alice pondered as Shadow Prove got up.

"Lync-san, let's help," Roll spoke.

"No…I…I can't…"

"Why?" Wildfang asked.

"I…I did something horrible…That's why…" Lync shook.

"Lync-san…What did you do?"

"I…I lied to her, that's what."

"Another Bakugan Brawler, eh? Two for one! Today must be my lucky day!" Shadow Prove grinned.

"Are you ready to do this, Alice?" Chan Lee asked.

"Uh…I don't know if I can…" Alice whimpered.

"I need to even the score. I cannot back down," Hydranoid spoke, "Please, Alice, do this for me."

"But…" Alice whimpered.

"She's still fearful about that…" Lync whispered.


"I…All I know from what Dr. Michael told me a few months ago when I first came to Earth was that Alice had these fainting spells where a second personality took over," Lync explained, "From what I can tell…She did horrible things in that second personality…Things she can't just let go…"

"Oh dear…" Roll gasped before they saw Alice place her Gauntlet on.

"That's it, Alice!" Hydranoid cheered.

"Okay! You want a battle, then you got it!"

"Let's go!" Shadow Prove grinned.

"Don't forget about me," Chan Lee smirked as the trio activated their Gauntlets.

"Gauntlet Power Strike!" the trio called.

"Gauntlet Power Strike," the two spectators said as they activated their Gauntlets.

"Rock on! Gate Card…Set! Bakugan…Brawl! Bakugan Stand! Darkus Hades!"

"Oh my!" Roll gasped as a silver and violet triple-headed dragon-like robot appeared.

-Darkus Hades at 600 Gs-

"So…This is Hades. Ingram told me about him…my imposter!" Hydranoid growled before turning to Alice, "I want to destroy him!"

"I understand. Let's go!" Alice nodded as Hydranoid closed up and went into her hand, "Here I come, Vexos. Bakugan Brawl! Bakugan Stand! Darkus Alpha Hydranoid!"

A large dragon-like Bakugan resembling Hades emerged. He had three heads with blue frills, pink horns, and pink spikes on the back of their necks on them along with crimson slit eyes. He had three spikes tails and six dark-metallic wings with pink jewels on them. He had pink claws and silver spikes all over his body.

-Darkus Alpha Hydranoid at 500 Gs-

"You're a pale imitation who's about to feel the wrath of a true hydra!" Hydranoid declared.

"Ha! We'll see who's best!" Shadow Prove sneered.

"Ability Activate: Death Trident!" Alice declared as Alpha Hydranoid charged up three purple orbs aimed at Hades.

-Hades at 300 Gs-

"Ooh…That tickles! See if you like this; Ability Activate: Phaser Trident!"

-Alpha Hydranoid at 200 Gs-

Hades opened his three mouths as a pink energy formed in them. Hydranoid fired the three spheres at Hades, who retaliated with three pink lasers. The two attack created a large explosion that knocked Hydranoid over.

"Hydranoid!" Alice cried out.

"Oh no…" Lync whispered, "Come on, Alice…Just forfeit and run away…"

"You should have more faith in her, Lync-san," Roll spoke.

"Indeed. Your lady doesn't look like she'll give up too soon," Wildfang added.

"She's not my lady!" Lync argued.

"Looks like the original Hydranoid isn't such a big deal, after all," Shadow Prove grinned, "Hades is better and stronger in every way, but why keep talking about it? When I can show you in painful detail again and again!"

"Enough! Let's see how you fare against me. Bakugan Brawl! Bakugan Stand! Pyrus Fortress!"

"Evil spirits be gone or face my wrath!" an Asura-like Bakugan declared as he appeared, the light shining down on him.

-Pyrus Fortress enters the battle at 400 Gs. Combine Power Level of 600 Gs-

"Ability Activate: Phase Drive!" Chan Lee declared as Fortress's face became a grinning face.

"Ha-ha-ha! One should always laugh and take pleasure in their work! This is why, villains, it gives me great joy to vanquish you with my mighty blades of fire!" Fortress laughed as he took out two flaming swords.

-Fortress at 600 Gs. Combined Power Level at 800 Gs-

"Ability Activate: Indigo Nightmare!"

