Merry Christmas

The fireplace flickers. It's so warm beside it.I am waiting for my boyfriend Leroy Jethro Gibbs to come home.

It's Christmas eve and it's always been a tradition to spend it with the one you love.

Tomorrow is Christmas and everyone is coming over for the day. I can't wait, we are going to have Ham and all the trimmings.

I hear the door open,I don't turn my head. I hear the door shut and foot steps coming towards me. His colon floods into my nose and I instantly know.

I feel two strong loving arms wrap around me, they turn me and I come into contact with Jethro's lips.

When we pull apart he has a smile on his lips that makes me wounder what exactly he is up to.

He pulls back and gets down on one knee. He pulls a little black box out of his coat and look up at heart speeds up immediately from then says.

"Abigal Scuito will you do me the honor of becoming my wife"

"Yes Jethro"

He opens the box the reveal a beautiful diamond engagement ring. I cry at it as he takes it out of the box and slips it onto my left hand.

He stands up, I wrap my arms around his neck and crash my lips on his is a passionate kiss. Weird enough we are under the mistletoe.

No Christmas present can ever beet the one that my boyfriend or should I say fieance Jethro just gave me.

When we pull apart we look into each others eyes. I smile up at him and he smiles down at me. I then say.

"O Jethro you just gave me the best Christmas present ever"

"I am glad"

We then kiss again. Our first Christmas together as a couple and it is so totally awesome.

Hi everyone. Ok this was my first shot at writing a Christmas NCIS fic. I hope you really like it. It just came to me in the split second and I just had to write it down and publish it.I really hope you like it. Please review review review.