-Alpha Hydranoid is at 500 Gs. Combine Power Level of 1100 Gs-

Alpha Hydranoid opened his mouths and released three powerful beam-like flames of purple and dark energy. Fortress released two beams of flames at Hades. The two beams fused into one and aimed at Hades.

"Double Ability Activate: Phaser Trident plus Photon Tail!" Shadow Prove countered.

-Fortress at 300 Gs. Alpha Hydranoid at 200 Gs-

Hades fired three beams and negated the two attacks. Its tails fired purple lightning from their tips. The lightning struck the two and made them fall over.

"Hydranoid, no!" Alice called out.

"Darn it…" Lync growled as his nails dug into the tree the two were on.

"I can't believe he took them both out at the same time!" Chan Lee gasped.

"That was fun! I feel like doing some more damage! Gate Card Open: Phantasm!"

"The one with rocks for brains is turning us into stone!" Fortress laughed as the lower half of his body and Hydranoid's body were turned to stone.

"This is no laughing matter!" Hydranoid snapped.

"Oh no!" Chan Lee gasped.

"He…trapped us…" Alice gasped.

"Good one, huh? Phantasm's a command card that freezes your opponents and takes away 100 Gs from each of their Power Levels," Shadow Prove explained, "Alright, Hades, let's show this three-headed dinosaur and his laughing friend who's boss!"

Hades replied with whacking the two with his tails. Both cried out as they turned back into Sphere Form. Shadow Prove sneered manically as he caught Hades.

"You guys are making this way too easy!"

-Chan Lee at 80 percent. Alice at 60 percent-

"I'm so sorry, Hydranoid," Alice apologized as she picked the Bakugan up.

"Don't apologize, Alice! He will see it as a sign of weakness!" Hydranoid argued.

"Who's 'he?'" Roll and Lync pondered.

"Okay then…I'll be brave! Gate Card…Set! Bakugan Brawl! Bakugan Stand!"

"Bakugan Brawl! Bakugan Stand!

-Hades at 600 Gs. Alpha Hydranoid at 500 Gs. Battle Commences-

The two dragons roared before charging at one another. They rammed into each other and began to grapple with one another. Shadow Prove began to cackle.

"Face it, Hydranoid, your power's nothing compared to Hades!"

"We'll see about that, Vexos Scum!" Hydranoid argued.

"Ability Activate: Chaos Leap Sting!" Alice declared as six metal tentacles wrapped around Hades from Hydranoid's wings, making the machine become closer to Hydranoid.

-Alpha Hydranoid at 600 Gs. Hades at 400 Gs-

"Ability Activate: Destruction Grind!" Alice continued as the spikes on Hydranoid's belly began to spin like a buzz-saw, digging into Hades.

-Hades power decrease detected-

"Oh man! They're doing a number on his Power Level!" Shadow Prove groaned.

"Yay, Alice!" Lync cheered silently.

"Time for Mechanical Bakugan Trap! Darkus Fortress, let's go! Bakugan Stand!" Shadow Prove declared as he tossed up a cube Mechanical Bakugan Trap.

The cube opened up and glowed. It changed into a giant robot with four cannons for hands and six cannons on its feet. It had rockets beneath them and various compartments all over. It scanned the area with its red visor.

-Darkus Fortress enters the battle at 400 Gs-

"Stand back, Alice. This one's mine! Bakugan Brawl! Bakugan Stand! Let's go, Pyrus Fortress!"

"Evil spirits begone!" Fortress declared.

-Pyrus Fortress enters the battle at 400 Gs-

"Time to show you clowns some serious firepower! Ability Card Activate: Crossfire!"

"I've seen that before when I brawled with Shadow Prove once. Crossfire is an ability that nullifies the opponent's ability and 300 Gs from the opponent to Fortress," Lync explained.

The hidden compartments opened up on Fortress to reveal hidden lasers. All his lasers began to open fire and hit the two opposing Bakugan and the area around them. Two stray lasers struck a nearby building and Lync paled.

"Oh no! That's the lab Dr. Michael works in!" Lync gasped, "Please let him be alright."

-Hades returned to 400 Gs. Darkus Fortess at 700 Gs. Pyrus Fortress at 100 Gs. Darkus Alpha Hydranoid at 300 Gs-

"Who's the boss?" Shadow Prove sneered.

"Ability Activate: Phaser Glare!" Chan Lee replied as Fortress's face turned into a devil's face, "Fusion Ability Activate: Thunder-Sky, Thousand Swords Rain!"

"Just like laughter, anger is also important in battle! And it is with great rage that I rain down upon you with swords of flame!" Fortress roared as he took out all four of his blades.

"Time to let it pour down, Pyrus Fortress!" Chan Lee declared.

Fortress threw up his four swords into the air. Soon, thousands of red energy blades rained down on the field, all stabbing Darkus Fortress and reverting it back to Trap Form.

-Darkus Fortress at 200 Gs. Pyrus Fortress at 400 Gs. Shadow Prove Life Force at 50 percent-

"You did it!" Alice cheered.

"Not bad, huh?" Chan Lee asked with a thumbs-up and a wink.

"Alright! Enough of this! You had your fun! Now it's time to say 'goodnight!' Ability Activate: Saurer Cannon!" Shadow Prove roared as three barrels emerged from Hades's torso.

-Darkus Hades at 1300 Gs-

"Once again…Say 'goodnight!'" Shadow Prove cackled as Hades aimed at Alpha Hydranoid.

"Goodnight! Ability Activate: Cut-In Slayer!"

"Goodnight! Bakugan Brawl! Aluze, stand!"

Everyone turned to see Wildfang and a giant, heavily armor version of Altair in green and silver without a tail with turrets and lasers on its back rammed into Hades. Roll and Lync jumped down from the tree and landed beside Chan Lee and Alice. Shadow Prove gawked as Hades got back up.

-Aluze has joined the battle at 700 Gs. Pyrus Tigrerra has entered the battle at 340 Gs. Alpha Hydranoid Power Increase to 3040 Gs-

"Lync, what the hell, dude?" Shadow Prove demanded, "Why are you with them?"

"Shut…up…" Lync ordered with a glare.

"Ulp! Y-y-yes sir…" Shadow Prove shuddered before shaking it off with a growl.

"Alice, I…I did something horrible by lying to you and your grandfather…I want to make it up, no matter what," Lync spoke, "Roll, can you do something with Aluze? Give his strength to Alpha Hydranoid like you did with Boriates and your Tigrerra?"

"What?" Alpha Hydranoid pondered as Roll's eyes shaded once more.

She turned to Aluze as the Mechanical Bakugan face her. She began to mumble as she typed something on her Gauntlet. She aimed it and shot Aluze with a beam. Aluze roared as it transformed. It's green parts turned midnight black with the silver gaining violet flames. Two cannons resembling its head as it gained blades on its sides and a gap in the center appeared on its back. The wings split into three and resemble Hydranoid's wings while it gained a tail with blades erupting from the back and a laser on the end.

-Evolution Achieved. Darkus-Ventus Aluze Slave at 750 Gs-

"Alright…" Lync gave a small smile as he took out a green sphere, "Sorry I couldn't let you out, old friend."

The sphere opened to resemble a fox-wolf fusion.

"It is quite alright, Lync," the Bakugan replied, "Now let's show Hades our might!"

"Yeah! Bakugan Brawl! Bakugan Stand! Roar out loud, Ventus Lumagrowl!"

Lync threw the Bakugan onto the field. It popped open and released a tornado of green wind. The wind parted as a large fox-wolf fusion emerged from it. Its six tails were flat and resembled blades while it had a mane of dark-green fur over his light-green fur. The light of the sun reflected off the bits of circle-like armor on it.

"It is time for me to fight once more!" Lumagrowl howled.

-Ventus Lumagrowl at 780 Gs-

"Lync…Why are you here?" Alice asked.

"To do whatever it takes to apologize for lying to you and your grandfather, Alice-sama," Lync replied, 'I hope I said that right…Roll used it every time she said her name…'

"A-Alright…" Alice nodded.

"Good. Now then, Aluze Slave, combine with your new master, Alpha Hydranoid!" Lync ordered.

Aluze Slave roared before splitting into various pieces of armor. It snapped onto Hydranoid's arms first and released three blades from the back of each piece. The three heads snapped on over Alpha Hydranoid's heads, giving their eyes a glowing red sinister theme. The wings fused to the back of Hydranoid's wings and opened the reveal boosters. Leg armor snapped on next and made Alpha Hydranoid five feet taller. The three tails curled up into a single one to let the metal tail go over them. Finally, the remaining armor snapped over his torso, just above his saw-like belly, the cannons and turrets on it moving and snapping into place of the shoulders.

-Darkus-Ventus Alpha Blitz Hydranoid at 3540 Gs-

"Alpha Blitz Hydranoid?" Alice repeated.

"Such power…" Hydranoid awed, "So this is what Drago must feel like when he wears that Maxus Dragonoid armor of his from what he's told us."

Drago sneezed. He screamed as he fell off the rim of the fishbowl and into it. A mermaid Aquos Bakugan sighed before whacking Drago out of it and into Dan's forehead. An elegant elder teen sighed as he shook his head, the silver hair shaking a bit. He wore an elegant blue royal outfit mixed with a businessman suit.

"Sorry about that, Klaus," Dan apologized.

"Someone must have been talking about you, Great Drago," Sol said.

"It's just 'Drago,' Sol," the Cross Dragonoid corrected.

"Show him how strong you truly are, Alice," Hydranoid growled as Shadow Prove cackled before Shadow Prove tilted his head.

"Yeah! Wipe that smirk off the crazy's face!" Lync added as a dark aura emanated from the girl, making him shudder, "Uh…Alice-sama?"

"Would you be so arrogant if I told you I use to be the Brawler Masquerade?" Alice asked.

"What? Alice was Masquerade?" Wildfang exclaimed.

"…The others didn't tell you, did they?" Hydranoid asked.

"No…They didn't…" Wildfang growled.

"Don't blame her. Blame Naga and his tampering with the Silence Core," Hydranoid said.

"I will not lose…" Alice said, Roll and Lync swearing they saw the visage of a teen male with gravity-defying blond hair, a blue pointed visor, a white coat, black shirt, and purple pants overshadow her own form and her voice, "…To a lowly Vexos like you."

"I'm scared…" Roll shivered.

"Yep…" Lync and Chan Lee nodded.

"Hades, fire!" Shadow Prove roared.

"Gate Card Open: Drain Zero!" Alice/Masquerade roared before Hades froze in place.

"Hey! What the…? He frozen? What's with that?" Shadow Prove paled.

"Drain Zero is a command card that freezes all the abilities that your opponent activates," Alice/Masquerade explained as the Masquerade image vanished, "This is for trying to scare me. Ability Activate: Imperial Eraser!"

Hydranoid roared as his blades erupted in a dark aura and tripled in length. He charged at Alpha Hydranoid and spun like a buzz-saw, ripping right through the Mechanical Bakugan and letting it explode. The pieces landed before Roll, still in her state, as she typed something on her Gauntlet. A laser shot out at it and it turned into a red, blue, orange, and black star, landing in her hands.

-Shadow Prove Life Force at 10 percent-

"Nice one, Alice," Chan Lee grinned.

"Thanks!" Alice giggled as the Bakugan returned to Sphere Form with Alice getting Hydranoid and a purple triangle.

"Look at what you just did to my Hades!" Shadow Prove cried as he began to jump up and down furiously, "He was in a million pieces and now that rat-mutt turned him into a Mechanical Bakugan Trap! I'll never get him back into Ball Form! That's so not cool, man! Did I blast your overgrown lizard into smithereens? No I didn't! You crossed the line, lady!"

"He's silly…" Roll giggled, back to normal once more.

"I'll say!" Lync laughed, "I've never seen him rant like that before! Oh man, I hope someone recorded it!"

"Lucky for you then, Sir Lync," Wildfang spoke as she stood on a recording camera Roll had out.

"Gate Card Set!" Shadow Prove growled "You didn't find my wolf so scary earlier? Well let's see how you like my spider! Bakugan Brawl! MAC Spider, Stand!"

"Bakugan Brawl! Alpha Hydranoid/Lumagrowl/Fortress/Wildfang, Stand!"

-New battle commences. Alpha Hydranoid at 500 Gs. Lumagrowl at 780 Gs. Tigrerra at 340 Gs. Fortress at 400 Gs. MAC Spider at 700 Gs-

MAC Spider resembled a spider with six legs. It had a fully vertical optical sensor to see. It had needles on its leg joints. It looked as if it could go over enemies and make a cage over them, shocking them until defeat. In its abdomen, it carried triplet cannons that blast even through the toughest of shields.

"Okay, Little Miss Muffet, let's go!"

"I'm ready, Alice," Hydranoid growled.

"Me too!" Alice nodded, "Ability Activate: Trident of Doom!"

-MAC Spider at 400 Gs-

"Ability Activate: Wild Close!"

-Ability Card Negated. MAC Spider at 700 Gs-

MAC Spider spat out a blast of webbing from its mouth. Alpha Hydranoid fired three sphere of energy at MAC Spider. The webs engulfed the blasts and destroyed them. Shadow Prove began to cackle once more.

"Got you again!"

"Ability Activate: Phase Breaker!" Chan Lee called as Fortress's face changed to one filled with grief.

"No battle is without regret…" Fortress began before he began to sob, "It saddens me greatly to have to destroy your Bakugan once again, oh! However sad this is, some lessons are best learnt the hard way."

MAC Spider hissed before shooting a web at him. Fortress sobbed as he took out his blades and flimsily moved around, easily slicing the webbing to bits. He then collapsed on the ground and sobbed.

"Hit him now!" Chan Lee ordered.

"Yosh! Bakugan Trap: Blade Hades!" Roll shouted as she threw the star onto the stage, "Unity Formation: Blade Liger Tigrerra!"

It opened and transformed. It resembled a black and orange version of Shogun Boriates, but it had blue blades on the sides and top of its head, the front shoulders, and rocket engines on its back. It shattered into parts and snapped onto Wildfang. She let out a powerful roar as the blades hummed.

-Pyrus-Darkus Blade Liger Tigrerra at 840 Gs-

"Ability Activate: Gale Whiplash!" Lync called as Lumagrowl let out a tornado from a howl.

"Ability Activate: Blade Blitz!" Roll commanded as Wildfang charged with the three blades on her head aimed at MAC Spider with the two on her shoulders extended like wings.

"Go for it, Hydranoid!" Alice called.

"Time to disappear!" Hydranoid called out, "Trident of Doom!"

-MAC Spider at 50 Gs. Lumagrowl at 980 Gs. Blade Liger Tigrerra at 940 Gs-

The three attacks collided with MAC Spider. The smoke from the attack billowed up and resembled a giant mushroom. It suddenly blew away as MAC Spider emerged from it, unscathed.

"What/Nani?" Roll, Alice, Chan Lee, and Lync gasped.

"You're kidding me! Is that all you've really got?" Shadow Prove demanded as he wagged his finger, "You know, normally I'm not such a bad guy…"

"Liar," Lync stated plainly.

"Yep," Lumagrowl nodded, earning the two giggles from the girls and snickers from the other two males.

"Quit it, you traitors!" Shadow Prove snapped, "Now for revenge and wishing bad things on you like Pink-Eye. And now for some of this; Double Ability Activate: Mega Terror Impact plus Spider Cannon!"

-Fortress at 0 Gs. Hades at 0 Gs. Lumagrowl at 380 Gs. Blade Liger Tigrerra at 340 Gs. MAC Spider at 550 Gs-

MAC Spider's back opened up to reveal three cannons. The cannons all fired and struck Lumagrowl and Fortress, turning them back into Sphere Form. Then, it jumped over Alpha Hydranoid and Wildfang, extending its legs to form a cage that began to electrocute them both. A pink laser shot out of the green jewel underneath it and blast the two and the Bakugan Trap into Sphere Form and Trap Form.

-Chan Lee Life Force: 0. Alice Life Force: 0. Roll Life Force: 0. Lync Life Force: 0-

"Nice! Four birds with one stone!" Shadow Prove cackled as he caught his Mechanical Bakugan.

"I can't believe it…" Chan Lee gasped.

"We lost…" Alice gasped.

"You did great out there, Wildfang-chan, Blade Hades-kun," Roll giggled as she picked her two Bakugan.

"You're…not upset?" Lync asked.

"Why should I?" Roll asked, "You learn nothing from victory, but 1000 lessons in defeat. This just means we've learned that we need to get stronger. Right, Wildfang-chan?"

"Indeed, Lady Roll," Wildfang nodded.

"See ya!" Shadow Prove cackled as he vanished.

"Uh…A-Alice-sama…" Lync began.


"I…I'm sorry for betraying your trust like that. If there is anything, anything, that I can do to make up for it, even if it's just a little, I'll do it!" Lync bowed.

"How do we know you won't betray us again?" Hydranoid growled.

"Please, Hydranoid, Lync means what he says," Lumagrowl argued, "When he gives his word to make something up, he will do whatever it takes to make it up. I should know since he made that promise to me when he learned I could talk. I told him that I wanted one thing and one thing only; to be a Guardian Bakugan. He gladly accepted and we've been like it ever since."

"Then why didn't he fight with you in New Vestroia?" Hydranoid asked.

"It was because he was being watched at all times outside his room and the bathroom," Lumagrowl replied, "The Royal Family didn't trust him enough and he took Altair and Aluze to be his Guardian Bakugan in their eyes."

"Did I ever tell the Brawlers that Aluze or Altair were my Guardian Bakugan?" Lync asked.

"Not from what they told us," Wildfang replied.

"That's right. I don't like the Mechanical Bakugan for all the things that they do and have no control over," Lync said, "Even so, I still think of them as living beings."

"Living beings?" Chan Lee repeated.

"They move on their own…They don't need anyone to make them move…They're like other forms of life," Lync explained, "They even relay their emotions through their movements."

"Emotional machines?" Alice repeated.

"Yes. Look at Aluze Slave on your left shoulder," Lync said as the Bakugan Trap moved around, "He's excited about having a new form and being with someone kind yet powerful."

"You can tell that from simple shaking?" Hydranoid asked.

"Yeah. Even if you don't believe me, I still feel like I know their emotions," Lync replied, "So what can I do to make up for the lies I dealt upon you and your grandfather, Alice-sama?"


"Alice…" Chan Lee began.

"I want you to talk to the Bakugan Resistance," Alice interrupted, "I want you to prove that you can be trusted. I don't want you to lie to me or my friends anymore."

"Thank you, Alice-sama," Lync bowed before paling, "Uh…About that first request…Yeah…As Roll and I got here…"

"My laboratory and the Dimension Transporter have been destroyed…Now Dan and the others won't be able to return to Earth!" an old man in a lab coat and small glasses groaned.

"Grandfather!" a voice called before the man turned to see Alice, Chan Lee, Roll, and Lync approach with Lync having various bumps on his head from the whacks Alpha Hydranoid and Chan Lee gave him for lying to Alice and Dr. Michael.

"This happened during our battle with Shadow Prove," Chan Lee spoke.

"I'm so sorry, Grandfather," Alice apologized as she began to cry, "I didn't want this to…"

"Now hold on. I'll take the blame," Lync said before bowing to Dr. Michael, "Michael-san, please don't be mad at Alice-sama. I will take anything you wish to take out of yourself from seeing your lab wrecked like this. So, please, don't punish the others."

"I understand Shadow Prove was victorious, even took down that new Bakugan Brawler who turned not just one, but now three, of our Mechanical Bakugan into Bakugan Traps for their side," Zenoheld said, "So…Who's next, Prince?"

"I'd like to sit back and wait for news of Alice and Roll's defeat and Lync's betrayal to reach Vestal," Prince Hydron replied as he played with a lock of his hair, "When Dan Kuso and Sonic the Hedgehog hear about it, they'll rush back to Earth. I'll be waiting for them…especially for the Pyrus Energy and those Chaos Emeralds."

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